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Personalize Your DVD Projects with iDVD on Your MacBook

You can easily make changes to the iDVD default settings provided with the theme you chose. iDVD offers all sorts of controls that allow you to change the appearance and behavior of buttons, text, and [more…]

Preview Your iDVD Creation on Your MacBook

When you click Preview in iDVD on your MacBook, you access the Preview remote control, and the Media pane disappears. Your DVD Menu appears exactly as it will on the finished DVD. [more…]

Automate Creation with OneStep DVD in iDVD

If you’re in a hurry to create a DVD from clips on your DV camcorder and you don’t mind losing your creative input, OneStep DVD from iDVD is just the ticket. [more…]

Magic iDVD Offers Control over DVD Creation

For those who prefer to make just a few choices and let iDVD do the rest, the Magic iDVD feature from iDVD just plain rocks! However, you can’t import clips directly from your mini-DV camcorder as you [more…]

Record Finished Projects with iDVD on Your MacBook

When you’re ready to record your next Oscar-winning documentary on family behaviors during vacation, iDVD on your MacBook will be ready, too. Just follow these simple steps: [more…]

Get to Know GarageBand Controls

You can compose music on your MacBook with GarageBand,Apple’s music-making component in the iLife application suite. You can solo on all sorts of instruments, and even add horns, drums, and a funky bass [more…]

Compose and Podcast with GarageBand on Your MacBook

To understand the basics of composition in GarageBand on your MacBook, start working from the very beginning. Follow along with this example of how to compose a project in GarageBand: [more…]

Add Tracks to GarageBand Projects on Your MacBook

GarageBand ’11 includes a Songwriting project (also available from the top-level New Project dialog). When you choose the Songwriting project, GarageBand presents you with a full set of four instrument [more…]

Choose Loops for GarageBand Projects on Your MacBook

When you have a new, empty GarageBand track, you can add something that you can hear. You do that by adding loops to your track from the Loop Browser — Apple provides you with thousands of loops to choose [more…]

Resize, Repeat, and Move Loops in GarageBand

If you haven’t already tried listening to an entire song in GarageBand, try it now. You can click Play at any time without wreaking havoc on your carefully created tracks. The music stops soon because [more…]

How to Use the GarageBand Arrange Track

GarageBand includes the Arrange track that you can use to define specific sections of a song, allowing you to reorganize things by selecting, moving, and copying entire sections. [more…]

Tweak the Settings for GarageBand Tracks

The tweaks that you can perform on your GarageBand tracks on your MacBook include adding effects (pull a Hendrix and add echo and reverb to your electric guitar track) and kicking in an equalizer [more…]

Automatic Composition with Magic GarageBand on Your MacBook

The Magic GarageBand automation feature provides a wide range of nine different genres of music to choose from — everything from blues to reggae to funk and rock. In a hurry? Too rushed to snag loops and [more…]

Look around the iWeb Window on Your MacBook

All of iWeb’s major features and controls fit into a single window on your MacBook, naturally, just as they do in iPhoto and iMovie. (Multiple windows equals [more…]

Plan Your iWeb Pages from Your MacBook

Every properly designed website has a purpose: to inform, to entertain, or to provide downloads or contact information. The pages you add to your iWeb site should all reflect that common purpose. iWeb [more…]

Add a New Site to with iWeb from Your MacBook

When you open iWeb from your MacBook for the first time, the application creates a new site for you, and you can rename and modify this default site to your heart’s content. In fact, for many, one site [more…]

Add a New iWeb Page from Your MacBook

You can add new pages to your iWeb-created sites directly from your MacBook. For example, you can add Photo and About Me pages to the new site you’ve created. You also can edit these pages to personalize [more…]

Edit Pages Created with iWeb

If you have your site framework complete with iWeb, you can actually put your site on the Internet as is! Of course, the photos would all be of good-looking strangers, and most of the text would read like [more…]

Add New Elements to Your iWeb Pages

iWeb makes it easy to add new items to a page that you've created. The list of extras includes audio tracks, photos, movie clips, links, buttons, and many other elements that web site visitors have come [more…]

How to Publish Your iWeb Website

After you finish with a new site — or you’re satisfied with the edits you make to existing pages — it’s time to get your masterpiece on the web! Even the best website design is worth next to nil if it [more…]

QuickTime Basics on Your MacBook

QuickTime on your MacBook is a set of exciting technologies that gives you access to the greatest multimedia experience around. Despite its power, don’t be surprised if you don’t even realize that you’re [more…]

How to Operate QuickTime Player on Your MacBook

QuickTime makes a world of movies, audio, graphics, and music instantly available to you. When you open a QuickTime file, QuickTime Player creates a new window to display it. All QuickTime Player windows [more…]

How to Play Media with QuickTime

Playback with QuickTime begins as you might suspect — by clicking the Play button. While a file is playing, the Play button toggles to a Pause button. Click that button to pause playback, which toggles [more…]

Watch Movies with DVD Player on Your MacBook

To watch movies on your MacBook, you need DVD player software. Mac OS X comes stocked with the perfect tool for the task: DVD Player. Apple’s DVD Player application is included with Mac OS X; you can find [more…]

DVD Player Controller Extras

To use the additional controller features in DVD Player on your MacBook, double-click the small tab at the rightmost (or bottom) edge of the DVD Player Controller. After you do, a trick drawer slides out [more…]

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