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How to Work with the Start Menu in Windows Vista

How you choose to access the Start menu, or work with the Start menu, just depends on your basic preferences. Here are two different ways to navigate the Windows Vista Start menu to get you started: [more…]

How to Find a Lost E-Mail Message

Eventually, you’ll need to find a lost e-mail among the hundreds (thousands?) in your e-mailbox. Windows Vista offers three ways to find a lost e-mail message. [more…]

How to Move Information between Applications in Windows Vista

You may find the need to move information from one application in Windows Vista to another application. For whatever reason you need to copy and paste or cut paste info from one application to another, [more…]

Send and Receive an E-Mail Attachment in Windows Mail

E-mails consist of more than just words. To send or receive a file with your e-mail, you send or receive an attachment. An attachment is a file that piggybacks onto an e-mail message. [more…]

How to Make the Dialup Connection from Your Laptop in Windows XP

Unlike a broadband connection, which is always on, a dialup connection requires you to dial in to your ISP whenever you want to use it. Before you do anything, ensure that your laptop is properly wired [more…]

Buy the Right Kind of Blank CDs and DVDs for Burning

Buy the right kind of blank CDs and DVDs when burning content to them. You can buy blank CDs and DVDs in recordable and rewritable formats.

Stores sell two types of CDs: CD-R [more…]

How to Disconnect from Your Dial-up Account after Checking E-mail

When you're using a dial-up account from your laptop, keep in mind that you don't need to be connected to the Internet while you read your e-mail. Especially given how much power the modem draws, you should [more…]

Determine Whether Your Computer Can Burn CDs and DVDs

Before writing to a CD or DVD, you must determine whether your computer can burn CDs and DVDs. To determine whether your computer can burn CDs and DVDs, look for the letters [more…]

Adjust How Your Work Fits on a Page

When printing a document, you often need to adjust how your work fits on the page. Use the Page Setup dialog box to adjust how your work fits on a page. [more…]

How to Fight Phishing

Phishing is a scam that can fool innocent people into doing something they would never do otherwise (such as divulge passwords and credit card information). You can minimize phishing in Internet Explorer [more…]

Revealing Ten Key Security Features in Solaris 9

No universal panacea exists for making a Solaris system completely secure, but Solaris 9 has some technologies and tools that you need to know about, whether you're administering your system or just want [more…]

Download Plug-ins from the Internet

When visiting certain Web sites, you will see a notice that you must download a plug-in to view the site. You download plug-ins from the Internet by allowing them when a site pops up a window that requests [more…]

How to Open an Application in Windows XP

You certainly can't do much unless you actually open a program in Windows XP, but how do you just that? Actually, you can choose from several different methods to launch an application in Windows XP. The [more…]

Windows Defender for Vista

Windows Defender is new in Windows Vista. Windows Defender stops some spyware from installing itself automatically and pries off spyware that’s already latched onto your PC. [more…]

Make Internet Explorer Open to Your Favorite Site

Every time you open Internet Explorer, it displays your home page. This page should be one of your favorite sites, one you visit frequently. To make Internet Explorer open to your favorite site, follow [more…]

Find Stuff on the Internet

Because the Web is so vast, you need to identify ways to find things on the Internet. A search engine is your best tool to find what you need on the Internet. [more…]

How to Send All Your E-mail in One Batch

As you peruse your e-mail on your laptop, you read messages, reply to messages, and then click the Send button to send those messages. But rather than cause your e-mail program to dial in, connect, send [more…]

How to Skip E-mail Messages That Are Too Big

If you use a dialup modem, you probably don't want to waste time downloading huge files. Some e-mail programs have a settings option that automatically manages e-mails with large attachments. For example [more…]

Close or Move Windows in Windows Vista

You often need to close or move windows in Windows Vista to be more productive. You close a window by clicking its Close button. You move a window by dragging its title bar. [more…]

Opening Windows Vista Files with Online Help

Sometimes Windows Vista cannot open a file because the needed software is not on your PC. Microsoft offers a Web service to help you out when Vista cannot open a file. [more…]

Shutting Down Your PC

Many of these shutdown options are found on the official Shutdown menu, which you can access by clicking the triangle button in the lower-right corner of the Start button's menu [more…]

Print Your Pictures

You can use the Windows Photo Printing Wizard to print your pictures. The wizard offers nearly as many options as the drugstore’s photo counter, printing full-page glossies, wallet prints, and nearly anything [more…]

Modify Windows Vista for the Physically Challenged

You can modify Windows Vista to accommodate someone with a disability. To modify Vista, use the Ease of Access area in the Control Panel. Follow these steps to modify Vista’s settings: [more…]

How to Locate Files and Folders in My Computer Using Windows XP

Using My Computer in Windows Vista can help you locate and open files and folders stored on your hard drive or storage media, such as a CD-ROM. But to open any file, you have to find it first. Accessing [more…]

How to List Your Laptop’s Hardware in the Device Manager

The Device Manager is a window listing all the hardware in your laptop, and it's extremely useful for troubleshooting. In fact, a quick glance at the Device Manager window is all it takes to determine [more…]

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