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How to Locate Apps in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 uses two different types of apps. The traditional software program that ran in older versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, is what is known as a [more…]

6 Ways to View Apps in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 enables you to view all your apps by clicking the down arrow below the left-side group of app tiles. Although it was possible to see all your apps in Windows 8, doing so was cumbersome. Windows [more…]

How to View the Windows 8.1 App Groups

Windows 8.1 organizes the apps into a number of different groups. These groups vary according to the sort order that you’ve selected. To view app groups rather than the individual apps, click or pinch [more…]

Comparing Windows 8.1 Store and Desktop Apps

You can move, resize, overlap, and switch between desktop application windows in Windows 8.1 just as you could in earlier versions of Windows. From the earliest versions of Windows, users have been able [more…]

How to Open Multiple Windows Store Apps in Windows 8.1

If you’ve used any previous version of Windows (prior to Windows 8.1), you’re no doubt well aware of how to open more than one Windows desktop application at a time. Opening multiple Windows Store apps [more…]

How the Windows Store Is New in Windows 8.1

With the arrival of Windows 8.1, Microsoft has introduced a new Windows Store that’s far easier to use. The Windows Store is the place to find a new breed of Windows programs that are commonly called apps [more…]

How to Find Windows 8.1 Apps in the Store

Windows 8.1 has improved the Windows Store. The Windows 8 Store provided users with a whole new experience, but using that version of the Store could be frustrating because there was no way to actually [more…]

10 Windows 8.1 Apps You’ll Love

The Windows Store in Windows 8.1 is full of great apps. The latest count is over 100,000 (and growing), so you’re sure to find dozens of apps that you’ll love. [more…]

How to Play Music from the Windows 8.1 Start Screen

Whereas the Windows 8 Music app wasn’t much more than an online storefront for buying music, the much-improved Music app in Windows 8.1 puts your own music up front. When first opened, the program opens [more…]

What Happens If You Sign into the Windows 8.1 Music App?

The Windows 8.1 Music app constantly nags you to sign in. So, what happens if you do? For a start, you’ll encounter these five things: [more…]

How to View Photos from the Windows 8.1 Start Screen

Windows 8.1 removed the Start screen's Photos app's capability to pull in photos from your social networks such as Facebook and Flickr, making it easy to display [more…]

How to Share a Web Page through Windows 8.1’s Mail App

Windows 8.1’s sharing goes way beyond the old cut and paste. In older versions of Windows, and the desktop of the current version of Windows, you can copy the web address of a site and paste it into, say [more…]

How to Use the Windows 8.1 Metro Photos App

You can share a photo through e-mail by using the Windows 8.1 Metro Photos app. As usual, you start on the the Start screen (press the Windows key on the keyboard or the Windows button on your tablet). [more…]

How to Browse the Windows Store from Win8.1

Don’t confuse the Windows Store — which hooks directly into the tiled Metro part of Windows — with the Microsoft Store, which has both Internet and meat-space manifestations. Moving around in the Windows [more…]

How to Adjust Your Windows 8.1 Store Accounts and Preferences

In the Windows Store app in Windows 8.1, you can adjust a limited number of settings for your accounts and preferences. To make these adjustments, begin by tapping or clicking the Windows Store app from [more…]

The Two Faces of Internet Explorer in Windows 8.1

Microsoft insists that there’s just one Internet Explorer in Windows 8.1, but it has two faces — a traditional interface, similar to the one you’ve probably seen many times before; and a tiled Metro-style [more…]

How to Navigate Windows 8.1 Metro Internet Explorer with Flip Ahead

Flip Ahead is an Internet Explorer option that works in the Windows 8.1 Metro IE and the desktop version. It’s designed primarily to give you a consistent way to “flip ahead” in websites with multiple [more…]

How to Navigate Metro Internet Explorer from Windows 8.1

When you click the Internet Explorer tile on the Windows 8.1 Start screen, Metro Internet Explorer usually appears without any navigational aids. But a swipe from the top or bottom, or a right-click just [more…]

How the Windows 8.1 Metro Mail App Compares to Other Mail Apps

Metro Mail in Windows 8.1 has its benefits, but it may not best suit your needs. Complicating the situation: Metro Mail isn’t an either/or choice. For example, you can set up Hotmail/ or Gmail [more…]

How to Navigate the Windows 8.1 Mail Screen

If you signed in to Windows 8.1 or the Mail app with a Microsoft account that’s also a Hotmail/ ID, Mail reaches out to your Hotmail/ account and pulls the last two weeks’ worth of [more…]

How to Add a New Account to Windows 8.1 Metro Mail

The Windows 8.1 Metro Mail app has built-in smarts for you to connect to any Hotmail/, Gmail, Exchange Server (including Office 365 business edition), AOL, Yahoo!, or IMAP accounts. You can [more…]

How to Add Accounts to the Windows 8.1 Metro People App

If you set up Windows 8.1 Metro Mail with a Hotmail/, Gmail, or Exchange Server account, all the contacts belonging to that account have already been imported into Metro People. If you set up [more…]

The 4 Personas of the Windows 8.1 Metro People App

Many of the Windows 8.1 apps offer several different views or interfaces (possibly because Windows 8.1 has multiple personalities as well). The People app has four different personas. [more…]

How to Edit a Contact in the Windows 8.1 Metro People App

If you want to change the information associated with a Metro People person — a contact — in Windows 8.1's Metro People app, here’s how to do it: [more…]

How to Add People in Windows 8.1's Metro People App

Adding a new contact in Windows 8.1's Metro People app isn’t difficult, if you can keep in mind one oddity: You add accounts via the Charm bar’s Settings charm, on the right side of the screen, but to [more…]


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