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How to Set Up Address Book Server on Lion

With Address Book Server in Lion Server, users on your network can share contacts across the network. To start Address Book Server, launch the Server app in Lion Server. Click the Address Book icon and [more…]

How to Upgrade Contacts from Mac OS X Server Version 10.5 to Lion Server

If you are upgrading to Lion Server from Mac OS X 10.5, you will need to do special maneuvering to migrate contacts. Mac OS X Server 10.5 didn’t have Address Book Server but instead had something called [more…]

How to Set Up Users’ Client Devices to Share Contacts in Lion Server

You need to configure the client devices to connect to Address Book Server in Lion. You will need to configure both Macs and iOS devices. Setting up Windows CardDAV clients depends on the third-party software [more…]

How to Add a Lion iCal Server Account to an iCal Client

To connect the iCal 4 or 5 client (from Mac OS X 10.6 and 10.7) to the Lion Server, you add an account in the client. On the user’s Mac, open iCal and do the following: [more…]

Browser Clients for Apple’s Lion iCal Server

The iCal Server in Lion Server is based on the open CalDAV standard (Calendaring Extensions to webDAV), which means that client calendaring applications must also be CalDAV-compatible. Not surprising, [more…]

How to Set up DNS for iCal Service on Lion Server

DNS isn’t required for Lion’s iCal Server, but DNS can make it work better. Clients use DNS to keep track of iCal Servers, a self-discovery feature. To enable this feature, you can create a [more…]

Sample DNS Zone Record File for iCal in Lion Server

Because DNS for iCal can be tricky if you’re editing by hand, a sample may come in handy. These references are to Lion Server, but you can adopt the procedure to other DNS servers. [more…]

How to Enable E-mail Invitations in Lion’s iCal Server

Unlike previous versions of Mac OS X Server, Lion Server does not let you administer iCal Server from Server Admin; it’s all done from the Server app. The Allow Invitations Using Email Addresses check [more…]

How to Enable SSL Encryption in Lion’s iCal Server

To enable SSL encryption with Lion’s iCal Server, you simply assign an encryption certificate to the iCal service. You can use the self-signed certificate that Lion Server’s setup process created [more…]

How to Create Resources and Locations in Lion’s iCal Server

In addition to creating events and inviting people to them, users of Lion’s iCal Server can reserve locations, such as meeting rooms, or resources, such as projectors or other equipment. [more…]

How to Turn on Push Notification in Lion’s iCal Server

Lion Server’s push notification uses an SSL encryption certificate, one where Apple itself is the certificate signing authority. When you turn on push notification in Lion Server, the Server app contacts [more…]

How to Block Spam and Viruses in Lion Server

Lion Server is integrated with several types of filtering software to keep spam and viruses from reaching users. It uses the open source spam-blocking software called SpamAssassin, which does a statistical [more…]

Lion Server Automatically Creates a Collaboration Site for Users

Lion Server can set up a sophisticated wiki-based website containing collaboration tools for your user accounts. Absolutely no HTML coding or design layout is required. [more…]

How to Navigate Lion Server’s Built-in Website

You can access the Lion Server’s built-in wiki-based website from anything that has a browser — Windows PCs, iPads, any version of Mac OS X, Linux and Unix PCs, iPhones, and iPod touches. Clicking one [more…]

How to Create a New Wiki and Set Access in Lion Server

Any server can host a website, but Lion Server creates a complete, dynamic site for you, prebuilt. By merely turning on web and Wiki services, every user gets an automatically updated web portal called [more…]

How to Edit Wikis, Blogs, and Pages in Lion Server’s Built-in Web Site

On Lion Server’s default web site, users can edit wiki pages and blogs for which they have write permissions. This includes the home page, My Page, and other pages. You can edit from a web browser by following [more…]

How to Use Comments, Tags, and Notifications in Lion Server’s Built-in Web Site

Document pages in Lion Server’s built-in web site have a right-side sidebar called Document Info, which contains several collaboration and navigation tools. [more…]

How to Enable Calendars and Blogs in Lion Server’s Built-in Web Site

Users can administer wikis that they create in Lion Server’s built-in web site, as well as group wikis, from a web browser within the wiki. They can turn on a group calendar, edit the wiki’s name, change [more…]

How to Change Settings in Lion Server’s Built-in Web Site

User-created wikis in Lion Server’s built-in web site can be administered by the user that created them, from a web browser. They can turn on calendar service, edit the name of the wiki, change user permissions [more…]

How to Add Websites to Lion Server

With the Server app, you can host websites that you’ve created with web tools outside of Lion Server and copied onto the server Mac. You can replace Lion Server’s built-in site with your own, or you can [more…]

How to Use SSL Security with Your Web Site in Lion Server

You can add Secure Sockets Layer security to a website hosted in Lion Server by assigning a certificate to it. (The Server app doesn’t enable you to use SSL without a certificate.) You can use a self-signed [more…]

Web Settings Removed from Mac OS X with the Lion Server Release

If you’re familiar with previous versions of Mac OS X Server, in Lion Server you’ll notice that configuration of web services is no longer available in Server Admin. Apple removed the graphical interface [more…]

How to Create an MX Record in Lion Server DNS

DNS service set up with mail exchange (MX) records in Lion Server allows mail to be sent to the correct host on your network. To create an MX record, do the following in Server Admin: [more…]

How to Create a DNS Machine Record for the Lion E-Mail Server

In addition to an MX record, the DNS zone needs to have an entry called a Machine Record (A) defined for the Lion Server mail service, using the same Mail server hostname that you used in the MX record [more…]

How to Set Up Lion E-Mail Server

Mail Server is unique in Lion Server in that it is the only service that is configurable from both the Server app and Server Admin. In fact, you can use [more…]


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