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Mac OS X Maintenance Checklist

Maintenance is vital if you want to keep Mac OS X Snow Leopard in tip-top condition for as long as possible. Maintaining your Mac keeps it running fast and smooth. Basic housekeeping includes regular back-ups [more…]

Mac OS X Finder Keyboard Shortcuts

The Mac OS X Snow Leopard Finder helps you access and organize most of the important Mac functions while you work. Use Finder keyboard shortcuts to display windows, copy and move files, and launch applications [more…]

Strange-Looking Keys on the Mac Keyboard

New to the world of Mac OS X Snow Leopard? Some keys on the Mac keyboard may be mystifying. Whether you're using Snow Leopard or some other Mac operating system, recognizing and using modifier keys will [more…]

Mac OS X Snow Leopard All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Mac OS X Snow Leopard power users have a number of tools that come in very handy for using a Macintosh efficiently and for maintaining the operating system to keep it running in top shape. These Mac keyboard [more…]

Top Six Things You Should Never Do with Your Mac

Here’s how to always treat your Mac with care — especially if it’s loaded with Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Never do these six things with your Mac, PowerBook, iBook, MacBook, or MacBook Pro: [more…]

Awesome Web Sites for Mac OS X and Snow Leopard Lovers

Want to know how to find out about all things Macintosh? Hop onto the Web to check these Apple-related sites, and stuff your brain with information about your Mac and Mac OS X Snow Leopard operating system [more…]

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Keyboard Shortcuts

All of these Mac OS X Snow Leopard shortcuts work in the Finder, and many work in other programs you find in Mac OS X Snow Leopard, as well. Want to know how to make these shortcuts second nature? Tape [more…]

Mac OS X Snow Leopard For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Congratulate yourself on choosing Mac OS X, the Macintosh Operating System X — that’s the Roman numeral ten. Upgrade to Mac OS X Snow Leopard, and get new features that make your Mac easier to use, plus [more…]

How to Switch Among Applications with Mac OS X Snow Leopard

You might think that juggling multiple Mac applications will lead to confusion, but luckily, Mac OS X Snow Leopard makes it easy to jump between programs that are running on your Mac. Use any of these [more…]

Troubleshooting Problems with Turning Mac OS X Snow Leopard On and Off

These days, most Macs have a power-on button near the keyboard (notebooks) or the back side (iMacs). You use it to turn on your Mac, but there is a procedure for shutting down Snow Leopard properly. [more…]

How to Care for Your Mac OS X with Snow Leopard

Mac OS X Snow Leopard is a resilient operating system, but it isn't impenetrable. There are some things you should do to protect your Mac from bad things, like OS instability. Here’s a list of Mac do's [more…]

Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Virtually all Mac OS X applications have their own keyboard shortcuts that perform the same operation as a menu command or toolbar button. Although the mouse might seem the easier path when controlling [more…]

Icon Selection Tips and Tricks for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Mac Snow Leopard offers icons that let you perform many common tasks such as copying, moving, or deleting. First, here are the various ways that you can select icons when performing an action: [more…]

How to Use Aliases in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

The Mac Snow Leopard alias might look like a standard icon, but it sports a tiny curved arrow at the base that points to another application or folder. Essentially, an alias is a link to something else [more…]

How to Display File and Folder Information in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

In Mac OS X Snow Lepoard, the Finder’s Info dialog displays the specifics of any highlighted item (including drives and aliases). It lets you see how big a file is, when it was created, when it was last [more…]

How to Customize the Dock in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Mac OS X Snow Leopard lets you customize most desktop items, and the Dock is no different. Mac’s Dock is like command central, so you customize it to work best for you. If you want your Dock to go mobile [more…]

How to Protect Files on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Every Mac owner needs to know how to protect files and folders from accidental deletion or editing. Snow Leopard’s Info dialog lets you lock your files to protect them. By locking a file, you allow it [more…]

How to Set Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s Parental Controls

Setting Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s parental controls helps you restrict certain content that you deem inappropriate for children, but the controls don’t stop there. You can set time limits and even have Mac [more…]

How to Protect Your Files on a Multiuser Mac OS X Snow Leopard System

If security is a potential problem on your Mac and you still need to share a computer between multiple users, Snow Leopard lets you lock things down. To protect Mac OS X Snow Leopard from unauthorized [more…]

How to Safely Use Snow Leopard’s File Permissions and Sharing

Mac OS X Snow Leopard lets you set permissions and sharing levels that determine who can access files you own. For your protection, follow these common-sense guidelines when saving documents, assigning [more…]

How to Edit Keynote Slide Text with Mac OS X Snow Leopard

When you create a slide presentation with Mac’s Keynote application, you can edit text to make it look appealing. Snow Leopard’s Keynote doesn’t restrict you to the default fonts for the theme you chose [more…]

How to Customize Spotlight in Mac OS X Snow Leopard for Searching

The Mac OS X with Snow Leopard Spotlight feature has its own pane within System Preferences. You can use it to help you customize Spotlight to search just the way you want to search. Click the System Preferences [more…]

How to Search with Spotlight in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Mac OS X Snow Leopard includes Searchlight, a powerful searching tool that lets you find information on your computer or search Web pages in your Safari browser’s cache. The Spotlight search field is always [more…]

How to Use Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s Recent Items Menu

Mac OS X Snow Leopard offers the Recent Items menu to save you the trouble of drilling for applications and files (and even network servers). The Recent Items menu is divided into Applications, Documents [more…]

How to Use Finder Views with Mac OS X Snow Leopard

By default, Mac OS X Snow Leopard uses the familiar large-icon format in the Finder. In addition to the Finder’s icon view, Snow Leopard offers three other window view modes: list, column, and flow [more…]

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