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How to Perform Modem Diagnostics in Windows Vista

It seems like so much of our computing time these days is conducted online. Consequently, knowing how to run a diagnostic check on your modem in Windows Vista can save you from valuable down time. The [more…]

How to Use the Hardware Troubleshooter in Windows Vista

Sometimes when you run into technical trouble, the solution isn't obvious. That's when it helps to use the Hardware Troubleshooter in Windows Vista. The Hardware Troubleshooter is a handy tool that will [more…]

How to Update a Driver in Windows Vista

Knowing how to update a driver in Windows Vista is crucial to keeping your system performing at its best. Hardware manufacturers update the drivers (the little programs that enable Windows Vista to control [more…]

How to Shut Down a Non-Responsive Application in Windows Vista

Learning how to shut down a non-responsive application in Windows Vista can save you from a lot of headaches. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting forever for your computer when it has locked up. Usually [more…]

How to Reformat a Drive in Windows Vista

Reformatting a drive in Windows Vista is usually a pretty simple process, which might lull you into the misconception that reformatting a drive in Windows Vista is no big deal. Wrong. Reformatting a drive [more…]

Exploring Windows Vista's Help and Support Options

Sometimes the easiest way to get the information you need is to do a quick search, but other times, the questions or search terms you need to use aren't readily apparent. In these situations, your best [more…]

How to Change the Desktop Background in Windows Vista

Let your computer express your personality by changing the desktop background (also called the wallpaper) in Windows Vista. Windows Vista comes preloaded with a number of pictures and patterns that you [more…]

How to Choose a Desktop Theme in Windows Vista

In the world of Windows, a desktop theme is a way to control many different aspects of your Windows environment. When you choose a desktop theme in Windows Vista, you can affect the desktop background, [more…]

How to Change and Arrange Desktop Icons in Windows Vista

You can personalize your Windows Vista workspace by changing the way the icons appear on the desktop. You can arrange icons on your desktop in Windows Vista using the desktop shortcut menu. To be able [more…]

How to Set Up a New Monitor for Windows Vista

Setting up a new monitor for Windows Vista is easy. In fact, changing out monitors on your Windows Vista system is simple as long as you ensure that you're working with the most recent device drivers. [more…]

How to Use Disk Management to Extend a Partition in Windows Vista

You can use Disk Management to extend a partition in Windows Vista. Extending a partition adds to your drive space by borrowing from an adjoining partition on your hard drive and makes your system utilize [more…]

How to Install a PCI Network Adapter in Windows Vista

Installing a PCI network adapter in your Windows Vista computer will let you access the Internet at home, at work, or at the nearest available Wi-Fi hotspot. The PCI adapter will create a built-in wireless [more…]

How to Connect a PC to a Wired Ethernet Network in Windows Vista

An Ethernet network is a faster way to connect to the Internet. You can connect to a wired Ethernet network in Windows Vista as long as you have a hub or switch and access to a cable, satellite, or other [more…]

How to Configure a Network with the Network Setup Wizard in Windows Vista

Using a wireless network, you can share files and peripherals, such as printers, amongst several computers spread throughout a house or office. It's easy to configure a wireless network using the Network [more…]

How to Change a Computer's Network Name in Windows Vista

Two computers on the same network cannot have the same name, so it's important to know how to change a computer's network name in Windows Vista. Windows Vista gives each computer the same default name, [more…]

How to Disable Auto-Starting Programs with Windows Defender

Auto-starting programs can cause computer problems ranging from pain in the neck to freezing up the entire system. The best way to gain control over auto-starting programs in Windows Vista is to use the [more…]

How to Get Rid of Speech Recognition in Windows Vista

One of the most frustrating “features” in Windows Vista is speech recognition. Knowing how to get rid of speech recognition in Windows Vista is, unfortunately, a pain in the neck. The Microsoft Help files [more…]

How to Remove Unwanted Toolbars from Mozilla Firefox

Removing unwanted toolbars in Firefox is much simpler than removing them from Internet Explorer. Perhaps scummy programmers aren’t as interested in subverting Firefox, or perhaps the Firefox design doesn’t [more…]

How to Remove Unwanted Toolbars from Internet Explorer

So you find a great little program to install on your computer and somehow, by the time the install finished, you found yourself with a strange new toolbar in Internet Explorer. It happens to everyone. [more…]

How to Remove Unwanted Add-ons from Internet Explorer

Many Internet Explorer problems are caused by add-ons. Unfortunately, removing unwanted add-ons from Internet Explorer can take some work. This is particularly true of the add-ons that you didn't invite [more…]

How to Manually Defragment Your Hard Drive in Windows Vista

Windows Vista provides a good general Disk Defragmenter in its System Tools. But if you want to have more control over what is being defragmented and what information you are given about the process, you [more…]

How to Monitor Scheduled Defrags in Windows Vista

Viewing the results of the defrags on a Windows Vista computer takes a bit of effort, but it's worth the effort to check this occasionally to make sure the defrags are running as scheduled. After all, [more…]

How to Increase the Paging Volume in Windows Vista

You can increase the speed and efficiency of your computer by increasing the paging volume in Windows Vista. Your computer comes with a certain amount of RAM, which it uses to keep things running smoothly [more…]

How to Use ReadyBoost in Windows Vista to Speed Up Slower Computers

You can speed up the way your computer uses its RAM if you know how to use the drive accelerators that come with Windows Vista. Vista boasts three technologies that speed up your computer by judicious [more…]

How to View and Use Your Computer's Windows Experience Index

Windows Vista uses a sophisticated, multitalented program called WinSAT, or the Windows System Assessment Tool, to determine its benchmark settings, which it calls the Windows Experience Index [more…]

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