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Using iLife '11: How to Transfer Video to Disc in iDVD

If you have a videotape or cartridge that you want to burn to a DVD-R disc without editing, and without menus, you can transfer video directly from a digital video [more…]

What You Can Do with iDVD in iLife '11

Besides offering professionally designed menu themes with spectacular special effects, iDVD in iLife allows you to grab your photos from iPhoto, your videos from iMovie, and your music from GarageBand [more…]

Using iLife '11: How to Create a Disc with iDVD

On most Macs with iLife, you find the iDVD icon in the Dock, but in any case you can find it in the Applications folder. Double-click the icon to open iDVD. The quick-and-painless method to start a project [more…]

How to Navigate iDVD in iLife ’11

On most Macs with iLife, you find the iDVD icon in the Dock, but in any case you can find it in the Applications folder. Double-click the icon to open iDVD. The iDVD main window is the control panel for [more…]

Using iLife '11: How to Create a New DVD Project with iDVD

You can create a new iLife DVD project without any help from iDVD. After you launch iDVD, the opening dialog appears. To create a new project, follow these steps: [more…]

Using iLife '11: How to Add Videos to Your iDVD Project

Before adding a video to your iDVD project in iLife, you have to browse and watch the videos you’ve already got saved in various locations on your computer. To browse your videos, follow these steps: [more…]

Using iLife '11: Add Slideshows with Music to Your iDVD Project

Photo slideshows are reason enough to burn DVDs in iLife. You can send an already completed slideshow from iPhoto directly to iDVD or create a custom slideshow in iDVD. You can then rearrange photos, delete [more…]

Choose a Menu Theme in iDVD in iLife '11

In iDVD, a theme consists of a professionally designed combination of background elements and drop zones, a music clip, and a button style for arranging the main menu and submenus. A [more…]

Change the Background and Text in Your iLife '11 iDVD Project

Many iLife iDVD themes let you change the background image and text of the theme while keeping the drop zones (sections of the menu background that can play videos and slideshows or feature photos). For [more…]

Add Content to Drop Zones in an iLife '11 iDVD Project

Drop zones in iDVD are sections of the menu background that can play videos and slideshows. You can also place a still image in a drop zone. Drop zones aren't buttons — viewers of your iLife DVD won't [more…]

Change a Text Button's Appearance in an iLife '11 iDVD Project

DVDs offer menus with buttons that viewers click to play movies and slideshows. In iLife, some iDVD themes offer text buttons, and some offer buttons in shapes that can play miniature videos and slideshows [more…]

Add and Customize Submenus in an iLife '11 iDVD Project

Depending on which theme you choose, the menus in your iLife iDVD project can hold either 6 or 12 buttons. But a menu can turn ugly with too many buttons. You can put all your extras behind a single button [more…]

Add Scene Selection Menus to an iLife '11 iDVD Project

When you play a commercial DVD, the main menu usually offers a button to show a scene selection submenu that lets you choose a scene to start watching from. No matter how long your videos are, you can [more…]

How to Add an Autoplay Video to Your iDVD Project in iLife '11

You might want your iDVD project to start with a short video clip, slideshow, credits, or a production company logo before showing the main menu. An iDVD [more…]

Check the Project Size and Status of Your iLife '11 iDVD Project

As you're working on your iDVD project in iLife, monitor its size to ensure that everything will fit on a DVD-R. To check the size of your project and the status of the encoding process, and to change [more…]

iLife '11: How to Burn and Test a DVD Made in iDVD

Burning a DVD takes a lot of processing power and can tie up your computer for a while. Before you start burning a disc with iDVD, consider closing all other open projects and any open applications that [more…]

Introduce Your MacBook to iDVD

Apple includes iDVD free with today’s MacBooks as part of iLife ’11. With iDVD, you can easily create beautiful presentations with animation and interactive menus that anyone can watch in a standard DVD [more…]

Start a New DVD Project with iDVD on Your MacBook

When you launch iDVD for the first time on your MacBook (or if you close all iDVD windows), you get the sporty dialog shown here. Take a moment to discover more about these four choices. [more…]

Choose the Right DVD Menu Theme on iDVD

The first step to take when manually designing a new DVD Menu system is to add a theme. In the iDVD world, a theme is a preset package that helps determine the appearance and visual appeal of your DVD [more…]

Add Movies to iDVD Projects on Your MacBook

Drop zones and themes are cool, but most folks want to add video to their DVDs from their MacBooks. To accomplish this, iDVD uses buttons as links to your video clips. In fact, some iDVD Movie buttons [more…]

Add Slideshows to Your iDVD Projects on Your MacBook

Many MacBook owners don’t realize that iDVD can use not only video clips but also digital images as content. In fact, you can add a group of images to your DVD Menu by using Slideshow buttons, which allow [more…]

Add Music to iDVD Projects on Your MacBook

What's a DVD without some music? You can add music to your iDVD projects from your MacBook. Most of the Apple-supplied themes already have their own background music, so you might not even need to add [more…]

Personalize Your DVD Projects with iDVD on Your MacBook

You can easily make changes to the iDVD default settings provided with the theme you chose. iDVD offers all sorts of controls that allow you to change the appearance and behavior of buttons, text, and [more…]

Preview Your iDVD Creation on Your MacBook

When you click Preview in iDVD on your MacBook, you access the Preview remote control, and the Media pane disappears. Your DVD Menu appears exactly as it will on the finished DVD. [more…]

Automate Creation with OneStep DVD in iDVD

If you’re in a hurry to create a DVD from clips on your DV camcorder and you don’t mind losing your creative input, OneStep DVD from iDVD is just the ticket. [more…]


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