Getting Started with Mac OS X Mountain Lion

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Handy Keyboard Shortcuts for OS X Mountain Lion

Make your work go faster by using these OS X Mountain Lion keyboard shortcuts that work in the Finder — and in many work in other OS X Mountain Lion programs , as well. Make these shortcuts second nature [more…]

What Not to Do with Your Mac

Treat your Mac and OS X Mountain Lion with care. Presumably, you use your Mac for many things, such as e-mail, IM, web surfing, loading photos and movies, listening to music, playing games, and maybe even [more…]

Best Informational Websites for Macs and OS X Mountain Lion

Want to know how to find out about all things Macintosh? Hop onto the web to check these Apple-related sites and stuff your brain with information about your Mac and OS X Mountain Lion: [more…]

How to Delete an Alias in Mountain Lion

Deleting an alias is an easy chore in Mac OS X Mountain Lion. To delete an alias, simply drag it onto the Trash icon in the Dock. That’s it! You can also Control-click it and choose Move to Trash from [more…]

How to Install (or Reinstall) Mac OS X Mountain Lion

In theory, you should have to install Mountain Lion only once, or never if your Mac came with Mountain Lion preinstalled. And in a perfect world, that would be the case. But you might find occasions when [more…]

How to Set Up Mountain Lion's Setup Assistant

Assuming that your Mountain Lion installation (or reinstallation) process goes well and your Mac restarts itself, the next thing you should see (and hear) is a short, colorful movie that ends by transforming [more…]

How to Get Mountain Lion Help

One of the best features about all Macs is the excellent built-in help, and OS X Mountain Lion doesn’t cheat you on that legacy: This system has online help in abundance. When you have a question about [more…]

How to Remove Icons from the OS X Mountain Lion Dock

Removing an item from the Mac OS X Mountain Lion Dock is as easy as 1-2 (there is no 3): Just drag its icon out of the Dock, as shown in the top part of the figure, and it disappears with a cool [more…]

How to Add Mac OS X Mountain Lion Dock Icons

The Mac OS X Mountain Lion Dock is a convenient way to get at oft-used icons. By default, the Dock comes stocked with icons that Apple thinks you’ll need most frequently, but you can customize it to contain [more…]

Set Global Dock Preferences in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

You can change a few things about the Mac OS X Mountain Lion Dock to make it look and behave just the way you want it to. To change global Dock preferences, choose Apple→Dock→Dock Preferences. The System [more…]

The Mac OS X Mountain Lion Desktop

The Desktop is the backdrop for the Finder — everything you see behind the Dock and any open windows. The Mac OS X Mountain Lion Desktop is always available and is where you can usually find your hard [more…]

What Is an Icon in Mac OS X Mountain Lion?

What’s an icon? Glad you asked. Each Mac OS X Mountain Lion Finder icon represents an item or a container on your hard drive. Containers — hard disks, folders, CDs, DVDs, shared network volumes, and so [more…]

What Is a Mountain Lion Alias?

An alias in Mac OS X Mountain Lion is a tiny file that automatically opens the file, folder, disk, or network volume that it represents. Although an alias is technically an icon, it’s different from other [more…]

How to Create an Alias in Mountain Lion

When you create an alias in Mac OS X Mountain Lion, its icon looks the same as the icon that it represents, but the suffix alias is tacked onto its name, and a tiny arrow called a [more…]

The Mac OS X Mountain Lion Toolbar

In addition to the Sidebar and some good old-fashioned double-clicking, the OS X Mountain Lion Finder window offers navigation aids. Several of these are on the toolbar — namely, the Back and Forward buttons [more…]

What Does the Mountain Lion Operating System Do?

The operating system (that is, the OS in Mac OS X Mountain Lion) is what makes a Mac a Mac. Without it, your Mac is a pile of silicon and circuits — no smarter than a toaster. [more…]

Things NOT to Do with Your Mac Running Mountain Lion

Bad stuff can happen to any computer if you do the wrong things with it. The same is true for a Mac running OS X Mountain Lion. The following list clues you in on what to avoid and what might happen if [more…]

Mac Finder and Desktop for OS X Mountain Lion

The Finder in OS X Mountain Lion is the program that creates the Desktop, keeps track of your files and folders, and is always running. Just about everything you do on your Mac begins and ends with the [more…]

Anatomy of a Mountain Lion Window

Windows are a ubiquitous part of using a Mac running OS X Mountain Lion. When you open a folder, you see a window. When you write a letter, the document that you’re working on appears in a window. When [more…]

How to Scroll in Mac OS X Mountain Lion

One way to see more of what’s in a Mountain Lion window or pane is to scroll through it. Scroll bars appear at the bottom and right sides of any window or pane that contains more stuff — icons, text, pixels [more…]

Active versus Inactive Mountain Lion Windows

To work within a OS X Mountain Lion window, the window must be active. The active window is always the frontmost window, and inactive windows always appear behind the active window. Only one window can [more…]

Dialogs in Max OS X Mountain Lion

Dialogs in Max OS X Mountain Lion and other operating systems are special windows that pop up over the active window. You generally see them when you select a menu item that ends in an ellipsis [more…]

How to Work with Windows in Mountain Lion

Although OS X Mountain Lion windows are similar to windows you’ve probably used in other versions of Mac OS (or even, Windows), you may just discover a new wrinkle or two as you work with windows in Mountain [more…]

What Lies beneath the Mountain Lion Apple Menu Tree

On the far-left side of the Mac OS X Mountain Lion menu bar sits a little apple, which, if you click it, actually displays a menu. No matter what application is active, the Apple menu is always available [more…]

How to Style Your Sound in Mountain Lion

Out of the box, OS X Mountain Lion comes with a preset collection of beeps and controls. By using the Sound Preferences pane, however, you can change the way your Mac plays and records sound by changing [more…]


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