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Get Started with the Magic GarageBand in iLife '11

Are you ready to kick out the jams with the iLife Magic GarageBand? The Magic GarageBand feature sets up a band for you and plays a song so that you can play along with it. It's a fun way to practice, [more…]

Record Your Performance with the Magic GarageBand in iLife '11

GarageBand can turn your Mac into a home recording studio. When you're ready to record a performance with the instrument you chose for My Instrument along with the Magic GarageBand, follow these steps: [more…]

Take Guitar or Piano Lessons in GarageBand in iLife '11

In iLife '11, GarageBand's Learn to Play lessons help you easily learn the basic techniques of playing guitar and piano, and the Lesson Store lets you purchase and download guitar lessons, piano lessons [more…]

How to Record Takes with GarageBand's Learn to Play Feature in iLife '11

In iLife'11, GarageBand can help you learn to play the guitar or piano with its Learn to Play feature. While you're learning a song, you can record your playing so you can listen to or study it later. [more…]

iLife '11: Record into a Cycle Region in GarageBand

Overdubbing occurs when you record directly over a part of a song, replacing the instrument part with a new part. With GarageBand in iLife '11, you overdub by creating a [more…]

iLife '11: How to Mix Tracks in GarageBand

Creating a mix of a song with iLife's GarageBand '11 isn’t always complicated. You may simply need to raise or lower the volume of the individual tracks by using the track volume sliders. If it sounds [more…]

Share Your GarageBand Songs and Podcasts

After you finish your song, you can play it whenever you like through GarageBand. But you can also share your music with others with an audio CD or download it to your iPod so that you can enjoy it yourself [more…]

Get to Know GarageBand Controls

You can compose music on your MacBook with GarageBand,Apple’s music-making component in the iLife application suite. You can solo on all sorts of instruments, and even add horns, drums, and a funky bass [more…]

Compose and Podcast with GarageBand on Your MacBook

To understand the basics of composition in GarageBand on your MacBook, start working from the very beginning. Follow along with this example of how to compose a project in GarageBand: [more…]

Add Tracks to GarageBand Projects on Your MacBook

GarageBand ’11 includes a Songwriting project (also available from the top-level New Project dialog). When you choose the Songwriting project, GarageBand presents you with a full set of four instrument [more…]

Choose Loops for GarageBand Projects on Your MacBook

When you have a new, empty GarageBand track, you can add something that you can hear. You do that by adding loops to your track from the Loop Browser — Apple provides you with thousands of loops to choose [more…]

Resize, Repeat, and Move Loops in GarageBand

If you haven’t already tried listening to an entire song in GarageBand, try it now. You can click Play at any time without wreaking havoc on your carefully created tracks. The music stops soon because [more…]

How to Use the GarageBand Arrange Track

GarageBand includes the Arrange track that you can use to define specific sections of a song, allowing you to reorganize things by selecting, moving, and copying entire sections. [more…]

Tweak the Settings for GarageBand Tracks

The tweaks that you can perform on your GarageBand tracks on your MacBook include adding effects (pull a Hendrix and add echo and reverb to your electric guitar track) and kicking in an equalizer [more…]

Automatic Composition with Magic GarageBand on Your MacBook

The Magic GarageBand automation feature provides a wide range of nine different genres of music to choose from — everything from blues to reggae to funk and rock. In a hurry? Too rushed to snag loops and [more…]

Play with Sound and Video When Recording Podcasts with Mac’s GarageBand

You don’t need to be a newscaster to make podcasts with GarageBand, but knowing how to play with sound and video can help you produce quality results. When creating podcasts, ducking sound and importing [more…]

How to Connect Real Instruments to GarageBand on Your Mac

You can connect real instruments, such as electric keyboards and guitars to your Mac for use in GarageBand. Using real instruments with GarageBand produces not only better sound, but realistic practice [more…]

Learn to Play an Instrument in GarageBand

Have you been itching to learn to play an instrument since you were a kid? On your Mac, GarageBand sends you on your way to your first gig by teaching you guitar or piano. Start by clicking Learn to Play [more…]

Re-recording Part of a GarageBand Track on a Mac

If you’re a perfectionist, you can keep recording part of a composition on your Mac until you feel that your performance is just right. Choose the section of the song you want to work on by clicking the [more…]

Groove Matching and Flex Time in Mac's GarageBand '11

Although Apple makes it easy to lay down tracks and add loops in the Mac's GarageBand, you won't become Quincy Jones overnight. Even when you match tempos and such, some music just doesn't sound good together [more…]

How to Add a New Track in Mac's GarageBand

Mastering GarageBand on your Mac is much about getting comfortable with tracks and loops. Most musical compositions consist of several tracks, or layers of individual parts recorded by different instruments [more…]

How to Add Percussion with the Drummer Feature in GarageBand 10

Now you may be an outstanding guitar player but are useless as a percussionist. Your Mac can help. Perhaps you're in a talented band that happens to lack a Ringo. The drummer feature added with GarageBand [more…]

How to Share Your GarageBand Music Projects

It's great that you're so creative, and your Mac thinks so too. But what good does it do you if no one notices? Fortunately, you can share your GarageBand jewels with your soon-to-be adoring public in [more…]


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