Organizing Files & Folders in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

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Mountain Lion Folder and Disk Dock Icon Menu Preferences

If you click a folder or disk icon in the Mac OS X Mountain Lion Dock, its contents are displayed in a Fan, Grid, or List menu, as shown. [more…]

The Mac OS X Mountain Lion Dock

Take a minute to look at the row of icons at the bottom of your display in OS X Mountain Lion. That row, good friend, is the Dock, and those individual pictures are known as [more…]

Mac OS X Mountain Lion Trash Talk

The Trash is a special container in Mountain Lion where you put the icons you no longer want to hang around on your hard drive(s). Got four copies of a document named [more…]

What Should You Put in Your Mountain Lion Dock?

Put things in the OS X Mountain Lion Dock that you need quick access to and that you use often, or add items that aren’t quickly available from menus or the Sidebar. If you like using the Dock better than [more…]

How to Delete Icons in Mountain Lion

To get rid of an icon — any icon — merely drag it onto the Trash icon on your Mountain Lion Dock. Trashing an alias gets rid of only the alias, not the parent file. But trashing a document, folder, or [more…]

How to Get Info About Mountain Lion Icons

Every icon in OS X Mountain Lion has an Info window that gives you — big surprise! — information about that icon and enables you to choose which other users [more…]

The OS X Mountain Lion Folder Structure

Look at the folder structure of a typical OS X Mountain Lion installation. Open a Finder window, and click the icon for your hard drive (which is typically called Macintosh HD) in the Sidebar. You should [more…]

Mac OS X Mountain Lion Nested Folders

Folders within other folders are often called nested folders. To get a feel for the way nested folders work in OS X Mountain Lion, check out the figure. [more…]

The Mac OS X Mountain Lion Computer Folder

The Computer folder is the top level of the folder hierarchy in OS X Mountain Lion. The Computer folder shows all the storage devices (hard drives, CD- or DVD-ROM, USB flash drive, and so forth) that are [more…]

Find Fonts in Mountain Lion's Public Library Folder

The Library folder, at the root level of your OS X Mountain Lion hard drive, is like a public library; it stores items available to everyone who logs into an account on this Mac. [more…]

The OS X Mountain Lion Users Folder

When you open the Users folder in OS X Mountain Lion, you see a folder for each person who has a user account on the Mac, as well as the Shared folder. [more…]

The OS X Mountain Lion Home Folder

From the Users folder on your Mac with OS X Mountain Lion, you can drill down into the Home folder to see what’s inside. When the user logs on to this Mac, his Home folder appears whenever he clicks the [more…]

Library Subfolder of Your Mountain Lion Home Folder

The invisible Library subfolder of your Mountain Lion Home folder is the repository of everything that OS X needs to customize your Mac to your tastes. If you want to add something to a Library folder, [more…]

Save a File in Mountain Lion for the First Time

When you choose to save a file in Mac OS X Mountain Lion for the first time (by choosing File→Save or pressing Command+S), a Save sheet appears in front of the document that you’re saving. This is the [more…]

Save As versus Duplicate Commands in Mountain Lion

File→Duplicate and File→Save As in OS X Mountain Lion serve the same purpose and achieve the same result. The difference is that you’ll find File→Duplicate in apps that support Versions and Auto Save and [more…]

How to Open Icons in OS X Mountain Lion

You can open any icon in the Mountain Lion Finder — whether it’s a file or a folder — in at least six ways. (Okay, there are at least seven ways, but one of them belongs to aliases.) Anyway, here are the [more…]

How to Organize with Subfolders in Mountain Lion

You can put folders inside other folders to organize your icons. A folder “nested” inside another folder is called a subfolder. You can create subfolders according to whatever system makes sense to you [more…]

How to Navigate Mountain Lion with Spring-Loaded Folders

A spring-loaded folder pops open in OS X Mountain Lion when you drag something onto it without releasing the mouse button. Spring-loaded folders work with all folder or disk icons in all views and in the [more…]

How to Create Folders in OS X Mountain Lion

So you think that Apple has already given you enough folders in OS X Mountain Lion? Can’t imagine why you’d need more? Think of creating new folders the same way you’d think of labeling a new folder at [more…]

Smart Folders in OS X Mountain Lion

A Smart Folder in OS X Mountain Lion lets you save search criteria and have them work in the background to display the results in real time. In other words, a Smart Folder is updated continuously, so it [more…]

The Mac OS X Mountain Lion Clipboard

Before you start moving your files around in Mountain Lion, you need to understand the Clipboard. The Clipboard is a holding area for the last thing that you cut or copied — text, a picture, a portion [more…]

How to Copy Files and Folders in Mountain Lion

One way to copy icons from one place to another in OS X Mountain Lion is to use the Clipboard. When a file or folder icon is selected, choose Edit→Copy [more…]

How to Move Files and Folders in Mountain Lion

You can move files and folders around within a OS X Mountain Lion window to your heart’s content, as long as that window is set to icon view. Just click and drag any icon to its new location in the window [more…]

How to Select Multiple Icons in Mountain Lion

Sometimes you want to move or copy several items into a single folder in OS X Mountain Lion. The process is pretty much the same as it is when you copy one file or folder [more…]

How to Rename Icons in Mountain Lion

If an icon in OS X Mountain Lion is locked or busy (the application is currently open), or if you don’t have the owner’s permission to rename that icon, you can’t rename it. Similarly, you should never [more…]


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