Mac OS X Lion Server Accounts & Directories

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How to Bind the Lion Server to Active Directory

To integrate a Lion server into an Active Directory environment, you bind the Lion Server to the Active Directory domain. Creating the link between the Mac server and Active Directory is called [more…]

Troubleshooting and Getting Help with Lion Server on Active Directory

There are some known things that cause problems when trying to implement Lion Server on Active Directory, so here are some troubleshooting tips. Because every Active Directory implementation is different [more…]

How to Configure Single Sign-On for Mac Clients in Lion Server

After successfully binding the Lion server to the Active Directory domain, consider implementing Kerberos on the server to provide single sign-on capability to your users. Doing away with the need for [more…]

How to Manage User Groups with Lion Server Workgroup Manager

If you are managing users in an Active Directory environment, you need to add the users from Active Directory to your Lion Server Open Directory domain. [more…]


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