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Sound Preferences on Your MacBook

The Sound preferences pane of the Hardware section of the System Preferences window is where you can set the audio volume and mute sound. To set the overall system audio volume, drag the Output Volume [more…]

iCloud Preferences on Your MacBook

Lion’s new iCloud Preference pane allows you to specify which types of data will be automatically pushed to your MacBook and iOS devices. If you haven’t created an iCloud account yet — or if you signed [more…]

MobileMe Preferences and Your MacBook

If you already have a MobileMe account for your MacBook, your MobileMe account is controlled and configured using the settings on the MobileMe pane of your Systems Preferences. However, Apple is not accepting [more…]

Mail, Contacts & Calendars Preferences on Your MacBook

The Mail, Contacts & Calendars pane of your MacBook's Systems Preferences window is a central location for adding, editing, and configuring your Internet, iCloud, and local network accounts for e-mail, [more…]

Ethernet Network Settings on Your MacBook

When you select Ethernet from the list of connection types on your MacBook's Network pane, the Status pane shows your connection information. Because most networks have a DHCP server to provide automatic [more…]

Modem Network Settings on Your MacBook

From the Network pane of your MacBook, you can choose an existing Location by clicking the Location pop-up menu at the top of the dialog, or you can create and edit your Locations by choosing Edit Locations [more…]

FireWire and Wi-Fi Network Settings on Your MacBook

Access the FireWire and Wi-Fi network settings from the Network pane on your MacBook. The FireWire and AirPort settings on the Advanced sheet are the same as those for Ethernet. [more…]

Bluetooth Preferences on Your MacBook

The Bluetooth pane on your MacBook enables you to select the Bluetooth devices you'll be using, to disable Bluetooth entirely, and to allow you to use a Bluetooth connection as a virtual serial port. [more…]

Sharing Preferences on Your MacBook

The Sharing preference settings on your MacBook enable you to control all types of sharing and to change the default network name assigned to your MacBook. [more…]

Date and Time Preferences on Your MacBook

Click the System Preferences Date & Time icon to display the settings you can use to set your time zone, the current date, or even to set your MacBook to display military time. [more…]

Startup Disk Preferences on Your MacBook

Mac OS X displays the version numbers of each system and the physical drives where each system resides. Select the Network Startup icon on your MacBook if you want to boot from a System folder on your [more…]

Share Your Media across Your Network with iTunes

Ready to share your music, podcasts, and video — legally, mind you — with other folks on your local network from your MacBook? You can offer your digital media to other iTunes users across your home or [more…]

iTunes Ping Social Networking Feature

The addition of Apple’s new Ping social networking feature to iTunes has quickly built a formidable online community! When you enable Ping within iTunes, you can interact with both artists and other music [more…]

How to Burn CDs with iTunes

Besides being a great audio player, iTunes is adept at creating CDs, too, which you can play on your MacBook. iTunes makes the process of recording songs to a CD as simple as a few clicks. Making the modern [more…]

How to Play iTunes Visualizer on Your MacBook

You know that iTunes is a feast for the ears, but did you know that it can provide you with eye candy as well? With just a click or two on your MacBook, you can view mind-bending graphics that stretch, [more…]

iTunes Parental Settings and Your MacBook

Do young children use your MacBook? A large amount of content within the iTunes Store, including audio, movies and even apps, is not suitable for kids. Luckily, you can use the Parental settings within [more…]

Buy Digital Media through the iTunes Store

The hottest spot on the Internet for buying music and video is the iTunes Store, which you can reach from the cozy confines of iTunes, right from your MacBook. [more…]

How to Set Parental Controls on Your MacBook

When an administrator creates or edits the account for a standard-level user, Mac OS X offers a number of levels of specific rights — Parental Controls [more…]

Finder and Application Parental Controls for Your MacBook

When you're setting Parental Controls on your MacBook, of particular importance are the Finder and application controls. Click the Apps tab to modify these settings: [more…]

Keychains and Your MacBook

A Mac OS X feature that’s been around for decades now is the keychain. Your account keychain on your MacBook stores all the username/password combinations for web sites, file servers, File Transfer Protocol [more…]

Sharing over a Network versus Sharing on One MacBook

Sharing documents on a single MacBook is fundamentally different from the file sharing that you’ve used on a network. True, multiple users can share a document over a network, but although the results [more…]

Permissions and Your MacBook

Files are shared in Mac OS X on your MacBook according to a set of rules called permissions, the ownership of the file (typically the person who saved the document the first time), and an access level [more…]

How to Set Permissions on Your MacBook

You can set permissions on your MacBook to increase the security of your documents and to prevent yourself from inadvertently deleting files. To set permissions, follow these steps: [more…]

Permission and Sharing Do’s and Don’ts on Your MacBook

First, get the basics of sharing files and assigning permissions on your MacBook under your belt. Next, you need to master when to change permissions and why you should [more…]

Share Documents in Office 2011 on Your MacBook

Many Mac OS X applications offer their own built-in document-sharing features. For example, Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac includes both file-level and document-sharing features. Office 2011 is currently [more…]

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