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The Unix Foundation of OS X

Unix is the established, super-reliable OS that powers most of the high-performance servers that make up the Internet. Unix has built-in support for virtually every hardware device ever wrought by the [more…]

iMac Contact App That's Well Worth Data Entry Drudgery

Computer owners share one lovely recurring fantasy that keeps cropping up over and over: Call it the Data Elf Phenomenon. You see, Data Elves are the hard-working, silicon-based gnomes in tiny green suspenders [more…]

How to Manage Your iCloud Storage

Apple knows that you’re curious about how much space you’ve taken up in your personal iCloud. To monitor your iCloud storage, click the Manage button at the bottom-right corner of the iCloud Preferences [more…]

How to Stream Music with AirPlay

If you’re using an AirPort Express portable wireless Base Station or an Apple TV, you can ship your songs right to your AirPort Express or Apple TV from iTunes, and from there to your home stereo or boombox [more…]

How to Check Your Network with Ping

After you have at least two computers on a wired or wireless network, test whether they’re talking to each other over the network by pinging them. Essentially, [more…]

10 iMac Applications for Your Must-Have List

Mac applications make the world go around! And although Mavericks gets much of the glory for its elegant design and power, you can’t really do much, productivity-wise, from your Desktop without a snappy [more…]

Bonus Chapters for iMac For Dummies, 8th Edition

Although your iMac may be a self-contained supercomputer, it’s always good to communicate with others and take advantage of new opportunities. Bonus Chapter 1 is a guide to using the Bluetooth wireless [more…]

Will Reinstalling OS X Fix My Problem?

This question seems to get a lot of attention on Mac-related Internet discussion boards and Usenet newsgroups — and the answer is a definitive perhaps. [more…]

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