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10 Add-Ons to Make Your Mac Better

Even with OS X Mavericks, you can add even more power, capability, and convenience to your Mac. These ten add-ons make your Mac faster, easier to use, and more fun. [more…]

OS X Mavericks: Burn a CD or DVD onto a Blank Disk

One way to burn files to a CD or DVD in OS X Mavericks is to simply insert a blank disc and select the files you want to burn on the fly.

Just follow these steps to burn a CD or DVD: [more…]

How to Set Up Speech Recognition in OS X Mavericks

Speech recognition is a powerful tool that's built into OS X Mavericks. It's both convenient when you have your hands full and freeing when you want your mind open. [more…]

Watching Movies with DVD Player in OS X Mavericks

The DVD Player application in OS X Mavericks includes snazzy little on-screen controllers. They enable you to watch your movies on your Mac in pretty much the same way you'd watch them on your TV with [more…]

OS X Mavericks For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Whether you've purchased a new Mac with OS X Mavericks preinstalled or have upgraded from a previous version of OS X, you'll find new features in OS X Mavericks that make your Mac easier to use and improvements [more…]

Setting the Mac Login for Kiosk Mode

Planning on setting up a public access (often called a computer kiosk) Mac? You can change the Automatic Login account from the Users & Groups pane in System Preferences to configure your Mac for unattended [more…]

Recording Audio, Video, and Screens in QuickTime Player

Most folks don’t think of QuickTime Player as a recording application because Apple provides applications (such as Photo Booth and iMovie) that have long been the recording tools of choice in the Mac universe [more…]

Manipulating Images in OS X MAC Mavericks Pages

If you add an image that appears too large or distorted in your Pages document, you can resize it to correct the problem. Click the image to select it, and then drag one of the selection handles that appear [more…]

How to Find Your Local Internet Service Provider

Locating an ISP is easy in the modern, Internet-savvy world. In the order that you should try them, here are the tricks recommended for finding your local ISPs: [more…]

Remotely Control Your Mac — for Free, No Less!

Virtual network computing (available for many platforms) is a nice application that enables you to remotely control a computer from pretty much any place that has an Internet connection. VNC is easy to [more…]

Do I Need Both Microsoft Office and Apple iWork?

If you’re already using iWork, you might have noticed that the Office applications Excel, Word, and PowerPoint provide roughly the same features. Therefore, you might wonder whether you should scrap iWork [more…]

Type on Your Screen with the Mac Mavericks Virtual Keyboard

Although the Ink feature in Mac Mavericks is nifty, it’s sometimes less than precise. Unfortunately, handwriting recognition is nowhere near 100 percent accurate. However, many OS X power users overlook [more…]

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