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iMovie '11

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Add Titles to Your Movies in iMovie on Your MacBook

You’ll find the Titles Browser in iMovie by clicking the Title button on the Browser toolbar (which bears a big capital T), or by pressing Command+3. You can add a title with a still image, but iMovie [more…]

Transitions in iMovie on Your MacBook

Many iMovie owners approach transitions as visual bookends: They merely act as placeholders that appear between video clips. Nothing could be farther from the truth, because judicious use of transitions [more…]

How to Edit Clips in iMovie on Your MacBook

If a video clip has extra seconds of footage at the beginning or end, you don’t want that superfluous stuff in your iMovie masterpiece. Your favorite video editor on your MacBook gives you the following [more…]

Add Clips to Your Movie with iMovie on Your MacBook

You can add clips to your movie on your MacBook by using iMovie's Project pane and the Event pane. The Dynamic Duo works like this: [more…]

Import Audio with iMovie on Your MacBook

You can pull in everything from Wagner to Weezer as both background music and sound effects for your movie in iMovie on your MacBook. You get those notes into iMovie and then add them to your movie by [more…]

Use Still Images in iMovie on Your MacBook

You can add still images to your movie on your MacBook by using iMovie. Still images come in handy as impressive-looking titles or as ending credits to your movie. [more…]

Import Video Clips to iMovie on Your MacBook

Your MacBook is probably equipped already with the two extras that come in handy for video editing in iMovie — namely, a large hard drive and a FireWire or USB port. Because most mini-DV camcorders today [more…]

The iMovie Window

In iMovie, though, all the controls you need are easy to use and logically placed. To launch iMovie, click the iMovie icon in the Dock or in Launchpad. [more…]

How to Share Your Movie from iMovie

Your iMovie movie or trailer is complete, you’ve saved it to your MacBook's hard drive, and now you’re wondering where to go from here. Click Share on the application menu bar, and you’ll see that iMovie [more…]

How to Create a Movie Trailer with iMovie on Your MacBook

iMovie ’11 introduces a new Movie Trailer feature that can actually turn your film clips into a Hollywood-class preview, complete with genre transitions and background music. [more…]

Find a Camcorder that’s Compatible with Mac’s iMovie ‘11

iMovie ’11 supports a wide range of digital camcorders, with various levels of quality and resolution. The type of camcorder you’ll want to purchase for iMovie depends on the type of videos you’re trying [more…]

How to Import Video From a Tape-Based Camcorder into Mac’s iMovie ‘11

Before you can turn the amazing footage you’ve captured with your tape-based camcorder into an iMovie masterpiece, you must connect the camcorder to your Mac and import the video. Tape-based camcorders [more…]

Import Video Files to Mac’s iMovie ’11 From Non-Camcorder Sources

Before you can turn the amazing footage into the next iMovie masterpiece, you must import the video you want to use into iMovie. You can import video from your hard disk, CD, or DVD, and iPhoto rather [more…]

How to Import Video From a DVD Camcorder into Mac’s iMovie ‘11

Before you can turn the video you’ve captured with your DVD, hard disk, or flash memory camcorder into an iMovie masterpiece, you must connect the camcorder to your Mac and import the video. Rest assured [more…]

Record Directly to Mac’s iMovie ‘11 from iSight, FaceTime, or Other Camera

You can record video directly into iMovie ’11 from a Mac’s iSight or FaceTime cameras, be it the stand-alone versions or the kind built in to most current Macs. To record directly from a built-in camera [more…]

4 Ways to Review iMovie ’11 Video

After you import video into iMovie, you might want to review it before choosing how best to edit the video. You may also want to simply watch imported videos from beginning to end, in order to properly [more…]

How to Mark Favorite Video Clips in iMovie ‘11

The individual segments or video clips that make up an iMovie event look like filmstrips. You can mark your favorite video clips in iMovie to make them easier to work with. [more…]

How to Improve the Sound in an iMovie ‘11 Video

What can you do if the sound levels in an iMovie ’11 video are inconsistent? Can you improve the sound throughout an iMovie video so that it doesn’t whisper in one part and boom in another? Fortunately [more…]

How to Apply iMovie Themes to a Video Project

iMovie supplies themes that you can apply to a video project, creating a professional video in just a few steps. iMovie themes not only provide a distinctive look to a video [more…]

How to Crop Video in iMovie '11

iMovie allows you to improve your video by cropping it when needed. Cropping video in iMovie allows you to highlight an area of a scene or focus in on an otherwise distant subject. Cropping video in iMovie [more…]


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