Windows 7 Network Set-up

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How to Use Your Laptop on a Plane

The most important thing you need to do when using your laptop in the air is to disable the wireless network. That is, unless the airplane offers wireless network access. Some airlines offer free wireless [more…]

How to Disable Wireless Access on Your Windows Laptop

Turning off the wireless network is cinchy on most laptops ― specifically, the type that features a hardware On-Off switch for wireless networking. In that case, slide the switch to the Off position. [more…]

How to Find Network Troubleshooting Tools in Windows 7 and Vista

There are several locations for network troubleshooting in Windows 7 and Vista. You should know how to find, open, and recognize what can be done in each one to troubleshoot the network. [more…]

How to Find Your PC’s IP Address in Windows 7

When your computer is on an Ethernet network, it has an IP address that tells the network where to find that PC. It helps traffic flow between computers because each one has its own IP address. If you [more…]

How to Manually Assign an IP Address in Windows 7

Most computers that are attached to an Ethernet network will have their IP addresses assigned automatically by DHCP. You can configure your PC to use its own IP address, effectively disabling DHCP. Here’s [more…]

How to Repair the Network in Windows

Lurking in various places around the numerous networking windows and dialog boxes are certain Repair links and buttons. Your first stab at resolving a network oddity is to grasp one of those Repair options [more…]

What is a Network Workgroup?

When your PC joins a peer-to-peer network, it becomes part of a workgroup. The workgroup is simply a group of computers using the same Ethernet network. There has to be a hub, which can be merely a switch [more…]

How to Change the Name of a Windows Network Workgroup

There’s no magic to creating a workgroup. Out of the box, Windows assigns your PC to a workgroup named WORKGROUP, or possibly MSHOME. You can stick with those names. In fact, that’s probably what you’re [more…]

How to Browse the Network Workgroups in Windows

Neither Windows 7 nor Windows Vista pays much attention to workgroup names. No matter how you set up the network, all computers on the network appear in the Network window. Even computers with a different [more…]

How to Make Sharing Possible in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Before you try to share files and devices across your network workgroup, you must ensure that Windows has a favorable attitude toward offering up the computer’s precious resources. The place to look is [more…]

How to Share Your PC’s Printer in Windows 7

Windows allows you to share a printer that is connected to your computer with other computers on your network or within your workgroup. To share a printer attached to your Window 7 PC with other computers [more…]

How to Troubleshoot Bluetooth Issues on Your Windows Network

Like anything else you add to your computer, a Bluetooth gizmo introduces change. That change can cause problems. You can have problems with other devices that are incompatible with your Bluetooth device [more…]

How to Restrict Access to Your Wireless Network in Windows 7

One major weakness of wireless networking is security. Your best move is to apply a good, solid network password. A better option is to restrict access to only those computers known to the wireless router [more…]

How to Enable Your Wireless NIC in Windows 7

The biggest problem with connecting to a wireless network is that you don’t have your computer’s wireless NIC activated. There are two places to look.

First, check for an external switch on a laptop computer [more…]

How to Connect to a Wireless Network

You can seek out a wireless network in at least two ways. The first is to use Windows. The second is to use any custom software that came with the wireless NIC. Here’s how to find a wireless network in [more…]

How to Find a Wireless Network Using Windows 7

The first problem you encounter when trying to make the wireless network connection is finding the network. Not all wireless networks show up at first blush. [more…]

How to Manage Wireless Connections Using Windows

Both Windows 7 and Windows Vista feature a little black book. But unlike former dates, the black book helps you keep track of all the wireless networks your computer has gone out with. You can see the [more…]

How to Determine If Your PC Has Bluetooth Capability

Like everything else in your computer, Bluetooth requires both hardware and software. A Bluetooth adapter supplies Bluetooth hardware. If your PC didn’t come with the Bluetooth hardware installed, you [more…]

How to Connect a Bluetooth Device to Your Windows Network

The Bluetooth wireless networking standard has been around since the 1990s. It’s not as popular on the PC as it is on the Mac, considering that a lot of PC laptops don’t bother coming with Bluetooth hardware [more…]

How to Unpair a Bluetooth Device on Your Windows Network

To see which Bluetooth devices are connected to your computer, click the Bluetooth icon in the notification area and choose the command Show Bluetooth Devices. You see the Bluetooth Devices window, which [more…]

How to Share a Folder in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

The key to accessing information on a peer-to-peer Windows network is to share folders between computers. After a folder is shared, any other user on the network can access it, using its files just like [more…]

How to Change Shared Folder Permissions in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

After setting a folder to be shared folders on a network, you need to set the permissions for that folder. By default, Windows allows others on the network to only read and copy the files in a shared folder [more…]

How to Access Shared Folders in Windows

Finding and using shared folders on the network happens either from Windows Explorer or within an Open or Save As dialog box. The methods for accessing a shared folder differ between Windows 7 and Vista [more…]

How to Stop Sharing a Folder in Windows 7 and Windows Vista

Windows allows you to share folders between users on your local area network, but there may come a time when you want to or need to stop sharing a folder. Setting up a folder to share is a simple process [more…]

How to Check Network Privacy in Windows 7

When you configure a peer-to-peer workgroup in Windows 7, you configure the workgroup to be either public or private. A public network requires more security. After all, the network is in the public. Who [more…]

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