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iLife ’11: Changing Slideshow Playback Settings in iPhoto

In iPhoto, the first time you click the Slideshow tool to play an iLife slideshow of an album or a selection of pictures that hasn’t been played, the Themes, Music, and Settings browser appears. Click [more…]

iLife ’11: Exporting iPhoto Slideshows to iPad, iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV

If you have a laptop, iPad, iPod, or iPhone, you no doubt already appreciate the iPhoto slideshows you can show others on the spot. Life slideshows can appear horizontally [more…]

iLife ’11: Export an iPhoto Slideshow as a QuickTime Movie File

Exporting an iPhoto slideshow as a QuickTime movie file enables you to post the movie on a Web page or include it with other scenes in an iMovie presentation. [more…]

iLife ’11: How to Attach iPhoto Pictures to E-Mail

E-mail is a helpful way to send an image in iPhoto to one person or a thousand people at the same time. You can even combine several photos and images in one e-mail, if they’re small: E-mail servers typically [more…]

How to Share iPhoto Pictures with Flickr in iLife ’11

You can upload photos, images, and video clips to Flickr using the Safari browser on your Mac, but uploading pictures directly from iPhoto is far more convenient. To create a new album or to add photos [more…]

iLife ’11: How to Export iPhoto Pictures to a Hard Drive

When you export a picture from iPhoto to a file on your hard drive, you can save the picture in its original file format with no loss in quality (and no compression); in another file format such as JPEG [more…]

iLife ’11: Exporting iPhoto Pictures as a Web Page

In iLife, you can export one or more pictures as a Web page — a HyperText Markup Language (HTML) page with thumbnail versions of the images that link to larger versions — directly from iPhoto. If you already [more…]

iLife ’11: How to Print Pictures from iPhoto

Printing pictures from iPhoto in iLife is just about the easiest thing you can do. When using a printer with iPhoto (as with most Mac applications), you can access page layouts and printer-quality features [more…]

iLife ’11: How to Order Prints from iPhoto

You can order, directly from iPhoto, prints that are of much higher quality than prints you can make with a color printer. All you need is an Apple Store or iTunes account. Select the size and quantity [more…]

iLife ’11: How to Make Photo Books in iPhoto

In iLife, iPhoto provides an automatic photo book layout capability that helps you assemble a book from a photo album, an event, or a selected set of pictures. You can then print the photo book on a color [more…]

How to Share iPhoto Pictures with Facebook in iLife ’11

You can upload iPhoto images and video clips to your personal Facebook profile by using your Mac's Safari browser. Manage Facebook albums directly in iPhoto by adding and deleting photos and editing their [more…]

iPhoto and Your MacBook

What good is a camera without a photo album? iPhoto,Apple’s photography software, serves as a digital photo album. Use it on your MacBook to help you arrange and manage your digital photos with advanced [more…]

How to E-Mail Photos with iPhoto from Your MacBook

iPhoto can help you send your images through e-mail from your MacBook by automating the process. The application can prepare your image and embed it automatically in a new message. [more…]

iPhone's MobileMe Gallery on Your MacBook

iPhoto ’11 includes a feature called MobileMe Gallery that does for images what podcasting does for audio: You can share your photos with friends, family, business clients, and anyone else with an Internet [more…]

Produce a Photo Book in iPhoto on Your MacBook

Book mode unleashes the coolest feature of iPhoto: the chance to design and print a high-quality bound photo book! After you complete an album — all the images have been edited just the way you want — [more…]

How to Crop Photos in iPhoto on Your MacBook

In iPhoto on your MacBook, you can remove some of an image's border by cropping an image, just as folks once did with film prints and a pair of scissors. With iPhoto, you can remove unwanted portions from [more…]

How to Edit Images in iPhoto on Your MacBook

For those shots that need a pixel massage, iPhoto includes a number of editing tools that you can use to correct common problems. The first step in any editing job is to select the image you want to fix [more…]

Organize Photos with Keywords in iPhoto on Your MacBook

You can assign descriptive keywords to images to help you organize your collection on your MacBook and locate certain pictures fast. iPhoto comes with a number of standard keywords, and you can create [more…]

Work with Faces and Places in iPhoto on Your MacBook

iPhoto ’11 includes two organizational tools called Faces and Places, which you can use to put names to faces in your photos and to track the locations of where your photos were taken. These two categories [more…]

Arrange Photos by Events with iPhone on Your MacBook

Events are essentially a group of images that you shot or downloaded to your MacBook at the same time — iPhoto figures that those images belong together [more…]

Create Photo Albums with iPhoto on Your MacBook

You can keep your entire collection of digital photographs and scanned images on your MacBook well ordered and easily retrieved by using iPhoto’s organize [more…]

What You Can Do with iPhoto on Your MacBook

iPhoto is a photography tool for the home user that can help you organize, edit, and even publish your photographs. After you shoot your photos with a digital camera [more…]

Import Images to Your MacBook with iPhoto

In import mode, you’re ready to download images to your MacBook directly from your digital camera — as long as your specific camera model is supported in iPhoto. You can find out which cameras are known [more…]

Organize Your Mac Photos Automatically with iPhoto '11 Smart Albums

Use Smart Albums to automatically organize your photos in iPhoto, by grouping like photos together. iPhoto automatically places images into Smart Albums, based on the criteria you specify, such as photos [more…]

Manage Events in Mac's iPhoto '11

All the photos snapped in a given day are lumped into an event on your Mac. The assumption is that you took a bunch of pictures during the kid's soccer game, birthday bash, or some other activity. [more…]


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