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What You Can Do with iPhoto on Your MacBook

iPhoto is a photography tool for the home user that can help you organize, edit, and even publish your photographs. After you shoot your photos with a digital camera [more…]

How to Share Your Movie from iMovie

Your iMovie movie or trailer is complete, you’ve saved it to your MacBook's hard drive, and now you’re wondering where to go from here. Click Share on the application menu bar, and you’ll see that iMovie [more…]

How to Create a Movie Trailer with iMovie on Your MacBook

iMovie ’11 introduces a new Movie Trailer feature that can actually turn your film clips into a Hollywood-class preview, complete with genre transitions and background music. [more…]

Import Images to Your MacBook with iPhoto

In import mode, you’re ready to download images to your MacBook directly from your digital camera — as long as your specific camera model is supported in iPhoto. You can find out which cameras are known [more…]

Share Your GarageBand Songs and Podcasts

After you finish your song, you can play it whenever you like through GarageBand. But you can also share your music with others with an audio CD or download it to your iPod so that you can enjoy it yourself [more…]

Introduce Your MacBook to iDVD

Apple includes iDVD free with today’s MacBooks as part of iLife ’11. With iDVD, you can easily create beautiful presentations with animation and interactive menus that anyone can watch in a standard DVD [more…]

Start a New DVD Project with iDVD on Your MacBook

When you launch iDVD for the first time on your MacBook (or if you close all iDVD windows), you get the sporty dialog shown here. Take a moment to discover more about these four choices. [more…]

Choose the Right DVD Menu Theme on iDVD

The first step to take when manually designing a new DVD Menu system is to add a theme. In the iDVD world, a theme is a preset package that helps determine the appearance and visual appeal of your DVD [more…]

Add Movies to iDVD Projects on Your MacBook

Drop zones and themes are cool, but most folks want to add video to their DVDs from their MacBooks. To accomplish this, iDVD uses buttons as links to your video clips. In fact, some iDVD Movie buttons [more…]

Add Slideshows to Your iDVD Projects on Your MacBook

Many MacBook owners don’t realize that iDVD can use not only video clips but also digital images as content. In fact, you can add a group of images to your DVD Menu by using Slideshow buttons, which allow [more…]

Add Music to iDVD Projects on Your MacBook

What's a DVD without some music? You can add music to your iDVD projects from your MacBook. Most of the Apple-supplied themes already have their own background music, so you might not even need to add [more…]

Personalize Your DVD Projects with iDVD on Your MacBook

You can easily make changes to the iDVD default settings provided with the theme you chose. iDVD offers all sorts of controls that allow you to change the appearance and behavior of buttons, text, and [more…]

Preview Your iDVD Creation on Your MacBook

When you click Preview in iDVD on your MacBook, you access the Preview remote control, and the Media pane disappears. Your DVD Menu appears exactly as it will on the finished DVD. [more…]

Automate Creation with OneStep DVD in iDVD

If you’re in a hurry to create a DVD from clips on your DV camcorder and you don’t mind losing your creative input, OneStep DVD from iDVD is just the ticket. [more…]

Magic iDVD Offers Control over DVD Creation

For those who prefer to make just a few choices and let iDVD do the rest, the Magic iDVD feature from iDVD just plain rocks! However, you can’t import clips directly from your mini-DV camcorder as you [more…]

Record Finished Projects with iDVD on Your MacBook

When you’re ready to record your next Oscar-winning documentary on family behaviors during vacation, iDVD on your MacBook will be ready, too. Just follow these simple steps: [more…]

Get to Know GarageBand Controls

You can compose music on your MacBook with GarageBand,Apple’s music-making component in the iLife application suite. You can solo on all sorts of instruments, and even add horns, drums, and a funky bass [more…]

Compose and Podcast with GarageBand on Your MacBook

To understand the basics of composition in GarageBand on your MacBook, start working from the very beginning. Follow along with this example of how to compose a project in GarageBand: [more…]

Add Tracks to GarageBand Projects on Your MacBook

GarageBand ’11 includes a Songwriting project (also available from the top-level New Project dialog). When you choose the Songwriting project, GarageBand presents you with a full set of four instrument [more…]

Choose Loops for GarageBand Projects on Your MacBook

When you have a new, empty GarageBand track, you can add something that you can hear. You do that by adding loops to your track from the Loop Browser — Apple provides you with thousands of loops to choose [more…]

Resize, Repeat, and Move Loops in GarageBand

If you haven’t already tried listening to an entire song in GarageBand, try it now. You can click Play at any time without wreaking havoc on your carefully created tracks. The music stops soon because [more…]

How to Use the GarageBand Arrange Track

GarageBand includes the Arrange track that you can use to define specific sections of a song, allowing you to reorganize things by selecting, moving, and copying entire sections. [more…]

Tweak the Settings for GarageBand Tracks

The tweaks that you can perform on your GarageBand tracks on your MacBook include adding effects (pull a Hendrix and add echo and reverb to your electric guitar track) and kicking in an equalizer [more…]

Automatic Composition with Magic GarageBand on Your MacBook

The Magic GarageBand automation feature provides a wide range of nine different genres of music to choose from — everything from blues to reggae to funk and rock. In a hurry? Too rushed to snag loops and [more…]

Look around the iWeb Window on Your MacBook

All of iWeb’s major features and controls fit into a single window on your MacBook, naturally, just as they do in iPhoto and iMovie. (Multiple windows equals [more…]

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