Mac OS X Mountain Lion Security

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Back Up with Mountain Lion’s Time Machine

Time Machine is a most excellent backup system that was introduced with OS X Leopard — and it’s only gotten better. It’s a system because it consists of two parts: the Time Machine System Preferences pane [more…]

Back Up Files in Mountain Lion with the Manual Method

If you’re too cheap to buy a second hard drive, the most rudimentary way to back up your files in OS X Mountain Lion is to do it manually. You would accomplish this by dragging said files a few at a time [more…]

Back Up Files in Mountain Lion with Commercial Software

You can use a third-party backup program to back up your files in OS X Mountain Lion. Backup software automates the task of backing up, remembering what’s on each backup disc [more…]

Viruses and Other Malware on Your Mac with Mountain Lion

A virus could cause your Mac running OS X Mountain Lion to misbehave. A computer virus is a nasty little piece of computer code that replicates and spreads from disk to disk; some viruses can destroy files [more…]

Should You Use a Firewall with OS X Mountain Lion?

Using a firewall protects your computer running OS X Mountain Lion from malicious users on other networks or the Internet and keeps them from gaining access to your Mac. [more…]

Install Recommended Software Updates

By default, your Mac running OS X Mountain Lion checks with the mothership (Apple) once a week to see if there’s any new or updated software for your Mac. If there is, your Mac informs you that a new Software [more…]

Lock Down Files with Mountain Lion's FileVault

If you absolutely, positively don’t ever want anyone to be able to access the files in your Home folder on your Mac running OS X Mountain Lion, FileVault allows you to encrypt your entire disk and protect [more…]

Security Options in OS X Mountain Lion

The General tab of the Security & Privacy System Preferences pane in OS X Mountain Lion offers several options that can help keep your data safe. They are [more…]

Restore Files Backed Up with Mountain Lion's Time Machine

If you backed up your files with Time Machine in OS X Mountain Lion, you can easily restore a file (or a contact, a photo, an event, and so on). To restore a file or any other information, follow these [more…]

Back Up Your Mac Data with the Time Machine

The feature on the Mac that generated most of the excitement when Apple announced Leopard in 2007 was Time Machine — and rightfully so. Here, finally, is a relatively effortless way to back up everything [more…]

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