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How to Hook Up a Scanner to Your Mac

A scanner usually hooks up through a USB port, although FireWire models are in the marketplace as well. Or you may gain a scanner as part of a multifunction, or all-in-one, device. A scanner lets you reproduce [more…]

How to Send a Fax from Your Mac

If your Mac has a built-in, dial-up fax modem, you don’t need a dedicated fax machine. Just connect a telephone cord to the Mac’s modem jack, and you can fax without printing a document and sending it [more…]

How to Receive a Fax on Your Mac

If your Mac can send a fax, it can receive one, too. Make sure that you have an available phone line, and your computer is awake. A Mac in sleep mode cannot receive a fax. Then follow these steps to send [more…]

How to Use the Mac Notes and To-Do Features

If you frequently e-mail reminders to yourself or jot down thoughts on sticky notes, you’ll like the Notes and To-Do features that Leopard added inside Mail. You can even transform a Mac Note into a To-Do [more…]

How to Set Up Time Machine on Your Mac

Time Machine, new with Leopard, is an effortless way to back up everything on your Mac. You can go back in time to retrieve a file that was lost, damaged, or changed. To use Time Machine, you need to have [more…]

Using Time Machine to Find Old Files on Your Mac

Time Machine makes multiple copies of your Mac files, so you can see what a file or folder looked like on the day it was backed up. If you know that the particular item you’re looking for used to reside [more…]

How to Automatically Log Out of Your Mac

You can schedule an automatic log out of your Mac, if you live or work in an environment where you don't want just anyone to walk up to your Mac and be able to see what you've been up to. [more…]

How to Use iTunes Controls

iPod and Apple’s iTunes software make terrific music together. Best of all, Mac owners get iTunes free just for owning a Mac. Using iTunes controls, you can listen to CDs, burn your own CDs, listen to [more…]

How to Load Music onto an iPod

Transferring your songs, playlists, videos, audiobooks, and podcasts to an Apple iPod (or other portable device) is as simple as connecting the device to your Mac through USB or FireWire, depending on [more…]

How to Help Your Mac When It’s Moving Slowly

A Mac, like any computer, is a machine, and occasionally you’ll encounter problems. Fortunately, most issues are minor. If your Mac is moving slowly when it was once fast, here are four possible explanations [more…]

How to Perform Routine Mac Maintenance

You can avoid many issues and problems by performing routine maintenance tasks on your Mac. Purging unnecessary files and programs, backing up your files, and updating software go a long way to keeping [more…]

How to Find Help for Your Mac Problems

If you run into a problem with your Mac beyond your expertise, especially if it’s a serious hardware issue, or you lack the patience, inclination, or confidence to fix your Mac, you can find help in plenty [more…]

How to Zip and Unzip Files on Your Mac

Files you download from the Internet are often compressed or zipped so that they take up less space and arrive much faster than files that haven’t been compressed. You can easily identify compressed files [more…]

How to FTP Files on Your Mac

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sites are usually set up by companies or individuals to make it easy to exchange sizable files, such as videos or picture files, over the Internet. Your Mac has a built-in [more…]

Accessories for Your New Mac

It’s best to get your computer configured the way you want it when you buy it. You can buy other accessories with your purchase or later, when you need them. Accessories to consider include [more…]

Comparing Windows and Mac Desktops and Menus

The basic idea of the Mac desktop is the same as the Windows desktop. Most of the Mac screen is filled with a pattern or image that’s like a tablecloth on which you see various icons that represent files [more…]

How to Use Mac Aliases

Shortcuts, in Windows, are icons that point to some other file, program, or disk drive. Macs have a similar feature called an alias. You can create an alias by clicking the name or icon of the file, program [more…]

Accessing Special Characters and Foreign Languages on Mac Keyboards

Macs let you input text in a wide variety of languages. On the menu bar at the top right, you should see a little national flag, corresponding to the keyboard's language [more…]

Understanding the Mac's Menu Options

The menu bar in OS X is at the top of the screen, not in each window. The leftmost menu on a Mac is always the Apple menu. The Apple menu always offers the same set of choices, regardless of which applications [more…]

How to Decipher Mac Filenames

Filenames in Mac OS X can be up to 255 characters long, and you can use any characters you like except the colon (:). Windows doesn’t allow any of the following special characters in filenames: [more…]

How to Use the Mac Finder Window

When you first start Mac, you find yourself in a special program that Apple calls the Finder. The Finder is somewhat like Windows Explorer, but it’s an even more basic tool. You'll find that you use the [more…]

How to Set Up Your Mac’s Router

If you want to connect more than two Macs and hook them all up to the Internet, you need to set up an Ethernet router. You use a special Ethernet jack to connect the router to your high-speed Internet [more…]

How to Configure Your Mac’s Router

Your router sits on your network like any other computer. Most routers — Apple’s AirPort Express is an exception — put up their own Web site on your local network that you access with any Web browser, [more…]

Troubleshooting: When Your Mac Locks Up or Acts Up

Macs have a reputation for reliability, but they’re not perfect. Computer software is extremely complex, and problems happen — even with Macs. When your Mac slows down, gets stuck, locks up, or other problems [more…]

How to Add Widgets to the Mac Dashboard

The Mac Dashboard provides an easy way to see and use widgets, mini-applications that grab specific information from the Internet or help with narrow but useful tasks. The typical Dashboard arrangement [more…]


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