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Using the vi Text Editor in Solaris 9

In the world of Solaris, most files are plain text without fancy typographic material, whether text, shell scripts, Web pages, or even C programs. No bold, no multiple font colors, no included graphics [more…]

Getting a Closer Look at Solaris 9 Features

The first release of Sun's operating system was called SunOS. The last version of SunOS that was called SunOS by the Sun marketing team was SunOS 4.3.1. Since then, the OS has been marketed as [more…]

Revealing Ten Key Security Features in Solaris 9

No universal panacea exists for making a Solaris system completely secure, but Solaris 9 has some technologies and tools that you need to know about, whether you're administering your system or just want [more…]

Composing Documents with Solaris 9 Writer

For many years, the most notable absence within Solaris was the lack of Microsoft Office or a compatible suite of applications that would let Solaris users share documents, read spreadsheets, view presentations [more…]

Junos for IOS Users

The Junos OS command line interface (CLI) has many built-in tools to guide you while you master its commands and structure. If you already know a command language for another network operating system, [more…]

Junos OS For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Junos OS provides a command line interface (CLI) that has many built-in tools to help you master the many available Junos OS commands and familiarize yourself with the structure of the Junos OS command [more…]

For Seniors: Tablet Buying Decisions: Which Operating System?

When deciding which tablet to buy, you must consider the operating system it uses. Most tablets use a mobileoperating system (OS) similar (or identical) to operating systems used on smartphones. The OS [more…]

Operating Systems for Tablets and Smart Phones

Tablets and smart phones have special operating-system needs. They use solid state storage, which is expensive, so the amount of storage space is limited. Therefore a large operating system is impractical [more…]

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