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How to Restart a Windows 7 Computer with the Last Known Good Configuration

If you’ve recently installed a new device driver and your computer stops running properly, you need to get rid of the new driver in order to get things going again. In other words, you need to restart [more…]

How to Use the Device Stage in Windows 7

Whenever you plug anything into your computer — printer, MP3 player, whatever — it appears in the Device Stage. The Device Stage is a new Windows 7 feature that helps you keep track of all of the external [more…]

How to Configure a Projector on a Windows 7 PC

Windows 7 makes traveling with your computer and using your PC for presentations a snap. With its easy-to-understand display settings, you can quickly connect a projector to your Windows 7 PC. Gone are [more…]

How to Upgrade a Graphics Card on a Windows 7 Desktop PC

Having a decent graphics card is a big deal on a Windows 7 computer. If you’re upgrading an older desktop PC to Windows 7, you might want to take the time to upgrade the graphics card, too. Although digging [more…]

How to Revert to a Previous Version of a Driver in Windows 7

Windows 7 has several features that help you diagnose and treat the sickest hardware. One of the best features to use when your hardware goes haywire is to revert back to a previous version of the driver [more…]

How to Set Up Multiple Monitors with Windows 7

Windows 7 makes working with multiple monitors easier than ever. Although previous versions of Windows will allow you to use multiple monitors, Windows 7 allows you to really control the display by changing [more…]

How to Keep Your Drivers Updated in Windows 7

The only way to ensure that you have the best driver for your hardware is to check the driver version number and compare that with information on the manufacturer’s Web site. Just because you’ve upgraded [more…]

How to Set Up Windows 7 for Bluetooth

You can use the Device Stage to set up a Windows 7 computer for Bluetooth to send information to and from your Windows 7 computer. Using Bluetooth, you can send information, music, and videos directly [more…]

How to Access USB Devices in Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7

One of the key upgrades in Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7 is the new ability to access USB devices directly from a virtual machine. The ability to access USB device in Windows Virtual PC means that you [more…]

How to Install a SATA Drive in a Windows 7 Desktop Computer

Installing a new SATA hard drive in a Windows 7 computer is a piece of cake — if you know the tricks. It takes a while, and you have to know where the Initialize Disk dialog box is hidden. But by and large [more…]

Calibrate Color on Your Monitor in Windows 7

The idea behind color management isn’t to match colors on a computer monitor with colors in the real world. Instead, strive to match colors in a way that satisfies your needs. For example, match the colors [more…]

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