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How to Add Transitions between Clips in iMovie

To move from scene to scene in your movie smoothly, you need to add a transition. Apple iMovie gives you a choice of dozen transitions that you can add to your movie. To view these styles in the Transitions [more…]

How to Add Titles to Your Movies in iMovie

No matter what the topic of your movie, you need a decent title to hook an audience, and perhaps even closing credits. Because adding titles is so easy in Apple iMovie, why not give yourself credit for [more…]

How to Add Photos to Your Movies in iMovie

Adding still photos inside your movie is a great way to show off your artistic prowess in Apple iMovie. You can even add motion effects to those pictures in what is known as the Ken Burns effect [more…]

How to Share Your Movies in iMovie

Take one last look at the movie you’ve produced in Apple iMovie: If your movie is ready to go, you can share it to with an audience, in a suitable format for the device you’ll use to view it. The iMovie [more…]

How to Add Themes in iDVD

iDVD is a program for authoring, or designing, a DVD. iDVD works well with iMovie (and also with iTunes and iPhoto). iDVD is based on the concept of themes [more…]

How to Create an iDVD Slideshow

iDVD is an Apple program for authoring, or designing, a DVD. iDVD works well with iMovie (and also with iTunes and iPhoto). One of the many things you can do in iDVD is create a slideshow presentation [more…]

Using iDVD's Lesser Features

iDVD is a program for authoring, or designing, a DVD. Apple iDVD works well with iMovie (and also with iTunes and iPhoto). Using iDVD, you can alter DVD buttons, edit in Map view, utilize OneStep DVD, [more…]

How to Create a GarageBand

GarageBand ’08 is iLife’s digital recording studio for making records, creating podcasts, and more. You don’t even have to read music, play an instrument, or possess musical talent to compose a song in [more…]

How to Add Loops to Music in GarageBand

GarageBand loops are professionally recorded (and royalty-free) musical snippets that supply drum beats, rhythm parts, melody lines, bass sections, and so on for your music. Apple includes more than 1, [more…]

How to Use Regions in Apple GarageBand

Adding loops or recording your own music (with real or software instruments) creates a region in a track. You can cut, copy, and paste these regions or resize them to play as long as you need them to. [more…]

How to Make Multitake Recordings in GarageBand

You can keep recording part of a composition in Apple GarageBand until you feel your performance is perfect. You can even combine the best performance from one take with the best take in another. To make [more…]

How to Display Standard Notes in Apple GarageBand

You may want to display your composition with standard notes, clef signs, and so on. Select a software instrument region and open Track Editor by clicking the button at the lower-left corner of the screen [more…]

How to Use Magic GarageBand

If you’re not a real musician or composer, Apple had you in mind when it added its new Magic GarageBand feature to GarageBand. The idea is to let you conduct a virtual band. When you choose Magic GarageBand [more…]

How to Create Podcasts in GarageBand

Podcasts are like your own Internet radio or TV show, with music (from iTunes or elsewhere), pictures, sound effects, video, or some combination of these. Fans can find your podcasts on the Net [more…]

How to Share Podcasts in GarageBand

When you’re ready to share your GarageBand podcasts with the public, you have a few options. Before sharing, however, remember that you are responsible for owning or getting permission for any copyrighted [more…]

How to Share Music and Ringtones in GarageBand

You can share the music you created in GarageBand in several ways. You can send a song you created in GarageBand directly to a playlist in iTunes. You can create your own ringtone for an iPhone in GarageBand [more…]

The iMovie '09 Workspace

When you open iMovie '09 and clear the Welcome dialog box, this workspace, or main window, will appear. iMovie'09 gives you many options for editing and organizing your video clips. [more…]

The iDVD '09 Workspace

Get to know your way around the iDVD '09 workspace and you'll be on your way to making, customizing, and sharing your favorite photos, movies, and music. [more…]

iMovie '09 & iDVD '09 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Understanding the workspace of iMovie '09 allows you to arrange and edit your home videos. Knowing your way around the iDVD workspace lets you create, customize, and share your photos, movies, and music [more…]

Different Types of Video and Audio That You Can Play on iTunes

iTunes, which comes with Mac OS X Snow Leopard, is a media player that plays audio and video files. These files can be in any of many different formats. Some of the more common file formats that iTunes [more…]

How to Use the iTunes Visualizer

By now, you know that iTunes is a feast for the ears, but did you know that the Snow Leopard’s iTunes Visualizer provides you with eye candy as well? With just a click or two, Snow Leopard lets you view [more…]

An Overview of iPhoto on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Macintosh has been the choice of professional photographers for working with digital images. Apple continues this tradition with iPhoto, Snow Leopard’s photography tool for the home user that can help [more…]

How to E-Mail Photos from iPhoto 09

iPhoto 09 can help you send your images through e-mail by automating the process. The application can prepare your image and embed it automatically in a new message. To send an image through e-mail, select [more…]

How to Start a Movie Project with iMovie 09

Mac OS X with Snow Leopard offers a video application called iMovie — a feature-packed tool for serious movie production. The iMovie controls work the same as many top-notch movie-editing tools that professionals [more…]

How to Add Still Images to Movies in iMovie 09

When you're making a movie with iMovie 09, still images come in handy as impressive-looking titles or behind ending credits. (Make sure you list a gaffer and a best boy to be truly professional.) However [more…]


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