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Features to Satisfy Your Mac Printing Needs

When shopping around for a great printer to complement your equally great Macintosh computer, keep an eye out for the following features. Such added extras could really enhance your printing experience [more…]

Make Sure Your Mac Plays Nice with Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange e-mail is prevalent in business. Apple has widened its support for (and simplified setting up) Exchange e-mail accounts, the type you typically use for work. And you’ll not only have [more…]

When iMovie and iDVD Get Together

iDVD is a program for authoring, or designing, a DVD. But Apple figures (probably not incorrectly) that DVDs are on their way out. Optical drives are no longer standard on the latest Mac desktop or notebooks [more…]

The Techie Side of Disk Utility

Whereas most Mac users don’t even break a sweat when they fire up Disk Utility in order to repair damaged disks or fix bungled permissions, some of Disk Utility’s capabilities are downright scary for the [more…]

Doing Less by Doing More with Mac Automator

Many times, you might need to perform a repetitive, trivial task on your computer that's tedious and time-consuming. Fortunately, with the Automator app your Mac can do some of these tasks for you. With [more…]

Finding and Adding Fonts to Your Mac

Fonts that come with your Mac can liven up your e-mail, word processing, presentation, and spreadsheet documents. A sans serif font, such as Helvetica or Arial, makes headings easy to read. Serif fonts [more…]

Connecting Your Mac to a Projection System

Connecting your Mac to a big flat screen monitor or an LCD projector is as simple as having the right cables, whether you have to give a presentation, want to show off photos from your African safari, [more…]

Signing on the Dotted Line in Preview

With your Mac and the Preview app, instead of printing a document, signing it, and then either faxing it back to the person — or scanning it and then returning it by e-mail — you can sign it directly on [more…]

Macs For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Macs and Windows PCs have unique operating systems. They see things differently, and most Mac users would argue that Macs do things better. Macs come equipped with helpful keyboard shortcuts and a short [more…]

10 Reasons to Use Mac OS X Mavericks

Mavericks is the first version of the Mac OS X operating system to eschew the feline nicknames of its predecessors. Instead of Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, and so on, Apple gives us Mavericks [more…]

Macs All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Macs come in all shapes and sizes, but you turn all of them on and off, and do things with the keyboard and mouse or trackpad the same way. This Cheat Sheet of timesaving keyboard shortcuts, mouse and [more…]

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