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The Unix Foundation of OS X

Unix is the established, super-reliable OS that powers most of the high-performance servers that make up the Internet. Unix has built-in support for virtually every hardware device ever wrought by the [more…]

iMac Contact App That's Well Worth Data Entry Drudgery

Computer owners share one lovely recurring fantasy that keeps cropping up over and over: Call it the Data Elf Phenomenon. You see, Data Elves are the hard-working, silicon-based gnomes in tiny green suspenders [more…]

How to Manage Your iCloud Storage

Apple knows that you’re curious about how much space you’ve taken up in your personal iCloud. To monitor your iCloud storage, click the Manage button at the bottom-right corner of the iCloud Preferences [more…]

How to Stream Music with AirPlay

If you’re using an AirPort Express portable wireless Base Station or an Apple TV, you can ship your songs right to your AirPort Express or Apple TV from iTunes, and from there to your home stereo or boombox [more…]

How to Check Your Network with Ping

After you have at least two computers on a wired or wireless network, test whether they’re talking to each other over the network by pinging them. Essentially, [more…]

10 iMac Applications for Your Must-Have List

Mac applications make the world go around! And although Mavericks gets much of the glory for its elegant design and power, you can’t really do much, productivity-wise, from your Desktop without a snappy [more…]

Bonus Chapters for iMac For Dummies, 8th Edition

Although your iMac may be a self-contained supercomputer, it’s always good to communicate with others and take advantage of new opportunities. Bonus Chapter 1 is a guide to using the Bluetooth wireless [more…]

Will Reinstalling OS X Fix My Problem?

This question seems to get a lot of attention on Mac-related Internet discussion boards and Usenet newsgroups — and the answer is a definitive perhaps. [more…]

The Major Parts of Your iMac

As you'd expect, just like any other computer an iMac has a "body" of sorts in which all the innards and brains are stored (the screen, in this case), a display screen, a keyboard, a mouse/pointing device [more…]

Important Hidden Stuff on Your iMac

When you bought your new iMac, you probably noticed a number of subtle differences between the low-end iMac and the über-expensive top-end model. These differences encompass the [more…]

Where to Put Your iMac

If you pick the wrong spot to park your new iMac, you'll regret it later. Some domiciles and office cubicles obviously don't offer a choice — you've got but one desk at work, for example, and nobody's [more…]

All the Cool Things You Can Do with Your iMac

You bought your first iMac, so what follows might be the most common of all novice iMac questions: "What the heck will I do with this thing?" You find additional details and exciting factoids about the [more…]

Things to Buy for Your New iMac

No man is an island, and no computer is, either. Whether you have a new iMac or PC, the following extras and supplies help keep your new computer clean and healthy [more…]

Spot Check Your iMac as Soon as You Get It

Before you jump into having fun on your new iMac, don’t forget an important step — a quick preliminary check to make sure that your iMac survived shipment intact and happy. Although the shipping box that [more…]

How to Set Up and Register Your New iMac

After your iMac is running and you've given it the once-over for obvious shipping damage, your next chore is to set up your iMac. This isn't a process that can easily be covered step by step, because Apple [more…]

Unpack and Connect Your iMac

This article is short and sweet because the installation of an aluminum iMac on your desktop is a piece of cake. (This really is easy.) [more…]

The iMac Home Folder

On an iMac, each user account that you create within OS X Mavericks is actually a self-contained universe. For example, each user has a number of unique characteristics and folders devoted just to that [more…]

The iMac's Trash Icon

A sign of an iMac power user is a well-maintained Trash bin. It's a breeze to empty the discarded items you no longer need, and you can even rescue something that you suddenly discover you still need! [more…]

The iMac's Dashboard

iMac users tend to wax enthusiastic over the convenience features built into OS X Mavericks. The OS X Dashboard display is one of the features that iMac users first show off to friends and family. [more…]

The iMac's Mission Control Feature

iMac users tend to wax enthusiastic over the convenience features built into OS X Mavericks. The amazing convenience of Mission Control is often one of the features that many iMac users first show off [more…]

The iMac's Spaces Feature

iMac users tend to wax enthusiastic over the convenience features built into Mavericks. Spaces, which allows you to switch to an entirely different set of icons, is one of the features that many iMac users [more…]

How to Print from Your iMac within OS X Mavericks

OS X Mavericks makes document printing a breeze. Because most Mac printers use a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port, setting up printing couldn't be easier. Just turn on your printer and connect the USB cable [more…]

Putting the Dock to the Test

If your iMac's Dock seems like a nifty contraption to you, you’re right. It’s like one of those big control rooms that NASA uses. From the Dock — that icon toolbar at the bottom of the Mavericks Desktop [more…]

An Introduction to Your iMac's System Preferences Window

The System Preferences window on your iMac (as shown in the following figure) can become your best friend. The System Preferences window is a self-contained beast, and you can reach it in a number of ways [more…]

Search for Settings in Your iMac's System Preferences

Wouldn’t it be great if you could search through all the different panes in your iMac's System Preferences — with all those countless radio buttons, check boxes, and slider controls — from one place? Even [more…]


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