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How to Use Text to Speech in Mac OS X Lion

One way your Mac can speak to you in Mac OS X Lion is using Text to Speech, which converts on-screen text to spoken words. If you’ve used Text to Speech in earlier versions of Mac OS X, you’ll find that [more…]

Lion Server Management Tools beyond Server and Server Admin

Lion Server provides a number of management tools in addition to the most used Server and Server Admin applications. These tools do everything from managing client disk images and security policies to [more…]

The Server Application in Lion Server

For simpler networks served by OS X Lion Server, you can spend most of your server management time in the Server app. The Server app offers you quick access to configuration windows for users and the services [more…]

Server Admin in OS X Lion Server

Server Admin in OS X Lion Server handles more complex tasks than does the Server app. Server Admin provides more options and much more fine-grained control over the services it supports. [more…]

What Apple Removed from Mac OS X Server 10.7

With Mac OS X Server 10.7, Apple made a decision to simplify administration and setup. Although it added some new features, Apple removed some features as well as some configuration options. Some of the [more…]

Add Media Asset Management and Workflow to Lion Server

If your Lion Server client users produce or use a lot of multi-media content, then a media asset management and workflow system may be a needed tool in your organization. [more…]

Know Where Your Lion Server Notebook Clients Are

Dartware’s InterMapper is a tool that can provide network monitoring for your entire Lion Server network. At its base, it provides maps of your network. You can create a map to show the location of servers [more…]

Add Hardware Troubleshooting and Repair to Lion Server

If something goes wrong with your Lion Server hardware, MicroMat’s TechTool Pro is good to have on hand for its hardware checking, troubleshooting, and repair and data recovery functions. [more…]

Manage Your Lion Server from Your iOS Device

Who needs a notebook when you have an iPad or iPhone? A growing number of apps lets you manage and monitor Lion Server from an iPad or iPhone. Here’s just a sampling, which you can buy at the App Store [more…]

iPhone and iPad Innovations in Mac OS X Lion

With OS X Lion, Apple brought many of the innovations in the iPhone and iPad to the Mac, providing a reason for people to switch to the Mac. [more…]

How to Launch Apps with Launchpad in Mac OS X Lion

With OS X Lion, Apple brings iPad's ease of use to the Mac by including the Launchpad feature. Launchpad collects all your apps and displays them as icons. No more digging through folders to look for that [more…]


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