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Top Six Things You Should Never Do with Your Mac

Here's how to treat your Mac with care — especially if it's loaded with Mac OS X Lion. Never do these six things with your Mac, MacBook, or MacBook Pro: [more…]

Mac OS X Lion Keyboard Shortcuts

All these Mac OS X Lion shortcuts work in the Finder, and many work in other programs you find in Mac OS X Lion, as well. Want to know how to make these shortcuts second nature? Print out this chart and [more…]

Five Awesome Websites for Mac OS X and Lion Lovers

Want to know how to find out about all things Macintosh? Hop onto the Web to check these Apple-related sites and stuff your brain with information about your Mac and Mac OS X Lion: [more…]

Mac OS X Lion For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Congratulate yourself on choosing Mac OS X, the Macintosh Operating System X — that’s the Roman numeral ten. Upgrade to Mac OS X Lion, and get new features that make your Mac easier to use and improvements [more…]

Mac OS X Finder Keyboard Shortcuts

As you probably know, the Finder is the foundation that performs most of the important functions within Mac OS X Lion, including displaying windows, copying and moving files, and launching applications [more…]

Strange-Looking Keys on the Mac

If you’re new to the Macintosh world, you might find the look of the Mac keyboard a bit mystifying. However, the modifier keys on a Mac keyboard allow you the same range of possible commands that you find [more…]

Mac OS X Maintenance Checklist

Whether it’s your car or your Mac, you’ve got to do the maintenance to keep things running fast and smooth. You probably already know about some of the items that show up in this table. [more…]

Mac OS X Lion All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Lion power users have a number of tools that come in very handy for controlling a Macintosh efficiently, as well as maintaining the operating system to keep it running in top shape. Although the mouse [more…]

Starting Your Mac with Boot Option Keys

When your Mac powers up, it normally uses the system on its internal hard drive unless you change this behavior by choosing System Preferences@@→Startup Disk. You can also change what your Mac does by [more…]

Deciphering Special Key Symbols in Mac OS X

Using keyboard shortcuts in Mac OSX means recognizing some important keys, such as Control, Shift, Escape, and more. The symbols for these Mac keys don't look the same as they do on a Windows keyboard. [more…]

Commanding Keyboard Shortcuts on a Mac

Most Windows keyboard shortcuts, which require you to press Ctrl and a letter, work on a Mac if you press the Command key (the one with the four-leaf clover symbol) on the Mac instead of Ctrl. Thus, Command+C [more…]

How to Give Commands with Mac Function Keys

A Mac keyboard has function keys, just like a Windows keyboard, but the keys likely issue different commands in Mac OS X than in Windows. On a Mac, the commands assigned to function keys vary by the keyboard's [more…]

Navigating Mac OS X with Multi-Touch Gestures

Multi-Touch gestures are moves that you make on a Mac's trackpad to send Mac OS X commands, mostly for navigating the Mac OS X interface. When you switch to a Mac from Windows, adjusting to Multi-Touch [more…]

Top Mac OS X Hints for Windows Users

Windows users who have made the switch to Mac OS X have some new mouse clicks, keyboard techniques, and touchpad (trackpad) gestures to learn. Have a look at some top tips for working on a Mac: [more…]

Key Mac OS X Lion Server Information You Should Save

Complete information regarding every possible configuration for installing Mac OS X Lion Server would be overwhelming. Here's the core information that everyone should have written down somewhere, both [more…]

Ways to Log In Remotely to Mac OS X Lion Server

Mac OS X Lion Server provides several different ways to log on and manage the server from another computer, including from Windows and Linux computers. With all these methods, there is nothing to install [more…]

Common Port Numbers for Mac OS X Lion Server Services

Mac OS X Lion Server's unique services have some unique port numbers. The following table lists some of the more common default port numbers for configuring firewalls and router port-forwarding for Mac [more…]

Mac OS X Lion Server Keyboard Tips for Windows Users

You frequently use several keyboard and mouse actions in Mac OS X Lion Server's administration tools. Mac users will be familiar with these techniques, but they may be new to Windows users: [more…]

Mac OS X Lion Server For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Mac OS X Lion Server packs a lot of punch in a small package. You have a lot to keep track of, even when you have Mac OS XLion Server For Dummies at hand. You need to remember certain key points when installing [more…]

Working with Dialogs in Mac OS X Lion

Dialogs are special windows that pop up over the active window in Mac OS X Lion. You generally see them when you select a menu item that ends in an ellipsis [more…]

Working with Windows in Mac OS X Lion

Although Mac OS X Lion windows are similar to windows you’ve used in other versions of Mac OS, they have some new wrinkles. To start peering into windows on your Mac, first you need to know how to open [more…]

Navigating the Apple Menu in Mac OS X Lion

On the far left side of the Mac OS X Lion menu bar sits a little apple symbol, which, if you click it, actually displays a menu. No matter what Mac OS application is active, the apple menu is always available [more…]

How to Set System Preferences in Mac OS X Lion

Everyone likes to use Mac OS X Lion in a particular way. Finding out how to tweak various options will get Mac OS X Lion to work just the way you like it. You should start by becoming familiar with System [more…]

How to Set a Picture as Desktop Wallpaper in Mac OS X Lion

One of the first things Mac OS X users do when they’re setting preferences and personalizing their computers is setting a favorite photo as the desktop wallpaper. This action starts with the Apple menu [more…]

How to Set up a Screen Saver in Mac OS X Lion

One of the first things computer users do when they get a new Mac or install a new operating system is set their screen savers. Mac OS X Lion comes with several screen-saver modules. To set up your Max [more…]

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