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How to Add Extra Hard Drive Space to Your MacBook

Turn your attention to a popular MacBook upgrade — adding extra hard drive space. With today’s cutting-edge, 3-D games using a couple of gigabytes of space each and Photoshop CS5.5 expanding to a minimum [more…]

Add Non-USB Connected Printers to Your MacBook

No matter which type of printer you add, it needs a driver installed in the Printers folder, which resides inside your MacBook’s Library folder. (A driver [more…]

How to Personalize Your MacBook Desktop

People have different preferences. Because of this, you can have some fun and personalize your MacBook desktop. Most folks put all their documents, pictures, and videos on their Mountain Lion desktop because [more…]

How to Customize Your MacBook Dock

If the customizable MacBook Dock seems like a nifty contraption to you, you’re right!— it’s like one of those big control rooms that NASA uses. From the [more…]

How to Manage Access Settings for a MacBook Account

A standard-level account on your MacBook with restrictions is a managed account. With these accounts, you can restrict access to many different places in Mountain Lion and your laptop’s applications by [more…]

How to Set Your MacBook’s System Preferences

The System Preferences window on your MacBook is a self-contained beast. It gives you many options for making your Mac be exactly the way you want it to be. You can reach it in a number of ways: [more…]

How to Set Your MacBook’s Notifications Preferences

Each application that can display notifications on your MacBook appears in the list at the left of the pane. The Do Not Disturb entry at the top of the list allows you to set Do Not Disturb mode automatically [more…]

How to Tweak Your MacBook’s Spotlight Settings in System Preferences

The System Preferences window on your MacBook boasts a Spotlight pane, which you can use to customize what search matches you see and how they are presented. To adjust these settings, click the System [more…]

How to Encrypt Your MacBook’s Home Folder

Allowing others to use your MacBook always incurs a risk — especially if you store sensitive information and documents on your computer. Although your login password should ensure that your Home folder [more…]

How to Create an iTunes Smart Playlist on Your MacBook

You can create a smart playlist several ways on your MacBook: In iTunes, Choose File→New Smart Playlist, or click the Add button (a plus sign) at the bottom of the Source list and select New Smart Playlist [more…]

How to Tweak iTunes Audio on Your MacBook

Besides the standard volume controls, iTunes offers a full equalizer on your MacBook that you can use to tweak the audio to your liking. An equalizer permits you to alter the volume of various frequencies [more…]

How to Add Movie Transitions on Your MacBook in iMovie

Many iMovie owners approach transitions as visual bookends: They merely act as placeholders that appear between video clips on your MacBook. Nothing could be further from the truth, though, because judicious [more…]

How to Add Maps and Backgrounds to Your Movie on the MacBook

Your MacBook gives you so many movie-making options. iMovie includes easy-to-use animated maps — think Indiana Jones traveling by airplane from place to place — and static backgrounds that can be used [more…]

How to Use GarageBand’s Arrangement Track on Your MacBook

GarageBand includes methods you can use to monkey with your music on your MacBook: Use the Arrangement track to define (or mark) specific sections of a song, allowing you to reorganize things by selecting [more…]

How to Add Photos to MacBook Numbers Documents

Your MacBook gives you several options for customizing your Numbers Documents. For example, you can add photos to give your document an edge. You can choose between two methods of adding a picture within [more…]

How to Add Charts to MacBook Numbers Documents

You just have to see something to believe it, so it can help to use the data you’ve added to a spreadsheet on your MacBook to generate a professional-looking chart. Once you’ve entered the data you want [more…]

How to Add Media and Background Shapes to a Keynote Project on Your MacBook

Adding audio, photos, and movies to a slide is drag-and-drop easy in Keynote! On your MacBook, simply drag an image, audio, or movie file from a Finder window, and place it at the spot you want within [more…]

How to Customize the Dock on Your MacBook with El Capitan

In terms of importance, the Dock — the quick-access strip for applications and documents that appears on your MacBook Desktop — ranks right up there with the command center of a modern nuclear submarine [more…]


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