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Plan Your iWeb Pages from Your MacBook

Every properly designed website has a purpose: to inform, to entertain, or to provide downloads or contact information. The pages you add to your iWeb site should all reflect that common purpose. iWeb [more…]

Add a New Site to with iWeb from Your MacBook

When you open iWeb from your MacBook for the first time, the application creates a new site for you, and you can rename and modify this default site to your heart’s content. In fact, for many, one site [more…]

Add a New iWeb Page from Your MacBook

You can add new pages to your iWeb-created sites directly from your MacBook. For example, you can add Photo and About Me pages to the new site you’ve created. You also can edit these pages to personalize [more…]

Edit Pages Created with iWeb

If you have your site framework complete with iWeb, you can actually put your site on the Internet as is! Of course, the photos would all be of good-looking strangers, and most of the text would read like [more…]

Add New Elements to Your iWeb Pages

iWeb makes it easy to add new items to a page that you've created. The list of extras includes audio tracks, photos, movie clips, links, buttons, and many other elements that web site visitors have come [more…]

How to Publish Your iWeb Website

After you finish with a new site — or you’re satisfied with the edits you make to existing pages — it’s time to get your masterpiece on the web! Even the best website design is worth next to nil if it [more…]

Play with Sound and Video When Recording Podcasts with Mac’s GarageBand

You don’t need to be a newscaster to make podcasts with GarageBand, but knowing how to play with sound and video can help you produce quality results. When creating podcasts, ducking sound and importing [more…]

How to Connect Real Instruments to GarageBand on Your Mac

You can connect real instruments, such as electric keyboards and guitars to your Mac for use in GarageBand. Using real instruments with GarageBand produces not only better sound, but realistic practice [more…]

Find a Camcorder that’s Compatible with Mac’s iMovie ‘11

iMovie ’11 supports a wide range of digital camcorders, with various levels of quality and resolution. The type of camcorder you’ll want to purchase for iMovie depends on the type of videos you’re trying [more…]

Import Video Files to Mac’s iMovie ’11 From Non-Camcorder Sources

Before you can turn the amazing footage into the next iMovie masterpiece, you must import the video you want to use into iMovie. You can import video from your hard disk, CD, or DVD, and iPhoto rather [more…]

Organize Your Mac Photos Automatically with iPhoto '11 Smart Albums

Use Smart Albums to automatically organize your photos in iPhoto, by grouping like photos together. iPhoto automatically places images into Smart Albums, based on the criteria you specify, such as photos [more…]

Learn to Play an Instrument in GarageBand

Have you been itching to learn to play an instrument since you were a kid? On your Mac, GarageBand sends you on your way to your first gig by teaching you guitar or piano. Start by clicking Learn to Play [more…]

Re-recording Part of a GarageBand Track on a Mac

If you’re a perfectionist, you can keep recording part of a composition on your Mac until you feel that your performance is just right. Choose the section of the song you want to work on by clicking the [more…]

Groove Matching and Flex Time in Mac's GarageBand '11

Although Apple makes it easy to lay down tracks and add loops in the Mac's GarageBand, you won't become Quincy Jones overnight. Even when you match tempos and such, some music just doesn't sound good together [more…]

How to Add a New Track in Mac's GarageBand

Mastering GarageBand on your Mac is much about getting comfortable with tracks and loops. Most musical compositions consist of several tracks, or layers of individual parts recorded by different instruments [more…]

How to Import Video From a Tape-Based Camcorder into Mac's iMovie '11

They're not as popular anymore, but you still may own a camcorder that employs MiniDV tapes, DV, or HDV. These connect to a Mac through FireWire, but remember that fewer and fewer Mac models have FireWire [more…]

How to Import Videos into iMovie

You may have existing video that you want to use in your final blockbuster — video that's already on your Mac's hard drive or SSD. Perhaps it's a project you previously created in iMovie [more…]

How to Import Video From a DVD Camcorder into Mac's iMovie '11

DVD, hard drive, and flash-memory camcorders typically use USB rather than FireWire to connect to a Mac. The biggest distinction of these camcorders compared with their tape cousins — and it's significant [more…]

Record Directly to Mac's iMovie '11 from iSight, FaceTime, or Other Camera

The Mac comes equipped to let you capture video without an external source, Of absolutely no surprise to anyone, iMovie works fine with video captured by Apple's own iSight or FaceTime cameras: the stand-alone [more…]

4 Ways to Review iMovie '11 Video

Your raw footage is in place — all in a single unified iMovie video library on your Mac. However, moviemaking really gets accomplished: by arranging scenes and adding music, pictures, titles, transitions [more…]

How to Mark Favorite Video Clips in iMovie '11

No matter how talented you are as a videographer, it will be evident as you skim your video footage on your Mac that some of your footage stands out above the rest and other footage is amateurish at best [more…]

How to Crop Video in iMovie '11

Your Mac comes with the ability to crop your video footage. Even under the best of circumstances — perfect lighting, subjects who actually flash a smile, terrific camera, terrific camera person [more…]

How to Improve the Sound in an iMovie '11 Video

On your Mac, you can tweak the audio in your video so that the sound remains consistent from one scene to the next. Bummer — the sound in one video clip is barely above a whisper, whereas in another, you [more…]

How to Apply iMovie Themes to a Video Project

Your Mac comes equipped with iMovie. iMovie generously provides for your — and your audience's — viewing pleasure so-called movie Themes that wrap the movie into a particular cinematic style. These can [more…]

Manage Events in Mac's iPhoto '11

All the photos snapped in a given day are lumped into an event on your Mac. The assumption is that you took a bunch of pictures during the kid's soccer game, birthday bash, or some other activity. [more…]

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