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How to Watch Videos on the Xbox Video App in Windows 8.1

You no longer need a DVD player and a television set to watch your favorite videos. You can watch videos on your Windows 8.1 machine through the Xbox Video app. [more…]

How to Find a Misplaced File in Windows 8.1

For its own files, Windows 8.1 has a main folder that contains dozens of other folders (called subfolders). Inside or below that user account folder, Windows 8.1 creates more folders to help you organize [more…]

Use File Explorer for Easy Access to Windows 8.1 Files

In Windows 8.1, you work with File Explorer as you create new folders to organize documents and move files from one folder to another. The right side of Explorer is called the [more…]

How to Create or Join a Windows 8.1 Homegroup

A homegroup on a Windows 8.1 (or Windows 7 or 8) is a simple network, which is a connection between two or more computers for the purpose of sharing resources, such as an Internet connection, files, printers [more…]

How to Browse for a Network in Windows 8.1

The difference between a homegroup and a network in Windows 8.1 is subtle. A homegroup is specific kind of network and may be easier to create than a network. A network has more options and can give you [more…]

How to Create Folders in Windows 8.1 to Organize Your Files

Don’t worry too much about creating folders, because the folders Windows 8.1 provides may be all you ever need. As you accumulate more files, however, placing them into other folders may help you stay [more…]

How to Add Favorites in Windows 8.1's File Explorer

If you frequently access a specific location using File Explorer in Windows 8.1, you can add that location to the Favorites section of the navigation pane for easy access. For this exercise, select the [more…]

Use Check Boxes to Select Files in Windows 8.1's File Explorer

In File Explorer in Windows 8.1, you select files to move, copy, rename, or delete. You can add a check box to make selecting multiple files easier. [more…]

Add the Undo Button to Windows 8.1's File Explorer

You can add a button to File Explorer in Windows 8.1 to undo just about any action, such as moving, renaming, or deleting a file. [more…]

How to Move Windows 8.1 Files from One Folder to Another

You can move files around File Explorer in Windows 8.1 to organize them for efficiency, by frequency of use, or any other way you like. [more…]

How to Rename Files or Folders in Windows 8.1

You can change the name of any file or folder you create in Windows 8.1. (Don’t rename files in the Windows or Program Files folders.) [more…]

How to Delete Files or Folders in Windows 8.1

In Windows 8.1, you can delete any of your files or folders that you no longer need. (Don’t delete files in the Windows or Program Files folders.) [more…]

How to Get Back Deleted Files or Folders in Windows 8.1

Normally, when you delete a file or folder, Windows 8.1 moves the object to the Recycle Bin. Objects remain in the Recycle Bin indefinitely, allowing you to restore something you deleted long after you [more…]

Adding External Hard Drives or Flash Drives on Windows 8.1 Machines

Before you attach a flash drive or hard drive to your computer, consider the following options Windows 8.1 automatically offers for using the newly attached disk: [more…]

Copying Files to or from Flash Drives on a Windows 8.1 Machine

Just like earlier versions of Windows, you can easily copy files to and from flash drives on your Windows 8.1 machine. All you need is a flash drive and one available USB port. [more…]

How to Turn on File History in Windows 8.1

You can enable Windows 8.1 to create backup copies of the files in your Documents, Music, Pictures, Video, and Desktop folders. Then you can review your file history. [more…]

How to Restore Files with File History in Windows 8.1

If you have File History turned on in Windows 8.1, you can easily restore files to the last saved version should you forget to save before closing or suffer a semi-fatal hard drive error. [more…]

How to Refresh a Windows 8.1 Computer

Glitches happen. The computer misbehaves, a program crashes, or the machine might become unexpectedly slow. If your Windows 8.1 computer is misbehaving, try refreshing it. [more…]

Stroll through the Microsoft Store for Windows 8.1 Apps

Windows 8.1 comes with a few apps installed, such as the Weather and Travel apps. To obtain other apps — free or otherwise — you use the Microsoft Store. [more…]

How to Use the Action Center in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 uses the Action Center to keep you informed of security and maintenance issues that may need attention, such as antivirus protection. The Action Center divides issues into Security and Maintenance [more…]

How to Install Optional Updates in Windows 8.1

As millions of people put Windows 8.1 to the test every single hour, Microsoft discovers glitches with how Windows 8.1 works. Especially important are weaknesses in security that turn up only when software [more…]

Trust Windows 8.1's USB Plug and Play for Hardware

For any hardware add-ons — which tech-folk call peripherals — Windows 8.1 has a trick up its sleeve. Thanks to plug and play technology, which automatically identifies add-on devices, connecting new devices [more…]

How to Calibrate the Touchscreen on Your Windows 8.1 Machine

One of the great things about Windows 8.1 is that it's designed for easy use on a device with a touchscreen. If you have a problem accurately selecting objects on your screen using touch, you can calibrate [more…]

4 Tips for Navigating the Windows 8.1 Metro and Desktop Interfaces

If you've ever used Windows (like, oh, 1.4 billion other people on the planet), you'll be confused by Windows 8.1's Jekyll and Hyde interface. On the one hand, Dr. Jekyll's old-fashioned desktop looks [more…]

Customizing and Optimizing Windows 8.1 to Work Your Way

Windows 8.1 has lots and lots (and lots and lots) of options. Remember that there's always at least a dozen ways to skin whatever cat may come calling. The following is a highlights reel of Windows 8.1 [more…]


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