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How to Restore Files from a Backup in Windows 7

If you're lucky, you'll never need your backup. However, if you lose a file (or more), you can restore files from your backup in Windows 7. Take a few minutes to learn how to restore a file from backup [more…]

How to Use Windows 7's Aero Peek to Flip Between Windows

Aero Peek lets you quickly flip through open windows and programs in Windows 7. This new desktop enhancement in Windows 7 allows you to see through all of the things that are on your desktop and decide [more…]

How to Restore Previous Versions of a File in Windows 7

A new feature in Windows 7 allows you to restore previous versions of a file that you’ve modified or even deleted. Anyone who has ever changed a file only to realize that it was better before they messed [more…]

How to Tell Windows 7 Which Drives to Scan for Previous Versions of Files

Windows 7 includes a nifty new feature that allows you to restore previous versions of a file that you’ve modified or even deleted. However, unless you tell Windows 7 which drives to scan for previous [more…]

How to Ease Security between Homegroup and Workgroup Networks

Windows 7 now calls small networks homegroups — they used to be called workgroups in Windows Vista and Windows XP. If you want to share files over a mixed homegroup and workgroup network, you need to know [more…]

How to Search for a File or Folder from the Windows 7 Start Menu

Although you can open a separate Search window, one of the easiest ways to search for files and folders in Windows 7 is to search straight from the Start menu. Fortunately, Windows 7 has made massive improvements [more…]

Advanced Searching in Windows 7

Most of the searches you'll need to perform in Windows 7 will be simple and straightforward. However, when you need to really drill down into the index to find a long lost file, consider using search filters [more…]

How to Add Locations to the Windows 7 Search Index

At the heart of Windows 7’s vastly improved search feature sits the index. The Windows 7 index stores references to the contents of the computer. You can greatly speed the search process by adding all [more…]

How to Limit Folder Access on a Windows 7 HomeGroup

So you have a HomeGroup established and you want to block a folder so that no one in your Windows 7 HomeGroup can view it. With HomeGroup, you don’t have to worry about all the complicated permissions [more…]

How to Move a File or Folder from a Library to the Public Folder in Windows 7

Any file or folder that you move to the \Public folder can be viewed, changed, or deleted by anybody who’s using your computer or network. Moving a file or folder to the [more…]

How to Change the Way the Start Menu Search Works in Windows 7

In Windows 7, you can also use the Start Menu to begin a search. When you type a keyword, the search engine will scour your computer looking for files. The Start Menu Search is effective on its own, but [more…]

How to Customize Windows 7’s Search Settings

The Windows 7 search feature is a wonder compared to its predecessors. You can even customize Windows 7’s default search settings to fine-tune the results you get. These changes can speed up the process [more…]

How to Customize Windows 7's Documents Library

Windows 7 brings a powerful new feature to the table: libraries. Libraries are a way to pull related bits of information together from many different folders. You can pull together the documents in ten [more…]

How to Add Folders to a Windows 7 HomeGroup

If you have a HomeGroup established, you might want to share a new folder with the group. Windows 7 makes it easy to add folders to your HomeGroup. In fact, it’s much easier to add folders to a HomeGroup [more…]

How to Create a Custom Library in Windows 7

Windows 7 introduces a new file storage option called libraries. Libraries enable you to group related folders and files together. Windows 7 has four default libraries — Documents, Music, Pictures, and [more…]

For Seniors: Tag Your Windows' Photos

Tags help to categorize your Windows photos so you can search for them easily. A Windows tag typically describes what's in a photo, such as Family, Holiday, or Washington DC, although you can add a tag [more…]

How to Import Pictures from a Digital Camera into Windows 7

Want to download your digital camera's photos into your Windows 7 computer? The good news is that Windows 7's built-in software can grab photos from almost every make and model of digital camera. This [more…]

How to Organize Computer Files and Folders

Keep your PC organized with folders that you can copy, move, sort, group, and rename with quick and easy mouse action. Create new files and folders to add to your well-organized computer filing system [more…]
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