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Workarounds for the MacBook Air's Lack of Optical Drive

Can a laptop survive in the jungle that is Real Life without a DVD drive? The terse answer is no. Ripping an audio CD or burning an iDVD slideshow disc without an optical drive is like finding a cheap [more…]

How to Customize Spotlight Searches on Your MacBook

You might wonder whether such an awesome Mac OS X feature as Spotlight has its own pane within System Preferences — and you’d be right again. Click the System Preferences icon on your MacBook [more…]

Stick Items on Your MacBook Dashboard

One of Lion’s most popular features is Dashboard,which you can use to hold widgets and display them on your MacBook screen with the press of a button. [more…]

Appearance Preferences on Your MacBook

The Appearance preferences appear on the Appearances pane in the System Preferences window of your MacBook. These settings enable you to customize the appearance and operation of your Desktop and login [more…]

Desktop and Screen Saver Preferences on Your MacBook

The Desktop & Screen Saver pane of the Systems Preferences window on your MacBook offers you a variety of ways in which to customize your desktop. [more…]

Dock Preferences on Your MacBook

The Dock Preferences pane of the Systems Preferences window on your MacBook gives you the opportunity to customize that quick-access strip for applications and documents that appears on your MacBook Desktop [more…]

Language & Text Preferences on Your MacBook

Your language and text preferences are two areas that enable you to set some preferences that will make your MacBook much better suited for you specifically. [more…]

Mission Control Preferences on Your MacBook

You can configure the Mission Control, Spaces, and Dashboard settings on your MacBook. You can use Mission Control to view all the application windows that you’re using at one time so that you can select [more…]

Security & Privacy Preferences on Your MacBook

The Security & Privacy group of the System Preferences window on your MacBook are where you protect your MacBook from unwanted users or where you can choose to turn off your firewall protection [more…]

Disk Utility's First Aid Pane on Your MacBook

From the First Aid pane, you can use Disk Utility on your MacBook to verify (or check) any disk (well, almostany disk) for errors, as well as repair most errors that it finds. Here are the two exceptions [more…]

Disk Utility Erase Controls on Your MacBook

On your MacBook, you need to erase a disk or volume only when you want to completely wipe the contents of that existing disk or volume. You can also erase a rewritable CD [more…]

Disk Utility Partitioning Controls on Your MacBook

The Disk Utility's Partitioning controls enable you to partition your MacBook's disk. If you find yourself needing another volume on a disk — or if you need to resize the total space on existing volumes [more…]

Disk Utility RAID Controls on Your MacBook

RAID, Redundant Array of Independent/Inexpensive Disks,is actually what it says. In English, a RAID set is a group of multiple separate disks, working together as a team. You can set up a RAID array on [more…]

Move Backward through Your MacBook with Time Machine

If you enable backups through Lion’s Time Machine feature, you can literally move backward through the contents of your MacBook’s hard drive, selecting and restoring all sorts of data. Files and folders [more…]

How Boot Camp Works on Your MacBook

Boot Camp is the free utility included with Lion that allows you to install and run Windows on your MacBook’s hard drive. This gives you the freedom (and convenience) of having both Windows applications [more…]

How Boot Camp Compares to Windows Emulators

Boot Camp, the free utility that comes with your Lion on your MacBook, is not your only option for running Windows. A number of excellent Mac applications let you run Windows within what’s called a [more…]

How to Configure Boot Camp on Your MacBook

Ready to install Boot Camp on your MacBook? The process is surprisingly easy and takes far less time than it takes to install Windows afterward. Follow these steps: [more…]

Switch between Your Mac OS X and Windows Partitions

If you are using the Boot Camp utility or another Windows emulator on your MacBook, you will need to switch between your Mac OS X and Windows systems. There are three methods of switching back and forth [more…]

Mac OS X Finder View Modes on Your MacBook

The default appearance of a window in Mac OS X uses the familiar large-format icons that have been a hallmark of the Macintosh operating system since Day One — but there’s no reason you [more…]

Hide and Show Your MacBook Finder's Status Bar

The status bar appears either at the bottom or top of the Finder window on your MacBook, depending on whether the toolbar has been hidden, and it displays a number of helpful informational-type tidbits [more…]

Customize Your MacBook Finder Toolbar

On your MacBook, you can customize that strip of icons across the top of the Finder window that’s affectionately called the toolbar. You can toggle the display of the toolbar in an active Finder window [more…]

Search for Files on Your MacBook from the Toolbar

Working on your MacBook and need to find a file fast? The default toolbar has just what you need: the Search field,which offers the ability to perform a Spotlight search for a string of text within your [more…]

Search for Files on Your MacBook from the Find Dialog

Although the Search box on your MacBook Finder toolbar is all you usually need to find most files and folders, sometimes you need a little more flexibility and power to locate what you need on your system [more…]

Set Icon View Options in the Finder on Your MacBook

You have a lot of control over how Mac OS X presents files and folders in the Finder on your MacBook. You can customize the way in which you view icons on your MacBook by working with the icon view options [more…]

Set List View Options in the Finder on Your MacBook

You can use the View Options dialog on your MacBook to change settings for windows that you view in list mode. As in icon view, changes you make in this dialog normally apply only to the current window [more…]


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