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Search for Files on Your MacBook from the Find Dialog

Although the Search box on your MacBook Finder toolbar is all you usually need to find most files and folders, sometimes you need a little more flexibility and power to locate what you need on your system [more…]

Set Icon View Options in the Finder on Your MacBook

You have a lot of control over how Mac OS X presents files and folders in the Finder on your MacBook. You can customize the way in which you view icons on your MacBook by working with the icon view options [more…]

Set List View Options in the Finder on Your MacBook

You can use the View Options dialog on your MacBook to change settings for windows that you view in list mode. As in icon view, changes you make in this dialog normally apply only to the current window [more…]

Set Column View Options in the Finder on Your MacBook

On your MacBook, you can make changes to view options in any Finder window displaying items in column view mode. Choose View→Show View Options to display the View Options dialog. [more…]

How to Set Finder Preferences on Your MacBook

You can change a number of settings to customize the Finder itself on your MacBook. From the Finder menu, click Finder and choose the Preferences menu item to display the Finder Preferences dialog. [more…]

How to Customize Your MacBook Background

Do you really need a custom background on your MacBook? That depends completely on your personal tastes, but most computer owners change their backgrounds when presented with the opportunity. Favorite [more…]

How to Change the Screen Saver on Your MacBook

Screen savers are a popular item and a great way to customize your MacBook screen. To choose a screen saver, open System Preferences and click the Desktop & Screen Saver icon; then click the Screen Saver [more…]

How to Add Stickies to Your MacBook Desktop

Stickies are interesting little beasts —they’re actually nothing more than a special type of document window. These windows remain on your MacBook Desktop as long as the Stickies application is running [more…]

Add Applications and Extras to Your MacBook Dock

The Dock is the quick-access strip for applications and documents that appears on your MacBook Desktop. Why be satisfied with just the icons that Apple places in the Dock? You can add your own applications [more…]

Keep Track of Stacks in Your MacBook's Dock

Lion offers Stacks, which are groups of items (documents, applications, and folders) that you want to place in the Dock of your MacBook for convenience — perhaps the files needed for a project you’re working [more…]

Time Machine Preferences on Your MacBook

The Time Machine Preferences pane controls the automatic backups performed by Lion’s Time Machine feature on your MacBook. To enable Time Machine, click the On toggle switch and then select a disk that [more…]

Users & Groups Preferences on Your MacBook

Each user on your system has an entry in the list on your MacBook's Users & Groups pane. The panes and settings here change, depending on the access level of the selected account. [more…]

How Multiuser Works on Mac OS X

When you create multiple users in Mac OS X, each person who uses your MacBook — hence the term user — has a separate account (much like an account that you might open at a bank). Mac OS X creates a Home [more…]

Configuring Your MacBook Login Screen

You can make many changes to the login process on your MacBook. First, Mac OS X provides two methods of displaying the login screen, as well as one automatic method that doesn’t display the login screen [more…]

How to Lock Your MacBook Down

If security is a potential problem and you still need to share a MacBook between multiple users, lock things down. To protect Mac OS X from unauthorized use, take care of these potential security holes [more…]

Start Applications Automatically after Login on Your MacBook

Here’s one advantage to logins: Each account can have its own selection of applications that run automatically when that user logs in. These applications are [more…]

How to Add New User Accounts to Your MacBook

Most of the multiuser account chores you’ll encounter take place in a single System Preferences pane on your MacBook. The Users & Groups pane is the one you'll need. [more…]

How to Edit Existing User Accounts on Your MacBook

If you have administrator access, it’s a cinch to make changes to an existing user account from the Users & Groups pane in System Preferences on your MacBook. [more…]

How to Delete User Accounts on Your MacBook

You can delete existing user accounts that you no longer need from the Users & Groups pane in your MacBook's System Preferences. To wipe an account from the face of the Earth, follow these steps: [more…]

Universal Access Preferences on Your MacBook

The Universal Access pane in your MacBook's Systems Preferences window provides settings you can use to modify the display and sound functions within Mac OS X to make them friendlier to physically challenged [more…]

CDs and DVDs Preferences and Display Preferences on Your MacBook

The Hardware section of the System Preferences window allows you to specify settings that affect your MacBook's hardware. The CDs & DVDs group and Displays group provide lots of opportunities for you to [more…]

Energy Saver Preferences on Your MacBook

The Energy Saver pane of the Hardware section of the System Preferences window is where you can help extend the life of your MacBook battery by getting familiar with Sleep mode. [more…]

Keyboard Preferences on Your MacBook

On your MacBook, the Keyboard preferences pane of the Hardware section of the System Preferences window has two tabs: Keyboard and Keyboard Shortcuts. These two tabs enable you to set the rate at which [more…]

Mouse Preferences on Your MacBook

On your MacBook, the contents of the Mouse preferences pane of the Hardware section of the System Preferences window depend on whether your MacBook has a USB or wireless Bluetooth mouse installed. [more…]

Trackpad Preferences on Your MacBook

The Trackpad preferences pane of the Hardware section of the System Preferences window allows the elite MacBook crowd to customize their pointing contraption. Note that the settings you see here depend [more…]


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