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How to Apply Password Protection on Your Mac

Normally, you need your password to log in to your account on your Mac. You should create an admin account that you use to make changes to your Mac, such as installing new software or changing certain [more…]

How to Encrypt Data on Your Mac with FileVault

Encryption physically scrambles your files on your Mac so that even if people can access your files, they can’t open or edit them unless they know the correct password. When you use FileVault, your Mac [more…]

How to Configure the Mac Firewall

Although the default setting for your Mac’s firewall should be adequate for most people, you may want to configure your firewall to block additional Internet features for added security. For example, most [more…]

How to Select Privacy Settings on Your Mac

You can set privacy settings on your Mac. If you belong to a social network such as Facebook or LinkedIn, you may know a little bit about privacy settings and how confusing they can be. Seems like everyone [more…]

Set up a Master Password on Your Mac

If you have many user accounts set up on your Mac and each has a password, you should have a plan if someone forgets his password. By setting up a master password, the administrator of the Mac [more…]

Monitor a Managed with Mac Parental Controls Account

After you create a Managed with Parental Controls account on your Mac, you can view what that user has been doing on your Mac by reviewing log files, which keep track of all the websites the user visited [more…]

Activate a Sharing Only Account on Your Mac

Your Mac comes with a pre-established Guest User account. This account lets friends or clients use your Mac temporarily, but nothing they do is saved on your Mac, although it could be saved to a Shared [more…]

How to Change Your Password on Your Mac

Just as security on your Mac starts with a strong password, so does it hinge on changing that password periodically. Many online banking and credit card services require you to change your password every [more…]

How to Define Parental Controls on the Mac

You may want to use Parental Controls on your Mac not only to protect your children from seeing things they may not be mature enough to see, but also to restrict what guest users can do with your Mac. [more…]

Back Up Your Mac Data with the Time Machine

The feature on the Mac that generated most of the excitement when Apple announced Leopard in 2007 was Time Machine — and rightfully so. Here, finally, is a relatively effortless way to back up everything [more…]

How to Find a Lost or Stolen Mac with the Find My Mac Feature

You likely care a great deal about your Mac. But like everyone else, you’re busy and distracted from time to time, and however unlikely, it’s possible that you’d leave a running Mac notebook in the back [more…]

Connect Remotely to Your Mac with Back to My Mac

Suppose that you’re using a Mac laptop from your hotel room to prepare a presentation and want to retrieve a picture from the hard drive or solid-state drive [more…]

How to Rank User Accounts on Your Mac

You create your own user account as part of the initial computer setup on your Mac. But not all user accounts are created equal, and yours is extra-special. That’s because, as the owner of the machine, [more…]


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