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How to Import Images to Mac's iPhoto '11 from a Digital Camera

You will probably want your digital pictures on your Mac. In the past, it was a challenge to get digital images onto your computer, where the real fun begins. iPhoto and iCloud drastically simplify the [more…]

Sync Photos from iOS Devices to Your Mac with Photo Stream

With the Mac’s Photo Stream, the 1,000 most recently imported pictures are uploaded automatically to iCloud, where they can then find their way to your iOS devices. More than 1,000 pictures can land on [more…]

Find Pictures in Mac's iPhoto '11 by Date

Suppose that you want to display just the pictures you took around a milestone on your Mac, such as when your little angel was born. Here's a quick way to home in on pictures based on the date they were [more…]

Find People in Mac's iPhoto '11 Using the Faces Feature

How awesome would it be to locate photos on your Mac based on who's in them? Your wish is Apple's command. The magical Faces feature is based on facial detection and recognition technologies. The feature [more…]

Find Pictures in Mac's iPhoto '11 Using the Places Feature

The Mac has a handy Places feature. Many of today's cameras (and virtually every state-of-the-art camera phone) are so clever that they can detect where they are — and, by proxy, where the shooter is — [more…]

Organize Photos on Your Mac into iPhoto ‘11 Albums

In the film age, really organized people took the time to methodically place prints in old-fashioned picture albums. Fortunately, on the Mac, the iPhoto equivalent of placing pictures in albums is much [more…]

How to Touch Up Photos in Mac's iPhoto '11

Don't like how you look in a picture? Your Mac has the answer. iPhoto is by no means a photo-editing superstar along the lines of Adobe's Photoshop or Apple's own Aperture. However, iPhoto comes with several [more…]

Create and Save an iPhoto '11 Slideshow on a Mac

If you're of a certain generation, you may remember your parents pulling out the Kodak Carousel slide projector. Modern slideshows, in care of a Mac, bring a lot more pizzazz. Your pictures can have a [more…]

Share iPhotos on a Mac with Shared Photo Streams

What if your first child was born recently, and you want to share images of the adorable infant with everyone? Mac to the rescue. It’s not practical to invite everyone over to your house to view albums [more…]

Share iPhotos on a Mac with Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr

By clicking Share, you can upload pictures from your Mac to the wildly popular Facebooksocial network or add images to one of your tweets. If you go with Facebook, pictures can end up on your Facebook [more…]

How to Import Pictures to iPhoto in iLife ’11

Importing pictures to iPhoto (one of the multimedia software tools in iLife '11) is easy. You can import pictures to iPhoto from several sources: hard drive; digital camera; iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch [more…]


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