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How to Create Mac User Accounts

The Mac helps keep the peace by giving everyone that uses it their own user accounts. These user accounts are separate areas and are password protected to prevent intrusions. To create a new account for [more…]

How to Log On to Your Mac

You can control how people who will be using a particular Mac log in. To log in, go to System Preferences, choose Accounts Preferences, and then click Login Options at the bottom of the left pane, under [more…]

How to Log Off of or Use Fast User Switching on Your Mac

If you’re ready to call it quits for the day but don’t want to shut down your Mac, but you don’t want to leave your account open for anyone with prying eyes, you’re in luck. The way to shut down without [more…]

How to Change Advanced Mac System Preferences

In Systems Preferences, you can do a lot of customizing of your Mac. You can change the date and time, alter sound and displays, and update software. [more…]

How to Hook Up a Scanner to Your Mac

A scanner usually hooks up through a USB port, although FireWire models are in the marketplace as well. Or you may gain a scanner as part of a multifunction, or all-in-one, device. A scanner lets you reproduce [more…]

How to Set Up MobileMe on Your Mac

If you’ve already set up an iPhone or iPod Touch to work with MobileMe on your Mac, you’re ahead of the game. If this is the first time you’re setting up a Mac with a MobileMe account, follow these instructions [more…]

How to Test Your Mac Network

After you’ve set up your Mac wireless network and all your equipment, you need to make sure that everything works as it should. Fortunately, testing your AirPort network is as easy as opening Safari and [more…]

How to Set Up a Wired Network for Your Macs

When you install a network, or connect multiple computers, two or more interconnected Macs can share files, data, music, printers, an Internet connection, and other resources. If the Macs you intend to [more…]

How to Set Up a Separate Mac Account for Each Child

To set up parental controls, you need to first make yourself the administrator for your kids’ Mac. You then need to set up a separate account for each child who will be using the computer. Even if you [more…]

Parental Controls in the Mac System Pane

When you set up parental controls for your child’s Mac, you need to choose the options you want enabled in the various Parental Controls pane. The first item in the Parental Controls System pane lets you [more…]

Parental Controls in the Mac Content Pane

When you set up parental controls for your child’s Mac, you need to choose the options you want enabled in the various Parental Controls pane. OS X offers a number of options to limit what content your [more…]

Setting Parental Controls in Mac's Mail & iChat, Time Limits, and Logs Panes

When you set up parental controls for your child’s Mac, you need to choose the options you want enabled in the various Parental Controls pane. Of course, you'll want to set the System and Content panes [more…]

Setting Up a Mac for Someone with Limited Vision

Those with vision problems will like OS X because it provides an array of features to make using it more comfortable. Visually-impaired Mac users can change the default sizes of on-screen print, and use [more…]

Hearing What's on Your Screen with Apple VoiceOver

Apple’s VoiceOver is a screen reader that’s designed to make using a Mac easier by speaking the contents of the screen. Although VoiceOver may seem a simple and obvious idea, for someone trying to use [more…]

Changing How the Keyboard Works on Your Mac

You can access the Keyboard pane through the Universal Access dialog on your Mac. The Keyboard pane offers several settings that can make using a keyboard easier, especially if you need special accommodations [more…]

Changing How Your Mac Mouse Works

Some people have a hard time using a computer mouse. If the default mouse setup doesn’t work well for you, Apple offers several options in its Universal Access Mouse & Trackpad pane, such as increasing [more…]

How to Transfer Files from Older Macs

You can transfer your files from older Macs that have a FireWire port without much fuss. You need a FireWire cable. When you start up OS X for the first time, you’re asked “Do You Already Own a Mac?” If [more…]

How to Transfer Files When Your Older Mac Doesn’t Have FireWire

If your Mac is so old that it does not have FireWire, you still have ways to transfer files to your new Mac. If you have Ethernet, you can try to use AppleShare. It doesn’t work for all older versions [more…]

How to Convert Older Mac Files for a New Mac

Although current commercial applications, such as TextEdit and Microsoft Office, can read older Mac file formats, most applications cannot. If you’ve transferred your files from your old Mac to your new [more…]

How to Use Your Old PC Networking Devices with a Mac

If you’ve been using a PC and you’re switching to a Mac, you don’t have to buy all new networking devices. Most of the hardware you use to create a home network [more…]

How to Customize Spotlight in Mac OS X Snow Leopard for Searching

The Mac OS X with Snow Leopard Spotlight feature has its own pane within System Preferences. You can use it to help you customize Spotlight to search just the way you want to search. Click the System Preferences [more…]

How to Customize the Toolbar in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

The toolbar at the top of the Mac OS X Snow Leopard screen gives you one-click access to many basic tasks. You can customize the icons that appear on Mac’s toolbar to facilitate your work style and preferences [more…]

How to Change List View Options in Mac OS X Snow Leopard's Windows

In Mac OS X Snow Leopard, the List view displays the folders on the volume hierarchically, but List view options give you control over details like the size of columns and whether to set the list view [more…]

How to Change Column View Options in Mac OS X Snow Leopard Windows

In Mac OS X Snow Leopard, each column on the right represents a lower level of subfolders. To make changes to view options in column view mode, choose View [more…]

How to Customize the Finder in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

You can change a number of Snow Leopard’s Finder settings for things like what and where to search and how the Finder window opens. To change these settings, from the Finder menu, click Finder and choose [more…]


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