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Manage Contacts with Your MacBook

The arrival of iCloud certainly makes it easier to share contacts you've already entered into your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad using the Contacts application on your MacBook [more…]

MacBook For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your MacBook keyboard puts efficiency at your fingertips. Startup keys, shortcut key combinations, and special function keys invite you to perform different tasks with a single touch — from turning up [more…]

Candid Photography with MacBook’s Photo Booth

Are you ready to put your MacBook’s built-in FaceTime HD camera to work? Your camera allows you to capture video or snap a quick, fun series of photos via the Photo Booth application that comes with El [more…]

MacBook Data Entry Drudgery

MacBook and computer owners alike share one lovely recurring fantasy that keeps cropping up over and over: Let’s call it the Data Elf Phenomenon. You see, Data Elves are the hard-working, silicon-based [more…]

Connecting with FaceTime on Your MacBook

With Apple’s FaceTime technology, you can video chat with owners of iOS devices and Macs — and if they can run FaceTime, they’re guaranteed to have the right video hardware! [more…]

Streaming Music with AirPlay on Your MacBook

If you’re using an AirPort Express portable wireless Base Station or an Apple TV, you can ship your songs right to your MacBook’s AirPort Express or Apple TV from iTunes, and from there to your home stereo [more…]

Reinstalling OS X on Your MacBook

This question seems to get a lot of attention on Mac-related Internet discussion boards and Usenet newsgroups — and the answer is a definitive perhaps. [more…]

MacBook For Dummies, 6th Edition, Bonus Chapter

Running Windows on your MacBook – using either Boot Camp or a Windows virtual machine – does open a door for Windows viruses and spyware, and you need to protect your system from these insidious outsiders [more…]

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