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How to Add an E-Mail Me Button to Your iWeb Site in iLife ’11

If you need people to e-mail you directly from your website, you can add an Email Me button to any page of your iWeb site in iLife. When a visitor clicks the button, a new e-mail message appears so that [more…]

What You Can Do with iWeb in iLife '11

iWeb helps you organize your Web site to make it more attractive and easy to navigate. In iLife, iWeb provides professionally designed themes and templates for Web pages so that you don't have to be a [more…]

Navigating the iWeb Interface in iLife '11

In iLife, you create a Web site in iWeb by designing its pages, filling in the elements for each page, and then publishing the pages as a complete site. After that, you can edit the pages at any time and [more…]

Choose a Theme and Page Template for Your iWeb Site in iLife '11

A theme defines the look of the Web site you create in iLife. Each time you add a new page to your iWeb site, you choose the page's template. Every iWeb theme offers templates designed for specific purposes [more…]

Change Text and Images on Your iWeb Site in iLife '11

Each time you add a new iWeb page in iLife, you choose the page's template. You can change the theme and template for a page at any time. One key way that you can make an iWeb template your own space on [more…]

How to Add Hyperlinks to Your iWeb Site in iLife '11

A hyperlink is a piece of text or an object that links to another Web page in the same site or another site. In iLife, iWeb gives you a few ways to add hyperlinks, and they're all easy. [more…]

How to Change the Layout of an iWeb Page in iLife '11

In iLife, every iWeb page layout template has text boxes for the header, title, body text, and footer. The header appears at the top of the page and starts with placeholder text, such as My Blog or Welcome [more…]

Change the Navigation Menu on Your iWeb Site in iLife '11

The page templates for iWeb themes in iLife include a navigation menu with links to other pages in the Web site. The navigation menu is created automatically on every page, with links to some or all of [more…]

How to Format Text on an iWeb Page in iLife '11

When you want to change font attributes of text on an iWeb page in iLife, the Font panel is your destination. How you get to the Font panel depends on the text you want to change. To change [more…]

How to Add Graphics to an iWeb Page in iLife '11

In iWeb, you can quickly assemble graphical Web pages with elements from other iLife applications: photos and slideshows from iPhoto, songs from GarageBand and iTunes, and video clips from iMovie. iWeb [more…]

How to Create an iWeb Photos Page in iLife '11

Every iWeb page theme in iLife offers a Photos page template that uses a grid for automatically resizing and positioning photos as you add them and provides a placeholder caption for each photo. The Photos [more…]

How to Add a Movie Page to Your iWeb Site in iLife '11

Every iWeb page theme in iLife offers a Movie page template that has a placeholder for a video and video playback controls. To add a Movie page to your iWeb site and place your video on it, follow these [more…]

Create a Submenu of Your iWeb Photo and Movie Pages in iLife '11

In iWeb, you can set up a My Albums page to be a submenu for all content on your Photos and Movie pages. All you need to do is organize your Photos and Movie pages so that they're within the My Albums [more…]

Adjust Colors in the Photos on Your iWeb Site in iLife '11

When building a Web site with iWeb in iLife, you can regain some of the detail lost in a photo you've added to your page by using the Adjust tool and then adjusting the Brightness, Contrast, and Saturation [more…]

How to Create a Blog on Your iLife '11 iWeb Site

A blog resembles a diary in reverse: The first entry on a Web page that a visitor reads is the most recent, followed by previous entries. That makes a blog an open-ended diary that's never completed because [more…]

How to Set Up a Podcast on Your iLife '11 iWeb Site

A podcast is a blog that plays an audio or a video. Podcasts are similar to syndicated radio and TV shows, except that people can download podcasts from a Web site into iTunes and play them at their convenience [more…]

How to Add Widgets to Your iWeb Site in iLife '11

Widgets are snippets of code (available on other sites) that you can add to your Web page. In iLife, iWeb offers a few widgets that let you add RSS feeds, iSight photos and videos, a countdown timer, a [more…]

How to Publish Your iLife '11 iWeb Site

Your iWeb site doesn't exist as a true website until you publish it on the World Wide Web. Also, the changes you make to pages in iWeb after publishing your site don't take effect on your site until you [more…]

Set Up Your Own Domain for Your MobileMe iWeb Site

You can choose your own domain name to use with MobileMe.Before you can set up your site with MobileMe, you need to register your domain name: Visit an accredited domain name registrar on the Internet [more…]

How to Set Up an FTP for Your iWeb Site in iLife '11

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has been in use since the late 1970s, and iLife uses it to enable you to publish your iWeb site to any service that supports FTP for the domain you've established at that [more…]

Image Access and Security for iWeb in iLife '11

The photos you publish to an iWeb site are out there for users around the world. Normally, visitors to your site can download photos from your iWeb Photos page, but you can control the size of the photos [more…]

Look around the iWeb Window on Your MacBook

All of iWeb’s major features and controls fit into a single window on your MacBook, naturally, just as they do in iPhoto and iMovie. (Multiple windows equals [more…]

Plan Your iWeb Pages from Your MacBook

Every properly designed website has a purpose: to inform, to entertain, or to provide downloads or contact information. The pages you add to your iWeb site should all reflect that common purpose. iWeb [more…]

Add a New Site to with iWeb from Your MacBook

When you open iWeb from your MacBook for the first time, the application creates a new site for you, and you can rename and modify this default site to your heart’s content. In fact, for many, one site [more…]

Add a New iWeb Page from Your MacBook

You can add new pages to your iWeb-created sites directly from your MacBook. For example, you can add Photo and About Me pages to the new site you’ve created. You also can edit these pages to personalize [more…]


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