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Ethernet Network Settings on Your MacBook

When you select Ethernet from the list of connection types on your MacBook's Network pane, the Status pane shows your connection information. Because most networks have a DHCP server to provide automatic [more…]

Modem Network Settings on Your MacBook

From the Network pane of your MacBook, you can choose an existing Location by clicking the Location pop-up menu at the top of the dialog, or you can create and edit your Locations by choosing Edit Locations [more…]

FireWire and Wi-Fi Network Settings on Your MacBook

Access the FireWire and Wi-Fi network settings from the Network pane on your MacBook. The FireWire and AirPort settings on the Advanced sheet are the same as those for Ethernet. [more…]

Sharing Preferences on Your MacBook

The Sharing preference settings on your MacBook enable you to control all types of sharing and to change the default network name assigned to your MacBook. [more…]

Sharing over a Network versus Sharing on One MacBook

Sharing documents on a single MacBook is fundamentally different from the file sharing that you’ve used on a network. True, multiple users can share a document over a network, but although the results [more…]

Permissions and Your MacBook

Files are shared in Mac OS X on your MacBook according to a set of rules called permissions, the ownership of the file (typically the person who saved the document the first time), and an access level [more…]

How to Set Permissions on Your MacBook

You can set permissions on your MacBook to increase the security of your documents and to prevent yourself from inadvertently deleting files. To set permissions, follow these steps: [more…]

Permission and Sharing Do’s and Don’ts on Your MacBook

First, get the basics of sharing files and assigning permissions on your MacBook under your belt. Next, you need to master when to change permissions and why you should [more…]

Share Documents in Office 2011 on Your MacBook

Many Mac OS X applications offer their own built-in document-sharing features. For example, Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac includes both file-level and document-sharing features. Office 2011 is currently [more…]

Use Software for Sharing an Internet Connection

Your MacBook can act like an AirPort/AirPort Extreme Base Station, providing both wireless Ethernet connectivity for other computers on the LAN and a shared Internet connection. Lion also has built-in [more…]

Connect Everything for Wired Sharing

After you decide whether to use a software or hardware solution for sharing the Internet connection, it’s time to get your hands dirty: All the pieces of the puzzle must be set up and connected. [more…]

Add Wireless Support to Internet Sharing

You can add wireless capabilities to your shared Internet party. Basically, you can encounter a couple of situations when trying to add wireless capabilities into the mix. Either you already have an Internet [more…]

Firewall Basics on Your MacBook

A firewall is a piece of hardware or software that essentially builds an impermeable barrier between the computers on your side of the wall (meaning your MacBook and any other computers on your network [more…]

Antivirus Basics on Your MacBook

Consider your antivirus protection (both under Lion and Windows XP/Vista/7, if you’re running Boot Camp on your MacBook). Viruses are typically transmitted through applications: You run a program, and [more…]

Why You Ned to Set Up Your Network

A network is a combination of hardware, cables, and software that allows computers, printers, and other devices to talk to each other. To have a wired network, you need the right hardware and software [more…]

How to Set Up Your Network for Your MacBook

After you collect the hardware components you need to create a network, including devices to which you want to network your MacBook, you’re ready to connect things. Here’s a quick list of things to do [more…]

DHCP for Automatic IP Address Assignment on Your MacBook

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, or DHCP for short, is a protocol that enables your MacBook to retrieve all the networking information you need. Before you can use DHCP, you have to add a [more…]

Manually Choose an IP Address Range for Your MacBook Network

If you need to manually assign IP addresses when networking your MacBook, you need to manually configure the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol [more…]

Verify Network Connectivity for Your MacBook

After you have your MacBook and other devices connected and your TCP/IP configuration is done, check to make sure that everything is working on your network. After you have at least two computers on your [more…]

Troubleshoot Hardware Problems with Your MacBook Network

Although many things on a network can go bad or cause problems, usually network problems are caused by faulty equipment or wiring. Sometimes it’s something as simple as a cable not being plugged in snugly [more…]

Troubleshoot Configuration Problems with Your MacBook Network

If your encountering problems with the network you've set up for your MacBook, check the hardware first; then look for problems in the network settings. When using TCP/IP on your network, look for these [more…]

Create a File Sharing Account on Your MacBook

Sharing files on your MacBook with other Mac users is a piece of cake. Remember, however, that you need to create an account for anyone whom you want to have access to your files. The accounts that you [more…]

How to Connect Your MacBook to a Shared Resource

At the top of the Sharing pane on your MacBook, you can see that other Macintosh users can access your laptop at afp://<ip address>, where ip address is the IP address for your specific computer. When [more…]

How to Share a Connected Printer from Your MacBook

Sharing your printer for others to use is one of the best reasons to have a network. Setting up your MacBook to share your printer is very easy under Mac OS X. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to [more…]

Share Files from Your MacBook with Windows Computers

If you’ve deigned to allow PCs running Windows on your network (a generous gesture), you’ll probably want to also share files with those computers. Sharing files with a Windows PC — actually a Windows [more…]


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