Organizing Files & Folders in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

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Find Files with Search Boxes in Mountain Lion Finder Windows

Spotlight in OS X Mountain Lion is both a technology and a feature. The technology is pervasive throughout Mountain Lion — and is the underlying power behind the search boxes in many Apple applications [more…]

How to Search by Attributes in Mountain Lion

A Finding files and folders has never been faster or easier than it is in Mac OS X Mountain Lion. After you add a search attribute by clicking the + button, choose a search attribute from its pop-up menu [more…]

How to Manage Windows in Mountain Lion with Spaces

If Mission Control lets you manage your windows in real time, spaces lets you manage windows by organizing them in groups called spaces and switch from space to space with a keystroke or gesture. [more…]

How to Navigate Spaces in Mountain Lion

You just saw one way to move from one space to another — enter Mission Control and click the space you want to use. You can also navigate spaces in the following ways: [more…]

Disk Icons in OS X Mountain Lion

You should think of the disk icons that appear on the Mountain Lion Desktop (and/or in the sidebars of Finder windows) as though they were folders. That’s because your Mac sees disks as nothing [more…]

You Can Use PC Disks in Mountain Lion

One of the most excellent features of OS X Mountain Lion (if you have friends unfortunate enough not to own Macs, and you want to share files with them) is that it reads and writes CDs and DVDs that can [more…]

Burn CDs and DVDs on the Fly in Mountain Lion

With OS X Mountain Lion, you can play, create, and publish audio and video on optical media. One way to burn files to a CD or DVD is to simply insert a blank disc and select the files you want to burn [more…]

How to Eject Disks from Your Mac Running Mountain Lion

Ejecting a disk from your Mac, whether it's running OS X Mountain Lion or earlier versions of OS X, is a piece of cake actually. Here are several ways, all simple to remember: [more…]


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