Switching to Mac OS X Lion from a PC

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iPhone and iPad Innovations in Mac OS X Lion

With OS X Lion, Apple brought many of the innovations in the iPhone and iPad to the Mac, providing a reason for people to switch to the Mac. [more…]

Common Features on Apple Macs

Switching to a Macintosh means getting a computer manufactured by Apple, Inc. If you found shopping for Windows PCs to be a bit bewildering, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Apple has only a few models [more…]

Features of Apple’s MacBook Air

The two MacBook Air models, 11-inch and 13-inch, are ultraportable laptops, ideal for students and road warriors and light-weight alternative to Windows alternatives. Apple has stripped out components [more…]

Comparison of Apple Mac Desktop Models

For the person who is considering making a change from PC to Mac, Apple offers a range of desktop models — from the petite but well-equipped mini to the graceful all-in-one iMac to the industrial-strength [more…]

Overview of the Features in Apple’s Mac Pro

If you are considering moving from the PC world to the Mac world and need lots of computing power, Apple has the answer. As its name suggests, the Mac Pro is Apple’s most capable Macintosh. [more…]

Get the Right Graphics Processor in Your New Mac

All current Apple models come with graphics processors (GPU) designed to perform the intricate mathematical calculations needed to render 3D objects realistically at speeds fast enough to keep up with [more…]

Apple’s Optional High-Definition Monitor

Apple sells an attractively styled but pricey flat-panel display: the 27-inch Apple LED Thunderbolt HD Display, with 2560 x 1600 resolution. The 27-inch display is designed to serve as a docking station [more…]

Wi-Fi Options for Apple Computers: Time Capsule and AirPort

When you switch from a PC to a Mac, you don’t have to switch out your networking equipment. Your Mac will connect to your current internet and wireless equipment. But for future reference, you may want [more…]

Spec a New Mac Based on Your Current PC

You want your new Mac to have at least the capabilities of your present computer, plus room to grow. Thus, you need to know exactly what your current PC has before your try to switch to a new Mac. Much [more…]

How to Use Current Printer, Scanner, and Fax Machines with a New Mac

If you want to use your current printer, scanner, or fax machine with your new Mac, you may not have to buy anything extra — or you may need an adapter. The following tips can help you figure out what [more…]

How to Shop for Your New Mac

You can buy a new Mac online or in a traditional brick-and-mortar store, and you can buy directly from Apple or from an independent retailer. All these options have pros and cons, and the information that [more…]

How to Move Files from Windows to Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion comes with a tool called Migration Assistant to help you move files from your Windows PC to your Mac. Migration Assistant has some requirements and limitations, however: [more…]

How to Launch Apps with Launchpad in Mac OS X Lion

With OS X Lion, Apple brings iPad's ease of use to the Mac by including the Launchpad feature. Launchpad collects all your apps and displays them as icons. No more digging through folders to look for that [more…]

Comparison of Apple MacBook Laptop Models

If you are thinking about switching from a PC to a Mac, consider the Apple laptops. Compact and elegantly designed, they show up more and more at meetings where clunky Windows laptops used to predominate [more…]

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