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Smart Mailboxes in Mountain Lion Mail

A smart mailbox is Mail’s version of the Finder’s Smart Folder. In a nutshell, smart mailboxes OS X Mountain Lion's Mail application are mailboxes that display the results of a search. The messages you [more…]

How to Create a Signature in Mountain Lion Mail

You’d probably rather not type your whole signature every time you send an e-mail message, and you don’t have to with Mail in OS X Mountain Lion. If you create canned signatures, you can use them in outgoing [more…]

QuickLook in Mountain Lion's Mail Application

QuickLook, a feature of Mail in OS X Mountain Lion, includes a slick Slideshow option. Notice that there’s a QuickLook button in the header of messages you receive that contain one or more pictures, as [more…]

What the Heck Is an iMessage?

iMessage is Apple’s inter-device messaging protocol. That means you can send unlimited iMessages (instant messages) to anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 5 [more…]

How to Chat via Messages in Mountain Lion

If you’re a fan of the iChat application in previous OS X releases and wonder where it went in Mountain Lion, Messages is the answer. The program you knew and loved as iChat is now called Messages. Same [more…]

Chat with Audio and Video in Mountain Lion Messages

The greatest Messages feature is audio/video chatting, which is why it was once known as iChat AV. Apple dropped the AV part and changed its name to Messages, but whatever you call it, the program still [more…]

iTunes on Your Mac with OS X Mountain Lion

iTunes is the Swiss Army knife of multimedia software. After all, what other program lets you play audio CDs; create (burn) your own audio or MP3 CDs; listen to MP3, AIFF, AAC, WAV,, and several [more…]

How to Watch Movies with DVD Player in Mountain Lion

The DVD Player application in OS X Mountain Lion includes snazzy little on-screen controllers. They enable you to watch your movies on your Mac in pretty much the same way you’d watch them on your TV with [more…]

How to Play Movies and Music in QuickTime Player

QuickTime is Apple’s technology for digital media creation, delivery, and playback. It’s used in a myriad of ways by programs such as Apple’s iMovie, by websites such as [more…]

Photo Booth Application in Mountain Lion

The Photo Booth application in OS X Mountain Lion provides all the fun of an old-time (or new-time) photo booth like the ones you sometimes see in malls or stores. It lets you shoot one photo, a burst [more…]

View and Convert Images and PDFs in Mountain Lion Preview

You use Preview in OS X Mountain Lion to open, view, and print PDFs as well as most graphics files (TIFF, JPEG, PICT, and so on). PDF files are formatted documents that can include text and images. User [more…]

How to Launch Safari from Mountain Lion

OS X offers built-in Internet connectivity right out of the box. OS X Mountain Lion comes with Apple’s Safari web browser, which you can use to navigate the web, download remote files, and more. [more…]

Part of the Series: Mac OS X Mountain Lion: 6 Tips to Browsing with Safari

How to Navigate with Safari's Toolbar Buttons

When surfing from your Mac with OS X Mountain Lion, you need to be able to navigate the Safari window before you venture into the depths of the web. The toolbar buttons along the top of the Safari window [more…]

Part of the Series: Mac OS X Mountain Lion: 6 Tips to Browsing with Safari

How to Create Bookmarks in Safari

When browsing with Safari from OS X Mountain Lion, you can mark favorite websites. When you find a web page you want to remember and return to, you bookmark it. Bookmarks are favorites, and favorites are [more…]

Part of the Series: Mac OS X Mountain Lion: 6 Tips to Browsing with Safari

What’s on Your Safari Reading List?

When you're bored and surfing the web from within OS X Mountain Lion, you can rely on your reading list for entertainment. The Reading List in Safari serves as a repository for pages or links you want [more…]

Part of the Series: Mac OS X Mountain Lion: 6 Tips to Browsing with Safari

How to Use Safari's Top Sites Page

The Top Sites page in Safari, the browser that comes with Mac OS X Mountain Lion, displays a selection of sites you visit frequently and will quickly become one or your favorite Safari features. [more…]

Part of the Series: Mac OS X Mountain Lion: 6 Tips to Browsing with Safari

How to Search with Google from within Safari

Looking for something on the Internet from your Mac with OS X Mountain Lion? Check out Google, the fantastic search engine that’s totally integrated with Safari to help you hunt down just about anything [more…]

Part of the Series: Mac OS X Mountain Lion: 6 Tips to Browsing with Safari

Internet Sharing on Your Mac with Mountain Lion

If your Mac (running OS X Mountain Lion) has an Internet connection and another Mac nearby doesn’t, you can enable Internet Sharing, and the other Mac can share your Internet connection. The following [more…]

Create and Compose Documents in Mountain Lion's TextEdit

In all previous versions of TextEdit, when you launched TextEdit, the next thing you saw was a blank, untitled document. OS X Mountain Lion’s rendition of TextEdit, however, presents you with an Open dialog [more…]

How to Work with Text in Mountain Lion's TextEdit

TextEdit in OS X Mountain Lion operates on the “select, then operate” principle, as do most Macintosh programs, including the Finder. Before you can affect text in your document — change its font face, [more…]

Fonts Supported by OS X Mountain Lion

You can find many font formats with names like OpenType, Mac TrueType, Windows TrueType, PostScript Type 1, bitmap, and dfont. No problem — OS X supports them all. In fact, the only font format that Mountain [more…]

Manage Fonts with Font Book in Mountain Lion

Font Book in OS X Mountain Lion lets you view your installed fonts, install new fonts, group your fonts into collections, and enable and disable installed fonts. As usual, you find the Font Book application [more…]

How to Install Fonts Manually in Mountain Lion

To install any new font manually in OS X Mountain Lion, drag its icon into one of the two Fonts folders that you have access to. Why might you want to install them manually? If you install a font via the [more…]

Connect a Printer to Your Mac with Mountain Lion

You could connect your Mac with OS X Mountain Lion to thousands of printer models, and each one is a little different from the next. In other words, if what you’re about to read doesn’t work with the printer [more…]

Set Up a Printer on Your Mac Running Mountain Lion

After you connect your computer and printer, provide a power source for your printer, and install the software for your printer, you’re ready . . . to configure your Mac running OS X Mountain Lion. You [more…]

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