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How to Set Up Lion E-Mail with the Server App

The Server app may be all you need to set up mail service in Lion Server, particularly if you aren’t running DNS on Lion Server. If you’re using an Internet service provider that offers a relay server, [more…]

How to Turn On and Start Lion Mail Service with Server Admin

When you throw the e-mail On switch in the Server app in Lion Server, it both enables mail service and turns it on. With Server Admin, you have to enable the service and then start it running. [more…]

How to Configure Lion Mail Service with Configuration Assistant

Lion Server’s Configuration Assistant is good to use if you aren’t sure where to find a setting. The assistant brings up what you need to configure without you having to look for it; just click through [more…]

How to Configure Lion Mail Service with Server Admin’s Settings Window

You can also use Lion Server’s Server Admin’s Settings window to set up or make changes to mail service. You can make a few more setting changes in Server Admin Settings that you can’t make in the Configuration [more…]

How to Authenticate and Encrypt E-Mail with Server Admin in Lion Server

Lion Server lets you require clients to encrypt passwords when they sign in to the e-mail server; it can also encrypt e-mail messages with the Secure Sockets Layer [more…]

How to Set Up a Mailing List in Lion’s E-Mail Server

The mail service in OS X Lion Server allows you to create mailing lists. Mailing lists, or listservs, are good ways to enable group discussions via e-mail. When a member of the listserv sends a message [more…]

How to Set Spam and Virus Blocking in Lion’s Server Admin

Using Server Admin’s Mail Settings window in Lion Server to set spam and virus blocking gives you more choices than either the Configuration Assistant or the Server app. [more…]

How to Create New E-Mail Addresses in Lion Server

When you create a user account after mail service has been set up and started, Lion Server automatically creates an e-mail address based on the short name followed by the domain name — for example, [more…]

IM Clients for Lion’s iChat Server

Mac OS X Lion Server’s iChat service is compatible with a number of instant-messaging servers and clients. For Macs, the iChat client application is the best to use and most trouble-free, seamlessly accessing [more…]

Overview of Lion Server’s iChat: Instant Messaging and More

The iChat Service in Lion Server provides instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, and file transferring; it supports Mac, Windows, and Linux clients as well as mobile phones. iChat works on a [more…]

Prerequisites for Lion Server’s iChat Service

Before you set up iChat service, you need to take care of several network items. Quite likely, your network already has some of these things. [more…]

How to Configure Lion Server’s iChat Service

To change the default settings of Lion Server’s iChat Server, you mostly use the Server application. If you’re familiar with previous versions of Mac OS X Server, you’ll notice that Apple removed some [more…]

How to Create User Names Lion Server’s iChat Service

Users of Lion Servers iChat Service need to have accounts in Open Directory and need to have chat names (or Jabber names). These are in the form shortname [more…]

What’s in Lion Server’s Podcast Producer

Lion Server’s Podcast Producer is a collection of software, both on the server and on users’ Macs. Some of the Podcast Producer software has a user interface, and some doesn’t. Knowing about the bits that [more…]

Overview of Lion Server’s Podcast Producer

Podcast Producer is an automated video and audio workflow system in Lion Server that you can use to create and distribute lectures, presentations, training, tech-support videos, classroom projects, and [more…]

How to Configure Lion Server’s Podcast Service with the Server App

The Server app in Lion Server gives you a basic setup, meant to be used with the simpler Podcast Publisher user app. The Server app’s access to Podcast services is suitable for home use. If you’re using [more…]

How to Turn On and Set Up Lion Server’s Podcast Producer with Server Admin

Setting up and managing Lion Server’s Podcast service with Server Admin gives you a much more robust and full-featured system than the one you can create with the Server app. This is reflected in the name [more…]

How to Manage Cameras in Lion Server’s Podcast Producer

After Lion Server’s Podcast Producer is set up and running, you can add cameras and restrict access to them. The cameras are plugged into Mac OS X 10.6 or later computers on the network or are built-in [more…]

How to Resolve DNS Problems while Configuring a Web Site in Lion Server

If the dot next to the domain name is red while you’re still configuring your web site in Lion Server, the Server app can’t resolve the DNS name to your server’s IP address. [more…]

Add Features and Compatibility to Lion Server’s Mail

Lion Server provides services to a number of client devices and client operating systems, but not all of them. In particular, Lion Server does not provide support for any smartphone devices other than [more…]

How to Share an Internet Connection on Lion Server

You can use your Mac OS X Lion Server to share an Internet connection with your local network. You will want to set a static IP address for your server, configure VPN, configure a firewall, and enable [more…]


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