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How to Set Default Programs in Windows 7

Microsoft assumes that you're going to use their basic programs on your Windows 7 computer, and usually they're right. But if you prefer to use another program for specific tasks, you need to tell Windows [more…]

How to Customize the Notification Area of the Windows 7 Taskbar

Windows 7 finally gives you the opportunity to customize the contents of the notification area of the taskbar. The notification area is the glob of icons down near the clock that used to be known as the [more…]

How to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 7

You can adjust the screen resolution in Windows 7 to control how sharp and detailed the images, words, and icons on your screen appear. At higher resolutions, things are crystal clear, but they're also [more…]

How to Add Gadgets to the Windows 7 Desktop

You can now add gadgets directly to a Windows 7 desktop. Windows gadgets are little desktop programs that can interact with you, with Windows, with files and folders, with your network, and with other [more…]

How to Use the Mobility Center in Windows 7

Windows 7 offers a quick way for laptop owners to see the things that most affect their little PC’s on-the-go lifestyle. You can use the Mobility Center as a one-stop shop for tweaking your laptop’s main [more…]

How to Customize the Windows 7 Taskbar

Microsoft has made huge changes to the Windows 7 taskbar. It also has made it possible for you to customize many of the options and settings on the Windows 7 taskbar. You can move icons where you want, [more…]

How to Pin Taskbar Items to the Start Menu in Windows 7

Part of the Windows 7 redesign is to have the taskbar as your primary quick launch location for your programs. But you don’t have to leave it that way. You can pin taskbar items back to the Start menu [more…]

How to Add Network Options to the Windows 7 Start Menu

If you tend to work with network settings quite a bit, you may want to permanently add the network options to your Windows 7 Start menu. The network options include Connect To [more…]

How to Customize a Browser Jump List in Windows 7 to Include Favorite Web Sites

As you browse from Web page to Web page, your Windows 7 browser’s Jump List accumulates a list of your recent browser history. In Windows 7, you can customize your browser’s Jump Lists to include your [more…]

How to Customize the Windows Media Player 12 Jump List

When you right-click the Windows Media Player icon in the Windows 7 taskbar, you’ll see a jump list of the songs you listen to most frequently. You can customize the Windows 7 Windows Media Jump List so [more…]

How to Stop Windows 7 from Automatically Turning On Windows Live Messenger

When you install Windows Live Messenger on your Windows 7 system, Microsoft starts running it whenever you’re logged in to the computer, which can be very annoying. To stop Windows 7 from automatically [more…]

Using the Ease of Access Features in Windows 7

Windows 7 contains several features that help people with different levels of physical impairment use Windows. For example, you can use the Ease of Access features to improve the display for the visually [more…]

How to Restore the Quick Launch Toolbar to the Taskbar in Windows 7

One of the biggest changes you'll see in Windows 7 is in the taskbar. The old Quick Launch Toolbar is missing! However, if you don't like the change, you can restore the Quick launch Toolbar to the taskbar [more…]

How to Fine Tune the ClearType Text Display in Windows 7

ClearType improves legibility of text on an LCD display. Nearly every monitor made today is improved with the use of ClearType, but you can often make the display even better if you take the time to fine-tune [more…]

How to Customize Windows 7's Documents Library

Windows 7 brings a powerful new feature to the table: libraries. Libraries are a way to pull related bits of information together from many different folders. You can pull together the documents in ten [more…]

How to Schedule Multiple Drive Defragmentations in Windows 7

Windows 7 automatically defragments your primary hard drive every week. Although that’s great, if you have multiple hard drives (which many people do these days), you need to know how to schedule a drive [more…]

How to Use Windows 7's New Taskbar

The biggest change in the way you use Windows has got to be the new Windows 7 taskbar. Windows 7 has made big changes to the taskbar that runs along the bottom of the screen. Microsoft completely redesigned [more…]

How to Customize the Windows 7 Start Menu

Windows 7 lets you customize your Start Menu to make it work the way you want it to. You can make a number of changes to the Start menu, from adding or removing items, deciding whether to display recently [more…]

How to Change the Number of Items in a Windows 7 Jump List

In Windows 7, Jump Lists, which appear when you right-click an icon in either the Taskbar or the Start menu, are intended to be your main jumping off point for accessing the files you’ve recently worked [more…]

How to Create a Virtual Machine in Windows 7 Using Windows Virtual PC

You can create a virtual machine in Windows 7 using Windows Virtual PC. Although Windows 7 contains many of the popular features from other operating systems, you might have programs you need to use that [more…]

How to Install Windows XP Mode on a Windows 7 Computer

Windows XP Mode in Windows 7 lets you run older software that was designed for Windows XP. Windows XP Mode was designed specifically to run the kind of custom software that many small businesses use to [more…]

How to Customize User Account Control in Windows 7

Windows 7 has seriously toned down the User Account Control (UAC) — the annoying security feature in Vista that perpetually popped up asking whether you're sure you want to do something. You can now customize [more…]

How to Add Locations to the Windows 7 Send To Menu

If you’ve done any copying or moving files, you’ve no doubt discovered the Send To menu when you right-click a file. For Windows 7, Microsoft has included a number of hidden shortcuts that you can access [more…]

Pinning Excel 2010 to the Windows Start Menu or Taskbar

If you use Microsoft Excel 2010 often, you may want to make its program option a permanent part of the Windows Start menu or taskbar. This enables you to start the Excel 2010 program with just a click [more…]

For Seniors: Create a Windows 7 User Account

Windows 7 allows you to create different user accounts so each person who uses the computer can work with his or her personal Windows environment. After multiple user accounts are created, each user of [more…]

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