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How to Create a User Account on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Creating an account is the first step in setting up Mac Snow Leopard for multiple users. One great use of accounts is to create an account for your children so you can set parental controls. You can limit [more…]

How to Edit a Mac OS X Snow Leopard User Account

If you have administrator access, Mac OS X Snow Leopard lets you change an existing account from the Accounts pane in System Preferences. You can control a number of settings via user accounts, such as [more…]

How to Delete a User Account in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

After you set up a user account on your Mac, your aren’t stuck with it forever. If for any reason you want to wipe out an account from the face of the Earth, Snow Leopard makes it easy. To delete an account [more…]

How to Create Smart Groups in Snow Leopard’s Address Book

Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s Address Book provides you with a method of organizing your cards into groups. A group usually consists of folks with a common link, such as your family, friends, co-workers, and [more…]

How to Update Mac OS X Snow Leopard

As any good software developer should, Apple constantly releases improvements to Mac OS X Snow Leopard in the form of software updates. Apple makes it easy to keep Mac OS X up to date with the Software [more…]

How to Change the Desktop Background in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Mac OS X Snow Leopard lets you customize your desktop. If you do decide to spruce up your background, you can select one of the default Mac OS X background images, choose a solid color, or specify your [more…]

How to Change Default Colors in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

If you don’t appreciate menus with purple highlights, you can specify a different color. Mac OS X Snow Leopard lets you choose a main color and a highlight color. Your menus and buttons will all adhere [more…]

How to Organize with Stacks on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Mac OS X Snow Leopard offers Stacks,which are groups of items (documents, applications, and folders) that you want to place in the Dock for convenience — perhaps the files needed for a project you’re working [more…]

How to Use Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s Dashboard

One of Snow Leopard’s most popular features is Dashboard, which you can use to hold widgets and display them with the press of a button. For example, Dashboard comes complete with a calculator, a clock [more…]

How to Set Your Safari Home Page

Mac OS X Snow Leopard lets you choose the home page that Safari goes to when you connect to the Internet. Choosing a home page is one of the easiest methods of speeding up your Web surfing, especially [more…]

How to Change Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s Screen Saver

Customized screen savers are popular, and Mac OS X Snow Leopard offers you plenty to choose from in System Preferences when you click the Desktop & Screen Saver icon and then click the Screen Saver tab [more…]

How to Add Stickies in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Stickies is a special type of application window that remains on your Desktop as long as the Stickies application is running. You can use Stickies for anything that a real-world sticky note can handle, [more…]

How to Change Icon View Options in Mac OS X Snow Leopard Windows

Mac OS X with Snow Leopard lets you customize files and folders are displayed in the Finder, including the sizes of fonts and icons, the space between icons, the amount of information that appears by default [more…]

How to Copy and Move Files and Folders on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

You may find the files and folders on your Mac Snow Leopard aren’t where you want them to be. Snow Leopard makes copying and moving files and folders a simple drag and drop experience. You can copy and [more…]

How to Open, Scroll, and Close Mac OS X Snow Leopard Windows

Mac OS X Snow Leopard windows are generally opened automatically when the Finder opens a window to display the contents of your hard drive. Once a window is open, you can scroll it to see all the contents [more…]

How to Choose Which Application Should Launch a File in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

When you launch, say, a word-processing document, you don't want a movie-making application to try to open it. Mac OS X Snow Leopard links different file types with different applications, but it doesn't [more…]

Top Six Things You Should Never Do with Your Mac

Here's how to treat your Mac with care — especially if it's loaded with Mac OS X Lion. Never do these six things with your Mac, MacBook, or MacBook Pro: [more…]

Five Awesome Websites for Mac OS X and Lion Lovers

Want to know how to find out about all things Macintosh? Hop onto the Web to check these Apple-related sites and stuff your brain with information about your Mac and Mac OS X Lion: [more…]

Features to Satisfy Your Mac Printing Needs

When shopping around for a great printer to complement your equally great Macintosh computer, keep an eye out for the following features. Such added extras could really enhance your printing experience [more…]

10 Indispensable Mac Websites

Limiting any list to ten is difficult − especially when it lists indispensable websites about your trusted Mac. But even though this Mac website list isn’t comprehensive, it does include some pretty useful [more…]

10 Best Dashboard Widgets for Your Mac

Dashboard widgets on your Mac are a reflection of your busy lives. Mac Dashboard widgets get you the information you want, now. Still, Mac widgets under Mountain Lion are now taking second fiddle to the [more…]

How to Choose a Mac’s Desktop Image

Generally, the Mac Desktop displays a decorative background image. Your Mac comes with a variety of images, but you can display any image, such as a photo captured with a digital camera or a favorite picture [more…]

How to Customize the Mac’s Screen Saver

A screen saver is an animated image that appears onscreen after a fixed period when your Mac doesn’t detect any keyboard, trackpad, or mouse activity. When selecting a screen saver, you can choose an image [more…]

Mac Basics: How to Launch an App

To run an app from the Dock on your Mac, move the pointer over the app icon that you want to run and click. (What? Were you expecting something difficult?) The Dock contains icons that represent some [more…]

How to Change the Mac’s Screen Resolution

The display defines the screen resolution on the Mac, measured in pixels, which are the dots that make up an image. The higher the display resolution, the more pixels you have and the sharper the image [more…]

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