Windows 7 Behavior Customization

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How to Install Windows XP Mode on a Windows 7 Computer

Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 lets you run older software that was designed for Windows XP. Windows XP Mode was designed specifically to run the kind of custom software that many small businesses use to [more…]

How to Customize User Account Control in Windows 7

Windows 7 has seriously toned down the User Account Control (UAC) — the annoying security feature in Vista that perpetually popped up asking whether you're sure you want to do something. You can now customize [more…]

How to Add Locations to the Windows 7 Send To Menu

If you’ve done any copying or moving files, you’ve no doubt discovered the Send To menu when you right-click a file. For Windows 7, Microsoft has included a number of hidden shortcuts that you can access [more…]

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