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iLife '11

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Look around the iWeb Window on Your MacBook

All of iWeb’s major features and controls fit into a single window on your MacBook, naturally, just as they do in iPhoto and iMovie. (Multiple windows equals [more…]

Plan Your iWeb Pages from Your MacBook

Every properly designed website has a purpose: to inform, to entertain, or to provide downloads or contact information. The pages you add to your iWeb site should all reflect that common purpose. iWeb [more…]

Add a New Site to with iWeb from Your MacBook

When you open iWeb from your MacBook for the first time, the application creates a new site for you, and you can rename and modify this default site to your heart’s content. In fact, for many, one site [more…]

Add a New iWeb Page from Your MacBook

You can add new pages to your iWeb-created sites directly from your MacBook. For example, you can add Photo and About Me pages to the new site you’ve created. You also can edit these pages to personalize [more…]

Edit Pages Created with iWeb

If you have your site framework complete with iWeb, you can actually put your site on the Internet as is! Of course, the photos would all be of good-looking strangers, and most of the text would read like [more…]

Add New Elements to Your iWeb Pages

iWeb makes it easy to add new items to a page that you've created. The list of extras includes audio tracks, photos, movie clips, links, buttons, and many other elements that web site visitors have come [more…]

How to Publish Your iWeb Website

After you finish with a new site — or you’re satisfied with the edits you make to existing pages — it’s time to get your masterpiece on the web! Even the best website design is worth next to nil if it [more…]

Learn to Play an Instrument in GarageBand

Have you been itching to learn to play an instrument? GarageBand can teach you to play guitar or piano with its built-in lessons. GarageBand makes learning to play an instrument easy and fun! [more…]

Play with Sound and Video When Recording Podcasts with Mac’s GarageBand

You don’t need to be a newscaster to make podcasts with GarageBand, but knowing how to play with sound and video can help you produce quality results. When creating podcasts, ducking sound and importing [more…]

How to Connect Real Instruments to GarageBand on Your Mac

You can connect real instruments, such as electric keyboards and guitars to your Mac for use in GarageBand. Using real instruments with GarageBand produces not only better sound, but realistic practice [more…]

Re-recording Part of a GarageBand Track on a Mac

When needed, you can re-record part of a GarageBand composition until you feel it’s just right. Re-record a section of any GarageBand track when you need to replace it, and fix any flubs or mistakes. [more…]

Groove Matching and Flex Time in Mac’s GarageBand ‘11

Improve the rhythm and sound of your Mac’s GarageBand recordings with the Groove Matching and Flex Time features. If your GarageBand recording has a few notes that are mistimed, or held too long or too [more…]

Find a Camcorder that’s Compatible with Mac’s iMovie ‘11

iMovie ’11 supports a wide range of digital camcorders, with various levels of quality and resolution. The type of camcorder you’ll want to purchase for iMovie depends on the type of videos you’re trying [more…]

How to Import Video From a Tape-Based Camcorder into Mac’s iMovie ‘11

Before you can turn the amazing footage you’ve captured with your tape-based camcorder into an iMovie masterpiece, you must connect the camcorder to your Mac and import the video. Tape-based camcorders [more…]

Import Video Files to Mac’s iMovie ’11 From Non-Camcorder Sources

Before you can turn the amazing footage into the next iMovie masterpiece, you must import the video you want to use into iMovie. You can import video from your hard disk, CD, or DVD, and iPhoto rather [more…]

How to Import Video From a DVD Camcorder into Mac’s iMovie ‘11

Before you can turn the video you’ve captured with your DVD, hard disk, or flash memory camcorder into an iMovie masterpiece, you must connect the camcorder to your Mac and import the video. Rest assured [more…]

Record Directly to Mac’s iMovie ‘11 from iSight, FaceTime, or Other Camera

You can record video directly into iMovie ’11 from a Mac’s iSight or FaceTime cameras, be it the stand-alone versions or the kind built in to most current Macs. To record directly from a built-in camera [more…]

4 Ways to Review iMovie ’11 Video

After you import video into iMovie, you might want to review it before choosing how best to edit the video. You may also want to simply watch imported videos from beginning to end, in order to properly [more…]

How to Mark Favorite Video Clips in iMovie ‘11

The individual segments or video clips that make up an iMovie event look like filmstrips. You can mark your favorite video clips in iMovie to make them easier to work with. [more…]

How to Improve the Sound in an iMovie ‘11 Video

What can you do if the sound levels in an iMovie ’11 video are inconsistent? Can you improve the sound throughout an iMovie video so that it doesn’t whisper in one part and boom in another? Fortunately [more…]

How to Apply iMovie Themes to a Video Project

iMovie supplies themes that you can apply to a video project, creating a professional video in just a few steps. iMovie themes not only provide a distinctive look to a video [more…]

How to Add a New Track in Mac’s GarageBand

You record the separate parts of a GarageBand recording on tracks. Each instrument in a GarageBand recording is laid down on a different track, which allows you to control its volume, rhythm, and other [more…]

How to Crop Video in iMovie '11

iMovie allows you to improve your video by cropping it when needed. Cropping video in iMovie allows you to highlight an area of a scene or focus in on an otherwise distant subject. Cropping video in iMovie [more…]

How to Import Images to Mac's iPhoto '11 from a Digital Camera

iPhoto helps you import digital camera images to your Mac and organize them. Typically, you connect a digital camera to your Mac with the USB cable supplied with the camera. Turn the camera off and then [more…]

Sync Photos from iOS Devices to Your Mac with Photo Stream

The easiest way to upload photos from any iOS device to your Mac is with Photo Stream. With Photo Stream, if you take pictures on an iOS-capable device like your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, they land [more…]


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