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How to Use Mac Parental Controls

As a responsible parent, you want to set limits to keep your children safe. When you use your Mac parental controls, you get to say what your child can and cannot do. [more…]

How Viruses and Spyware Work

Even though OS X has been immune from the swarm of viruses and spyware that have plagued Windows computers, times change. So when it comes to computers nowadays, you can’t take Internet security for granted [more…]

How to Spot Phishing

The text from the following e-mail sounds legitimate enough, but in reality, you may be the victim of a phishing attack. Identity thieves, masquerading as Citibank, PayPal, or other financial or Internet [more…]

How to Use FileVault to Encrypt Mac Data

If your Mac holds confidential information, you can scramble, or encrypt, the data in your Home folder (and only your Home folder) using an OS X feature known as [more…]

How to Use Keychain to Manage Mac Passwords

Most people have multiple passwords in their computing lives. Apple helps you manage your passwords, account numbers, and other confidential info through keychain. Mac keychain is a feature that stores [more…]

How to Set Up Time Machine on Your Mac

Time Machine, new with Leopard, is an effortless way to back up everything on your Mac. You can go back in time to retrieve a file that was lost, damaged, or changed. To use Time Machine, you need to have [more…]

Using Time Machine to Find Old Files on Your Mac

Time Machine makes multiple copies of your Mac files, so you can see what a file or folder looked like on the day it was backed up. If you know that the particular item you’re looking for used to reside [more…]

How to Automatically Log Out of Your Mac

You can schedule an automatic log out of your Mac, if you live or work in an environment where you don't want just anyone to walk up to your Mac and be able to see what you've been up to. [more…]

How to Secure Your Mac Data with FileVault

With FileVault, OS X can encrypt each user account, making it more secure. All the data associated with that Mac user is scrambled using the widely accepted AES-128 cipher. Using FileVault is an excellent [more…]

Securing Data on Your Mac with an Encrypted Volume

If you have some data on your Mac that you want to protect, but you don’t want to go to the bother of encrypting your entire user directory, you have another option. You can create an encrypted disk image [more…]

How to Enhance Your Mac’s Security

Besides choosing good passwords, you can do a number of things to make your Mac even more secure. You can choose safer security settings, use Software Update, secure your e-mail, watch out for phishing [more…]

How to Delete User Accounts from an Old Mac

When the time comes to get a new Mac and you want to sell the old one or give it to a friend or charity, it’s wise to erase all your data files. You can either delete your user accounts or rebuilt OS X [more…]

How to Secure Empty Trash and Erase Free Space from an Old Mac

If you store sensitive data on your Mac, particularly on a laptop, get in the habit of selecting Secure Empty Trash from the Finder menu whenever you want to empty the Trash. Otherwise, your data remains [more…]

How to Set Up a Separate Mac Account for Each Child

To set up parental controls, you need to first make yourself the administrator for your kids’ Mac. You then need to set up a separate account for each child who will be using the computer. Even if you [more…]

Parental Controls in the Mac System Pane

When you set up parental controls for your child’s Mac, you need to choose the options you want enabled in the various Parental Controls pane. The first item in the Parental Controls System pane lets you [more…]

Parental Controls in the Mac Content Pane

When you set up parental controls for your child’s Mac, you need to choose the options you want enabled in the various Parental Controls pane. OS X offers a number of options to limit what content your [more…]

Setting Parental Controls in Mac's Mail & iChat, Time Limits, and Logs Panes

When you set up parental controls for your child’s Mac, you need to choose the options you want enabled in the various Parental Controls pane. Of course, you'll want to set the System and Content panes [more…]

Teaching Your Kids about Online Safety

Your kids need to develop some online smarts about online conduct, even if you’ve set up parental controls on your Mac. You can share several basic tips with them to help keep them safe while searching [more…]

How to Protect Files on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Every Mac owner needs to know how to protect files and folders from accidental deletion or editing. Snow Leopard’s Info dialog lets you lock your files to protect them. By locking a file, you allow it [more…]

How to Set Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s Parental Controls

Setting Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s parental controls helps you restrict certain content that you deem inappropriate for children, but the controls don’t stop there. You can set time limits and even have Mac [more…]

How to Protect Your Files on a Multiuser Mac OS X Snow Leopard System

If security is a potential problem on your Mac and you still need to share a computer between multiple users, Snow Leopard lets you lock things down. To protect Mac OS X Snow Leopard from unauthorized [more…]

How to Safely Use Snow Leopard’s File Permissions and Sharing

Mac OS X Snow Leopard lets you set permissions and sharing levels that determine who can access files you own. For your protection, follow these common-sense guidelines when saving documents, assigning [more…]

How to Store Account Information with Keychains

Your Mac OS X Snow Leopard account keychain stores all the username/password combinations for Web sites, file servers, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers, and the like, allowing you to simply waltz in [more…]

How to Protect Your Shared Mac from Unauthorized Access

If security is a potential problem and you need to share a Mac between multiple users, lock things down. To protect Mac OS X Snow Leopard from unauthorized use, take care of these potential security holes [more…]

How to Password Protect an Office 2008 Document on a Mac

In Mac OS X Snow Leopard, along with the document-level sharing commands, you can add password protection to any Office 2008 document. To add password, protection, follow these steps with any document [more…]


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