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Lion Server File-sharing Protocols 101

The file sharing protocols available on Lion Server are native to different operating systems, though Lion Server and all other Macs have the ability to use all these protocols. You can use multiple file-sharing [more…]

FTP Graphical User Interface in Lion Server

In Lion Server, Apple removed the graphical user interface (GUI) for FTP that was present in previous versions of Mac OS X Server. In Lion Server, FTP is available only through the command line. None of [more…]

Security in Lion Server File-Sharing Protocols

The file-sharing protocols available in Lion Server support different levels of security to protect login passwords and transmitted files from snoopers or malware that may have infected users’ computers [more…]

How to Log In and Turn on File Sharing in Lion Server

If you’re logging in to your Lion Server for the first time or if you’re configuring it remotely, you may have to log in to the Server app before turning on file sharing. Here’s how: [more…]

How to Create a Share Point in Lion Server

You can designate a folder or hard drive as a share point in Mac OS X Lion Server to enable shared access by users. Here’s how: [more…]

How to Assign File-Sharing Protocols to a Lion Server Share Point

When you create a share point in Lion Server, it’s shared automatically with the file-sharing protocols that both Mac and Windows computers can access, AFP and SMB. You can turn off either of these protocols [more…]

How to Set Basic Permissions in OS X Lion’s File Sharing Pane

After you create a share point folder or drive in Lion Server, you can use the File Sharing pane in the Server app to add a user or group to give or block user access to the folder. [more…]

How to Change User and Group Permissions in OS X Lion’s File Sharing Pane

After you create a share point folder or drive in Lion Server, you can use the File Sharing pane in the Server app to change permissions for a share point, a user or a group. [more…]

How to Set Basic Permissions in OS X Lion’s Finder’s Get Info Window

You can also change a share point’s user and group permissions in Lion Server from the Finder by using the Get Info window of the shared folder. Here, you can add and delete users and set basic POSIX permissions [more…]

How to Set ACL Permissions in OS X Lion’s Server App

When you first create a share point, Mac OS X Lion Server assigns it standard POSIX permissions for Owner, Group, and Others. You can change the owner and group, change the permissions for all three entities [more…]

How to Edit Inherited ACL Permissions in Lion’s Server App

When you use ACL inheritance settings in Lion Server, subfolders created inside a folder will inherit the permissions of the original folder. If you have a subfolder or file that you don’t want to have [more…]

How to Set SACL Permissions in Lion Server

Using service access control lists (SACLs) in Lion Server, you can prevent specific users from accessing AFP and SMB and/or protocol services. Removing a user or group from an SACL listing for SMB, for [more…]

Lion Server File Sharing Permission Categories

In Lion Server file sharing, you set permissions for three user categories: Owner, Group, and Others.There’s also Everyone, which is similar to Others. [more…]

Lion Server File Sharing Supports POSIX and ACL

Lion Server offers two different types of permissions for files and folders: Portable Operating System Interface for Unix (POSIX) permissions from the Unix world and access control lists [more…]

Standard POSIX Permissions in Lion Server

Because Mac OS X (and, therefore, Lion Server) has Unix at its core, POSIX permissions are used on all files and folders on every user’s Mac. POSIX permissions are the standards that define how Unix interacts [more…]

Propagate POSIX Permissions in Lion Server

When you configure file sharing in Lion Server, you generally set permissions for one or more shared folders (share points). Usually, users can create new files or folders and can copy files into a folder [more…]

Lion Server Access Control Lists

For any share point in Lion Server, you can also create an access control list (ACL) to define permissions. An ACL is a list of users and groups that have access to a share point and the permissions and [more…]

ACL Permission Inheritance in Lion Server

In Lion Server, you can apply one or more of the thirteen (13) access control list (ACL) permissions to a folder. You can also set up to four types of inheritance to propagate these permissions to files [more…]

Rules of Precedence in Lion Server File Permission Structures

If a user complains that she can’t access a certain share or save a file, look at your Lion Server permission structure and the inheritance. You may have one type of inheritance unexpectedly taking precedence [more…]

Controlling Access to Lion Server Services with SACLs

A method of controlling file access in Lion Server is service access control lists (SACLs). SACLs control access to the available services, such as AFP and SMB file sharing, as well as other services such [more…]

How to Propagate Permissions to Subfolders in Lion’s Server App

With either POSIX (standard) or ACLs permissions, you can manually propagate them down through a folder hierarchy in Lion Server. With POSIX permissions, you can choose to propagate the Owner, Group, or [more…]

Lion Server Access Control List Permissions

Access Control Lists (ACLs) in Lion Server provide finer shades of what read and write mean than POSIX does. For example, you can set write permissions to enable a group to edit files but not to create [more…]

How to Enable Lion Server Printing for Windows Clients

Lion Server can be used to network both Macs and PCs so they can share files and printers. In order to enable Windows clients to discover the server acting as a print server, you turn on printer sharing [more…]

How to Share Printers with Lion Server’s System Preferences

In Lion Server, you can designate printers to be shared by the client Macs or PCs on your network. One way to share printers in Lion Server is in the System Preferences pane. [more…]

How to Share Printers with Lion Server’s CUPS Interface

The Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) web interface for Lion Server isn’t quite as simple to use for printer sharing as System Preferences, but if you’re doing other work with CUPS, you can use it to [more…]


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