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iPhoto '11

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Sync Photos from iOS Devices to Your Mac with Photo Stream

The easiest way to upload photos from any iOS device to your Mac is with Photo Stream. With Photo Stream, if you take pictures on an iOS-capable device like your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, they land [more…]

Find Pictures in Mac's iPhoto '11 by Date

iPhoto '11 helps you organize and edit images on your Mac. To view, edit, or share a photo, you must find it in iPhoto's digital shoebox. For example, suppose that you want to display in iPhoto just the [more…]

Manage Events in Mac's iPhoto '11

iPhoto '11 helps you organize and edit images on your Mac. Photos are organized by events in iPhoto, with all the images from a single date grouped into the same event. You can browse events to find an [more…]

Find People in Mac's iPhoto '11 using the Faces Feature

Locate photos in Mac's iPhoto '11 by searching for particular people using the Faces feature. After locating an image in iPhoto, you can view, edit, or share it as needed. The magical Faces feature is [more…]

Find Pictures in Mac's iPhoto '11 using the Places Feature

Find photos on your Mac by mapping where they were taken with the Places feature in iPhoto '11. iPhoto takes advantage of an image's location information to help you organize your photos. [more…]

Organize Your Mac Photos Automatically with iPhoto '11 Smart Albums

Use Smart Albums to automatically organize your photos in iPhoto, by grouping like photos together. iPhoto automatically places images into Smart Albums, based on the criteria you specify, such as photos [more…]

How to Touch Up Photos in Mac's iPhoto '11

To perform simple touch-ups on a photo, use iPhoto 11's editing tools. Mac's iPhoto can remove red-eye and blemishes; crop, rotate, straighten, brighten, and improve contrast; and apply a variety of special [more…]

Organize Photos on Your Mac into iPhoto '11 Albums

Keep your photos organized on your Mac by placing them into albums in iPhoto. iPhoto '11 albums allow you to organize images in the order you want, just like a real photo album. Group photos together for [more…]

Create and Save an iPhoto '11 Slideshow on a Mac

Mac's iPhoto '11 lets you create two different slideshow types: a quick showcase called an instant slideshow or a saved slideshow that appears in the source list so that you can play it over and over or [more…]

Share iPhotos on a Mac with Shared Photo Streams

Photo Stream uploads photos from any iOS device to your Mac and other iOS devices. With shared Photo Streams, you can share Photo Streams with the folks you designate −or, in some cases, the general public [more…]

Share iPhotos on a Mac with Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr

You can upload iPhotos from your Mac to Facebook, or add them to a tweet on Twitter. iPhotos you share on Facebook end up on your Facebook wall or in designated Facebook albums. You can even change your [more…]


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