Getting Started with Mac OS X Mountain Lion

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The Mac OS X Mountain Lion Finder Menu

The Finder menu is packed with useful goodies, most of which are available in its menus. Here are a few of the main items you can find on the Finder menu: [more…]

How to Set Finder Preferences in Mountain Lion

You can find Finder and Desktop preferences in Mountain Lion by choosing Finder→Preferences. In the Finder Preferences window that appears, you find four panes: General, Labels, Sidebar, and Advanced. [more…]

The Go Menu in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

The Mountain Lion Go menu is chock-full of shortcuts. The items on this menu take you to places on your Mac — many of the same places you can go with the Finder window toolbar — and a few other places. [more…]

How to Customize Your Mountain Lion Launchpad

Launchpad in Mountain Lion presents all the applications in your Applications folder in a view that looks like the home screen of any iOS device (that is, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch). Click Launchpad’s [more…]

Part of the Series: Mac OS X Mountain Lion: 4 Terrific Timesaving Tools

The Mission Control Pane in OS X Mountain Lion

The Mission Control System Preferences pane in OS X Mountain Lion replaces Exposé and Spaces from earlier OS X releases. The top part of the pane contains four check boxes: Show Dashboard as a Space; Automatically [more…]

Part of the Series: Mac OS X Mountain Lion: 4 Terrific Timesaving Tools

Find Files with the Mountain Lion Spotlight Menu and Window

OS X Mountain Lion includes a fabulous technology called Spotlight that can help you find almost anything on any mounted disk in seconds. A time will come when you won’t be able to find a file or folder [more…]

Part of the Series: Mac OS X Mountain Lion: 4 Terrific Timesaving Tools

How to Take a Quick Look in Mountain Lion

The Quick Look command in OS X Mountain Lion displays the contents of the selected file in a floating window. The key point is that you can see what’s in a file without double-clicking [more…]

Part of the Series: Mac OS X Mountain Lion: 4 Terrific Timesaving Tools

Find or Create a Startup Disk in Mountain Lion

When you're booting, you are using a particular disk or disk partition as your startup disk. You probably have a copy of the ultimate startup disk right there on your computer table — the installation [more…]

You See a Prohibitory Sign When Starting Mountain Lion

When you turn on your Mac, the first thing it does (after the hardware tests) is check for a startup disk that has OS X Mountain Lion (or any version of OS X) on it. If your system doesn’t find such a [more…]

Mountain Lion's Recovery HD Partition

When you start your Mac, if OS X Mountain Lion displays a prohibitory sign, spinning-disc cursor, or kernel panic alert that doesn’t go away, the first thing to do is attempt to repair hidden damage to [more…]

How to Safe Boot into Safe Mode

If you're having difficulty starting your Mac running OS X Mountain Lion, booting your Mac in Safe Mode might help you resolve your startup issue by not loading nonessential [more…]

When Should You Zap the PRAM/NVRAM on Your Mac?

Sometimes your Mac's parameter RAM (PRAM) or Non-Volatile RAM (NVRAM) becomes scrambled and needs to be reset. This can cause startup problems for your Mac. Both of these are small pieces of memory that [more…]

The Odd-Looking Keys on the Mac

If you’re new to the Mac and its keyboard, you will first want to get to know the modifier keys shown in the following chart. [more…]

OS X Mountain Lion Maintenance Checklist

You know you should back up your data, but some lesser known maintenance tasks also play vital roles in keeping your Mac running fast and smooth. [more…]

OS X Mountain Lion Finder Keyboard Shortcuts

The Finder performs most of the important functions within OS X Mountain Lion, and the following shortcuts will help you get things done more efficiently. [more…]

Mountain Lion Server Keyboard Tips for Windows Users

Mac users may be familiar with the keyboard and mouse actions used to administer Mountain Lion Server, but these techniques may be new to Windows users: [more…]

Important Mountain Lion Server Information to Save

Numbers and names help identify your server to the rest of the world. Keeping track of them can help if something goes wrong or if someone needs to take your place. Record the following Mac OS X Mountain [more…]

Mountain Lion Server Port Numbers

If you are configuring port forwarding for a firewall or a router, you may need to know what port numbers OS X Mountain Lion Server uses for its services. The following table lists common default port [more…]

Methods of Logging In Remotely to Mountain Lion Server

You can log in to and manage Mountain Lion Server from another computer, including from Windows and Linux computers, in several ways. With all these methods, you do not need to install anything on OS X [more…]


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