Formatting Word 2013 Paragraphs

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How to Format a Paragraph in Word 2013

Among the many formatting options that Word 2013 offers are ways to format entire paragraphs, instead of just single words or sentences. You can format a paragraph in several ways: [more…]

How to Indent the First Line of a Paragraph in Word 2013

Word 2013 allows you to set certain formats, like indenting the first line of a paragraph. To have Word automatically indent the first line of every paragraph you type, heed these steps: [more…]

Bulleted and Numbered Lists in Word 2013

Word makes it easy to create bulleted and numbered lists in your documents. You can create a list from existing paragraphs, or you can turn on the list feature and type the list as you go. Either way, [more…]

How to Format Text in Office 2013

In Office 2013 programs, you can apply each type of character formatting individually, or you can use style sets or themes to apply multiple types of formatting at once. [more…]

How to Format Paragraphs in Word 2013

Office 2013 allows you to format paragraphs in Word in the following ways. If you apply paragraph formatting when no text is selected, the formatting applies to the paragraph in which the insertion point [more…]

How to Indent a Paragraph in Word 2013

When you set indentation for a paragraph in Word 2013, its left and/or right sides are inset by the amount you specify. The indentation of a paragraph refers to how its left and/or right sides are inset [more…]

How to Change Vertical Spacing in Word 2013

You can set line spacing in Word 2013 to any of several presets, such as Single, Double, and 1.5 Lines, or to an exact value, measured in points. In Word, a point is 1/72 of an inch. Space before and after [more…]

How to Add Paragraph Borders and Shading in Word 2013

By default, a paragraph in Word 2013 has no border or shading. You can add either or both to a single paragraph or any group of paragraphs to make them stand out from the rest of the document. You can [more…]

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